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The way in IS the way out!


** Go Gratitude Experiment Update **

Waves of Transformation
Have you been feeling the waves of transformation lately?

Does it feel like a gentle rain cleansing the soul … or it is more akin to being crushed under a swift moving tsunami?

Whatever the case may be, rest assured – you are not alone!

Waves of change are rolling across the face of creation, and indeed, deep within the heart of Humanity. Trust us – we’re feeling it, too! Whew!

This amplification is reflected in the upsurge in Mass Meditations, revelations of Truth and accountability coming to Light, opportunities to rise above fear-mongering and greed and an awakening to the true Divine nature and brilliance of Humanity.

As you know …

Life, by nature, flows in cycles and we are in the throes of a massive cyclic shift right now.  It may be uncomfortable, inconvenient and even downright depressing, and yet … there is a bright side to all this *shift*. (Even if the mass media would have us believe otherwise!)

It is this:  We  are 100% responsible for our lives, and so can BE the change we wish to see in the world.

This may come with a bit of a sting when one looks at the ‘surface’ state of the world (being 100% percent responsible, and all) and yet … this is where being 100% responsible for our lives is of great worth and a profound blessing.

Rainbow PeopleThankfully, it is our choice how to respond in any given situation.  It is our choice where we put our focus, attentions, energy, resources and time.

As technology has developed, in direct relation to humanity’s  level of consciousness, we are awakening to Truth, being empowered to follow our bliss and  connect with our Soul families worldwide.

What a gift!

We are also being called up, each and every one of us, to embody our highest nature, to let go of all that no longer serves and choose the power of Love over the Love of power.

As co-creators of our reality, taking 100% responsibility for our lives, we are also awakening to the power of Cooperation.

“Coming together, in responsible action, we make a difference.” ~ Maria Yraceburu

Just like parents who have co-created a child, then must cooperate to raise it, Humanity is remembering that we must gather, connect, empower and support one another in order to move through these waves of change with ease and grace.

Gregg Braden, in his book Fractal Time, reveals there is an underlying pattern marking great periods of change throughout all time.  During these historic events, many civilizations crumbled while others managed to thrive.  What was the defining factor?

Francene Hart

Those that were laid to waste fell into fear and separation – an ‘every man for himself’, survival at any cost response to the changing world.

Those that thrived came together in the spirit of Cooperation to rise above the challenge, to find the gift in the change and leverage current possibilities to support the continuance of Life.

We are at the heart of one of these nodes, these waves of change, and are being invited to find our way out of separation and into Cooperation.  It is driving us to look deeply within ourselves to find our Truth and courage to face our fears, while we gather the strength to grow beyond what has been known as we step into the NEW.

Global meditations are one example of cooperation.  These are amazing oppotunities to practice change on a global level, and yet each of us must be 100% responsible for our daily connection to Spirit and for finding our inner Truth and Light.  So how do we find our way through the heaviness and sorrow that often accompanies change and letting go?

Consider this perspective: “The way in is the way out.”

Now - take a look at the symbol of Gratitude.  One may decipher this cryptic message by simply tracing the symbol from ‘outside in’ then from ‘center out’.

In this same way, we leverage the power of meditation (Cooperation with Spirit).  First, we go inward to find our center — our inner truth and connection to Source — and then flow outward from this sacred space … to go and grow, to live and BE the Great-Full-Ness of Life!

This mirrors the transformational process of caterpillar to butterfly, as well.  Once the caterpillar, with limited sight  and a voracious appetite, has fulfilled its  cycle, it gets all wrapped up in itself, dissolving all bonds and attachments to what it used to be, in order to embody its highest nature.  The wisdom of the butterfly teaches us, “The way in IS the way out.”

largest crop circle ever recorded - Netherlands, August 2009

largest crop circle ever recorded - Netherlands, August 2009

Humanity is, similarly, entering an epochal age of Mass Transformation.

We are witnessing the dissolving of institutions, programs, patterns and thought-forms that no longer serve, and thereby creating space for the new to flow in — NOW.

The above Butterfly Hu-Man crop circle is a timely confirmation of what is taking place in our lives – and an invitation to rise above the landscape of time to take in a larger view of what is right before our eyes.

Yes …  change can also be painful.  Our suffering has been real and many tears have been shed as we gaze upon the ignorance of the past.  However, we are awakening to this opportunity to come together and cooperate – like the imaginal cells of the butterfly — to flow beyond the dissolution, each taking our place in the great circle of life, rising beyond what has been to thrive in a new age of Peace and Illumination.

So what is our day-to-day role in the cosmic unfolding?


Pendulum ink art gifted by Amy P. ~ Montessori educator

  • Follow our bliss
  • Be the peace we seek
  • Find the gift in the challenge
  • Choose an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Live from center, practicing the art of conscious co- creation and cooperation
  • Focus our thoughts, actions and choices on supporting the continuance of Life
  • Love ourselves & the experience of being ALIVE!

This is truly a magnificent time to be Alive.  We are becoming Universal Humans, our hearts opening as Flowers of Light, to embody the higher vibrations now flooding the planet – from the heavens, from our hearts, and through our rising consciousness.

The wisdom of the ancients is being bridged with the Power of Now, and we are at the epicenter of change.

It is our great honor, and gift, to receive the blessings born of our faith wisdom and joyously witness the Shift of the Ages.  As we cooperate with present energies, focusing our thoughts and actions on our passions and soul callings,  while daily strengthening our relationship to Spirit — for this is where our true power springs from – we flow into this arriving Age with ease and grace.

Thankfully, Gratitude is a gentle guide, helping us navigate the swift waters of change we find ourselves riding.  Gratitude teaches us to remain centered, to appreciate what IS, and have faith as we live in the mystery – the unknown – by harmonizing with the patterns of creation.


Gratitude, in structure and material form, is revealed in every aspect of creation – from tree rings to flower buds, from the rising sun to the full moon lighting the night, from the spiral galaxies spinning through time to the atomic structure that supports the continuance of Life!

As we pass thru this time of transformation, we awaken to discover our true Divine nature IS the Great-Full-Ness of Life.  We are designed to thrive, and it is our gift to simply *enjoy* the experience of being Alive.  What a thrilling ride!

Beloveds … give yourself a deep breath.  Breathe deeply again, this time into your heart, and feel the Great-Full-Ness of Life.

Now take a moment to look around, and you will find reflections of Gratitude are everywhere to be found.  Open your heart and allow the beauty of All that IS to be a balm upon the soul, and always remember that together we are better and this is an exciting adventure into the new and unknown!

Thank you for your courage to be here, on Mother Earth, at this time.  Thank you for your dedication to moving through fear and illusion into Peace and Illumination.  Thank you for choosing to join with us in the Experiment of Gratitude.  Thank you for loving what IS and for being YOU!

Many blessings to ALL!

In Love and Gratitude,

Stacey  Robyn

Links of interest: - Short reflection on the Butterfly transformation. – 8/12/2009 Interview with Gregg Braden – The Fractal of Time.  You must be a member to access all archives, though it’s free. So if you’ve yet visited World Puja, this is a perfect opportunity to receive the wisdom and insight shared there. - 42 days of grateful living - one breath and email at a time!  The next wave begins Sept 18th … come on in, the waters niiice. ;-)

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About the Author: Stacey Robyn is an Ambassador of Gratitude, author, speaker, ardent tree lover, and Light Coach. She is currently stewarding the Go Gratitude Experiment, being raised by four children, and can often be found listening to the ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, her current hOMe.

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  1. Thank you, thank you!!!

  2. The Butterfly @ GOES! What a present bc it appears on the morning after my birth`DAY. It is kindred spirit bc,I make butterfly gardens here in Kansas. The ones with flowers and dill weed and zinnas and bumblebees in the butterfly bush. Maybe the butterfly effect creates far-far away, also? Some say human creates the crop cirle. If human creates it with hands or mind, good for human. That is as remarkable as if any other creates the crop circle. Whatever causes or creates these works of art, I feel family with that!

  3. A very heartfelt THANK YOU !!!

  4. YOU are such a blessing! THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL STACY ROBYN FOR TOUCHING MY HEART and re-igniting my spirit!

  5. I totally agree and love the way you communicate change and gratitude and peace.
    Blessings, Linda

  6. I love this post, thank you.

  7. I like this information, though I’d love shorter messages with an “assignment” for each day - a reminder to practice gratitude. Otherwise, I get behind and discouraged.

  8. A Letter …the Sacred Rose in co-operation with the Divine Cosmic Mother and the Creator.

    We would love to see all who are a blessed part of this creation and who are interested in communicating with each other be a part of this growing group of conscious beings who awakening to the truth of y/our being. It is my knowing and experience upon this journey as a part of Our Divine Cosmic Mother’s being that we are included in her LOVE and that of the Creator.

    We are all in this together. Our journey into remembering y/our/selves through a human aspect of self has reminded us that which you term the ‘dark’ is simply a reflection waiting for us all to take ownership to that which has been previously denied or hidden within y/our Collective Being.

    We are truly grateful to all brothers and sisters who have held a deep remembrance of the Mother & Father, the Source within their being waiting for us to truly remember who we are.

    We give thanks to those who have embraced the light have held the concepts of compassion, gratitude, hope, a remembrance of divinity awaiting for everyone to take ownership of those attributes.

    Sometimes we did this by giving y/our power away to other aspects of y/our being, elevated others above you, some of them in spirit, some future/past experience or expression of the now. We are divine in this very moment. Sometimes we gave y/our power away perceiving our/selves to be less worthy, ugly or bad. In all of this we continued to create seperation from our/selves and that we are perceiving and creating in every moment.

    We are coming to realise that in creating polarities that we have created separation in y/our many expressions - human/divine, masculine/feminine, above/below, child/adult, heaven/hell …the many expressions of polarity we have shared together…………..What we have been on is a journey. A journey of learning of remembering y/ourselves as love. About learning about Love in relation to our/selves and through the other.

    Learning what love is and what love is not. We have all held a part of y/our story and we have the tools to come back into wholeness. We have now evolved from one of co-creator to one of participating consciously within a Sacred Circle of Divine Co-operativity where all of our brothers and sisters are a part of that Collective consciousness awakening together. We are grateful that everyone is to be a part of the healing back into wholeness, the healing of hearts and minds into Oneness of Being and Love.

    We have all the information that we need to make this shift together. Instead of creating more seperation we invite in and create shared communication. Invite y/our ancestors and those who are to come, to assist in guiding the way. It is a journey into the new of your being knowing that it is a journey back into wholeness in every moment. We acknowledge the child within now becoming the adult. To welcome in that which they have previously been afraid of which is only a greater expression of Our/selves.

    Everything you ever asked for was given to each of you. Can you believe that? It is only in taking this journey that you will learn the truth of that. We are perceiving how we created this in co-creative acts with the other. We are only beginning to perceive how we have woven this dream together.

    Now we know we are all in this together. We know that we can reweave this dream together. We have already been on the path doing this as we have been holding the dream waiting for the dreamers to awaken. It is a new dream that is already manifesting and it is simply the time to remember the parts that have been forgotten.

    Embrace each wonder-filled moment with loving intent. You may be pleasantly surprised in what you find. Everything you need has been provided. The Mother wishes you to know that you are the ones you have been waiting and give thanks for y/our holding the dream with a knowing of the oneness of love.

    Blessings from across the seas…luv ya all

    te he, yes the way in, is the way out!!!!

  9. The butterfly hu-man is not a ‘real’ circle.
    It is made in honour of the existence of 200 year of the Wilhelminapolder (a region in the Netherlands). It is made by designers in 2 days.
    Beautiful work of art. :D
    Thought you would like to know too that it is men made and not unknown made.


  10. Maybe this makes it even that much more precious … that it was birthed by human hands and so embodies the energy of cooperation. What an amazing world we live in!

  11. Enormous amounts of GREAT FULL NESS is what Im feeling right NOW. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for these wise and gentle words. they have touched my Soul.My most cherished friend Lazaris has made me very aware of all these CHANGES and the tsunami wave that comes with them!(lol) I am willing to change and receive our new world with open arms. Yes I do join you in your gratitude experiment starting sep18. THANK YOU for the invitation. It is an honor .
    Teresa Torres

  12. Thank you 42 times!

  13. Love butterflies, they have been prolific this year, in my garden they sun themselves on the side of the birdbath & one day one kept coming to rest on my knee!
    I am grateful to have the opportunity to witness this and maybe I should also be grateful that I have been awake since 04.00am to allow me time to read all this positive stuff before I have to go out and face the real world for another manic day, which is what I have to do to pay for the privilage of having a nice garden!

  14. I loved this. It realy made my day Thank you again

  15. These breaths I’m breathing right now are blending with my joy filled heart. Wow. What a Feeling. I AM IN THE WAVE. Have been all day, I`ve felt filled with gentle power all day. All my relations, I AM GRATEFUL, for all the gifts you give me so that I may live this life upon this beautiful earth. All my painful experiences have no more “stuffing“ anymore, i release them. I join spiritual hands with everyone and make a spiral of cooperation and say to everyone. IN LAK`esh, I am another Yourself, and thus treat you the way I expect to treated. With love and respect and a commitment to uplift if you are feeling low and to dance and celebrate with you when we can. HAPPY WORLD GRATITUDE DAY EVERYBODY! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  16. I’m sorry — but I cannot imagine what possessed you to use that dark cluttered background for SMALL text in BLACK! Though your message is valuable, I find it virtually illegible. Please make it easier on readers who WANT to understand what you have to say!
    Ann Barczay Sloan

  17. I am riding the wave of Gratitude. I am shining from the inside Thank You. It just so happens I have an interview for new job today in about 2 hours (in Oz). The Gratitude I feel for just the experience is worth every moment of bliss I feel. Happy World Gratitude Day Everyone :) Singing……. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. C’mon everyone sing with me “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”

  18. Invitation to join the Gratitude Call every weekday morning. Express your gratitude and fill your heart and the world around you with love and gratitude. Go to With gratitude, Saskia

  19. thank you my dear
    what a revelation and what a way to celebrate life
    in abundance
    in love
    in attitude
    in sharing
    in caring
    in rising in action
    in shining with zeal
    in all

    love and gratitude

  20. Thank you Stacy for your beautiful words of wisdom & depth!
    You made me feel better as I was stressing!

  21. I am thankful to start once more with you all the 42 days conscious living to be gratitude, I lost my husband on the 09.09.09 who suffered for 20 years of a terrible illness, in addition I lost another love relationship and see the possibility for my transformation rather than to want to fall in a dark whole and stay there… life moves on… the light is always there… I have to and I want to turn to the light, lets do it together!

  22. thank you, with Gratitude… and may you always have enough…

  23. Beloved Stacey and dearest genuine gratitude feeling expressors of your deep inner thanks worldwide,
    we are One…
    To feel lving gratitude is one thing….To express it is another!
    Wise action breeds wise action.
    I am grateful that we are all awakening to our new consciousness and bright new unfolding final Golden Age on Earth.
    I am grateful to be embodied here on Earth doing what I love and loving what I do.
    I am especially grateful to know each and all of you exist and that we have collectively chosen to be working together in cooperation and joy as emerge from our coccoons, spread our butterfly wings and soar freely over the pristine bright new Earth Star we are creating.
    I am especilly grateful to dear Anastasia and her beloved Vladimir Megre (of the Ringing Cedars Series) for helping our Family of Man awake–to fly free–instead of ending again in the headlong plunge toward armegeddon as planned and orchestrated by the unrelenting Dark Brotherhead of Earth.
    The Light of God never fails!
    And Stacey Robyn beloved, I am grateful that you and your Go Gratitude team are supporting our collective new November 11, 2009 (11-11-11) “Peace & Forgiving All Day.”
    We are One…I love you!
    Bless us all. I am gratefule for All That Is.
    In joy and loving brotherhood, I am Russ Michael - Austria - Sept 18, 2009

  24. Dear friends, I totally share your vision and express my GRATITUDE

    Nina Goncharova - Siberia - Russia

  25. Dear Go Gratitude Family,..I’ve chosen to put forth an awareness on the above site, the consciousness of Go Gratitude Being, whose lifes work of not only being in gratitude in and for all things,..but to share out that the “Consciousness shift” that’s happening now,..(like with the butterfly) -is like the door to everything! That when one percieves that its normal to our awakening,already within us all now,..that there’s nothing to put on or do it’s just being whole and living our love in great-fulness! The work IS UNFOLDING AS IT MUST!
    In peace and loving Gratitude David Wick

  26. David Wick lives in Nanaimo, Britich Columbia, Canada

  27. Thank you for your courage to say what we all know to be true but so often fail to communicate with those we love and know. You help to expand my level of gratitude with all you do and thus enrich my life and the universe.

  28. .. what smiles and Heart ah-swelling when reading and in-joy aligning with beautiful, blessed synergy. Thank you from the depths and heights of Heaven on Earth we share as ONE Family, Stacey! :-)

    From Butterfly emergence to Sesame Street Harmonics … indeed it truly takes “the whole village to raise ONE child” and in this magical time of rediscovering ourSELF in and through (the)ALL .. We are The Village and We are also The Child!

    Blessings and bliss and so much love and gratitude, GO GRATITUDE and you GO GIRL, Stacey! :-)

    Love love love, Elizabeth-Aya

  29. What an auspicious date to go, as you say life goes on, as I know from my life, take care.

  30. kind hearts are the garden
    kind thoughts are the roots
    kind words are the blossoms
    kind deeds are the fruits
    christine whalan

  31. Inner Space brings words similar to the words of John Updike when he describes the connection of creation and consciousness. Thanks

  32. If human creates it with hands or mind, good for human. That is as remarkable as if any other creates the crop circle. Whatever causes or creates these works.

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  34. What genuinely inspired you to write “The way in IS the way out!
    : Inner Space

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