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Kwantiva’s Eye - the Light of Unconditional Love

Kwantiva’s Eye - the Light of Unconditional Love

We are on a precipice being challenged to soar free. When a baby eagle is first thrust from the nest, it falls. The parents fly next to it, encouraging it to extend its wings and fly. The Winds of Change bring this moment to humanity’s consciousness during this energy cycle. Allow others to support you, and support others as the transmigration into what will become unfolds with the first lessons of the Wolf Star, Maia — first sister in the Pleiades and all color variations of red.

Eagle 2nd World Lesson

The rugged mountains hold truth rare beneath Changing Mother’s time worn face. This truth runs gracefully through her soil like morning mist gently covering her shores. The time to find evolution’s truth in earth and in humanity is now. This precious truth is deep within and now we must seek.