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Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua

Prophetic Voices

We are delighted and excited to share a newly released book: Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua - a collection of essays and articles from Indigenous Elders, Grandmothers and Women Wisdom Keepers interwoven with poetry, prophecy and prose from Maria Yraceburu.

Honua, in Hawaiian, means ‘Earth’.  This book is a great coming together of Sisters of the Earth, sharing wisdom, prophecy, insight and initiation as a gentle beckoning to All to return to the circle of Sisterhood with the Earth, one another and indeed, to our Universal family.

As a proud member of the Sisters of Honua, I invite you to receive this book with open arms.  It is a sacred reflection of our inter-connectedness, and an awakening call for women to claim their authentic power, embody the Divine feminine and birth Humanity into a new paradigm of Peace and Illumination.

Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua is now available

at Amazon or


The Sisters of Honua also offers gathering, Earth Wisdom training and pilgrimages to sacred sites worldwide. Here is a current listing of Upcoming Events:

- Sharing Hearts, Healing Spirit California Missions Pilgrimage
- August 10-15 , 2010. Visiting the missions founded by Father Serra, tribes will meet with pilgrims as descendents of Oppressors and Oppressed meet and commit to healing and peace filled resolution.

- Re-turning Polarity Pilgrimage to Egypt - October 4-12, 2010. Visiting sacred sites and Pyramids with Native American, Hawaiian and Ifa promises to unlock secrets that guide us beyond 2012. In addition, the trip rituals/activities will help bring back into balance the shifting magnetic poles, and begin the activation of the east and west poles.

- The Annual Grandmothers’ Summit celebrating Turtle Island,  New Mexico October 4-7, 2010. Grandmothers and Wisdom Keepers from traditions all over the world will be in attendance at  this retreat to share teaching in a tranquil environment that is perfect for the re-establishment of feminine principles.

For more information on the Sisters of Honua and upcoming events, go to:


We will be joining SOH for the California Mission Pilgrimage, as well as the Grandmothers Gathering and look forward to connecting with all who are called to journey with us!

Many blessings … With Love and Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn

Sisters of Honua

Preface from Prophetic Voices:

“A time of prophecy fulfillment is at hand and the Women Wisdom Keepers of Earth step forward to request our assistance in making Earth a Place of Respect.  These women of great power and knowledge have long waited for the moment in time when reverence, responsibility, nurturing and life affirmation of the future would signal the re-turning of Earth … respected feminine in all areas — from healing and spirituality to peace education and cooperative lifestyle changes.  The teaching being presented here are fundamental elements of Earth Wisdom, including actualization of common nobility, individual potential recognition, and the interconnection with Earth.  the teachings reflect the proud and ancient truth of Now.

Maria Yraceburu has spent her entire life in service to the traditional earth teachings of her hereditary lineage … that of the Quero Apache Snake Clan.  It is her goal in this project to bring together those that carry the teachings that will move the combined consciousness of humanity into the next Time Paradym, known to the Apache as the Great Coming Together, to the Inkan as the Time of Meeting Ourselves, and to the Hopi as the Time of Infinite Peace.  these traditions, and more, are presented here in Great Love and Hope for finding a common ground of understanding that will carry Human Kind forward as balanced caretakers of Sacred Life.”

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About the Author: Stacey Robyn is an Ambassador of Gratitude, author, speaker, ardent tree lover, and Light Coach. She is currently stewarding the Go Gratitude Experiment, being raised by four children, and can often be found listening to the ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, her current hOMe.

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  1. This e-mail about the book and well the whole site brought tears to my heart of joy. I myself am writing my second book on the soul called soul diving discover yourself. I can not say enough how wonderful it is to see so many of us doing all this at the same time thank you In wholeness Maria

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