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Tubes of light, circles at night


Tubes of Light, circles at night

Circles of light shine
stretched by long-count time, breathing
Beauty: Lifes Flow-er


Day One of Art Every Day Month:

“Did you see the Moon tonight, from the bathroom window?”  Ken asks.

“Ummm, specifically from the bathroom window? No.”

I thought it odd he was so excited about the view from the bathroom and so had to investigate.  His smirk and ultra-mysterious gleem in his eye quickened my pace. He followed directly behind.

Walking in to the dark room, I flipped the light on.  He flipped it off.  Thus we  stood, side by side, in front of an opaque window, oo-ing and awe-ing at the geometries created by the refracting Light of the November full moon.

Simple beauty.  I love that Ken takes time to honor the sublime.

Quickly, I grabbed my camera, ready to record the beauty and wonder of it all.  Then I realized I had to adjust my shutter speed to grab the low light.  Radically adjust it.  Down, down, down.

To give some perspective, 1/60 (that’s one sixtieth of a second) is the slowest speed one can go without creating blur — my meter was giving me a 20 second exposure.  20 seconds is a long time in Camera Land.

I thought, ‘Why not.  Let’s give it a go and see what appears.’

The above is what came thru.

This shot will not win any awards, nor does it really POP!, grab the eye or reveal mysteries in the simplicity of its being.  Or does it?

This image speaks to me in a subtle way. When one looks at the “blur”, it rolls in a circular pattern.  See the top and bottom of the Light column?  There.

A tube torus also appears out of the hazy chaos creating ‘Tubes of Light, circles at night’.

Funny - in my attempt to hold center, to practice stillness and peace of being, is revealed a circular flow, a subtle energy pattern. I am taking it as a sign that I am able to ‘roll’ with the moment and light-heartedly live in the flow zone.

So, there’s Day One … posted on Day Three.

… rolling with the moment.


For more info on Art Every Day Month, and the hostess Leah Piken Kolidas, go here:

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