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Peace is not the destination. It is The Way.

Inner PeaceHow do we find Inner Peace in troubles times?  What is the Key to maintaining connection to our core purpose and principles, when the world is rapidly shifting realities and bending beyond our level of experience?  How do we face our greatest fears and challenges, while moving through each arriving experience with ease and grace?  What role does Gratitude play in finding Inner Peace?

Eliana Gilad, founder of Voices of Eden an internationally recognized singer and composer of five healing music cd’s, a peace activist, and author of two books gathered a group of  ‘Everyday Masters’  to explore these questions (and more) … to dialog, share wisdom and empower the Inner Peace process.

Yours truly participated in the series, and it was quite an honor, indeed!  Not only was I honored to join in the dialog, and was deeply inspired by the idea of empowering Inner Peace,  I experienced a profound feeling of Gratitude for being able to share the journey with others, too!

These intimate wisdom-sharings are now available as the ‘Finding Inner Peace in Troubled Times‘ home-study program. (aff. link)

In this remarkable series, you will experience the empowering processes each of these Everyday Masters have used to achieve inner peace. You’ll be hearing each one of them reveal profound discoveries that have contributed to their leading edge Peace-ability (that you can apply immediately).

Here’s a clip from our interview, on one of my favorite topics - Youth, family harmony and Gratitude:

Normally, this series goes for $97, but Eliana wants to make sure everyone, at every stage of financial freedom, can receive, benefit, implement and enjoy the Inner Peace seriesFor a limited time, Eliana is offering this powerful series on a ‘Choose Your Own  Price’ basis, an offer made exclusively for our world-wide family of Gratitude.

Go here to grab your copy of the Inner Peace Series and feel free to tap in and share with us the difference choosing Peace makes in your life … and the lives of others, too!

Inner Peace

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About the Author: Stacey Robyn is an Ambassador of Gratitude, author, speaker, ardent tree lover, and Light Coach. She is currently stewarding the Go Gratitude Experiment, being raised by four children, and can often be found listening to the ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, her current hOMe.

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  1. I don’t understand how your remark, thanking her for closing the door quietly, when she had slammed it, even if said in a peaceful way can be helpful, since it is actually quite sarcastic, which is not a straight forward way of communicating. I suggest that you look into nonviolent communication ( I hope that it will be very helpful for you.

  2. Hello Mofwoofoo,
    In our Friendly Universe we are to only speak the words of what we want manifested. By her “Thanking Gabriel for closing the door quietly” that vibration is what is being sent out to the universe so that, that request will be delivered upon.

    Love and Light,

  3. Dear Mofwoofoo,
    I believe that children are gifts on loan as we all are. In guiding and nurturing them we are encouraging them to be present to themselves and others and and to act and respond from the highest good as often as they (and we!) are capable of doing so.
    Children especially (and all others) help us to witness to self-empowerment and the modeling of empowerment in others in loving ways.
    At our best we are in harmony with ourselves and with others.We model goodness, strength and love in relationship to ourselves,others and Spirit within and all around us when we set that intention and pay attention in the moment to our sense of grounding and integration within. It is the voice that carries the love and acceptance. It is the spoken words chosen from a place of care and mindfulness that express the belief that the other, in this case a child, has the strength, beauty and vision to move in a different,more peaceful manner. The adult said without words and preachiness, “I see you and I celebrate the you that knows already how to be and do this”.The child receives that support and guidance for being who they truly are.It is the love which sees the love in another and waters it well. Our words (and the Way in which we express them with loving intention) nurture peaceful transformation when we are called to address conflict. This is non-violent communication at its best… when we can offer without judging and simultaneously honor a creative process for change during conflict.In the process we co-create the opportunity for powerful transformation and harmony.

    Thank you for your response which served as my morning reflection. My Lenten meditation focus is “NO MORE NAILS”, my own process for witnessing, offering and sharing love and gratitude for this and all days… and all of the experiences held within them.No more crucifixions anywhere! Journey Well!
    In Peace, Rev Kaaren Lynn Ray+
    Human Rights Street Priest,Inclusive Celtic Church,SF
    National and International Voice Consultant and..
    *Student completing certificate in Voice,Sound,Music
    Healing at CIIS in SF,CA June 2010

  4. I have been observing behavior and wondering why we as humans are in such conflict. The posts above triggered an “aha” moment for me. There is a person telling a beautiful story about her personal process in dealing with a child.. then another person judges this process because it isn’t what “they” learned to be true… and the “aha” is the second person is attacking (strong word but makes my point) the first by suggesting the use of a non violent process of communication… wow.. we do this all the time.. it isn’t that the second person was “trying” to be negative..that person doesn’t even realize it.. we do this all the time.. we just need to stop thinking we have a better way or better answer and listen, respect, allow each other to be the best they can be and celebrate that… then go on and be the best we can be in our own way.. Beautiful example!! thank you

  5. Tracy,
    What a beautiful example with the child of complete Acceptance, Unconditional Love and Forgiveness…
    I do my best to instill this in my children. It is said that the image is as important as the feelings, the vibratory impulse we send out as we interact with our children and the vibrations they stir up, allow us to shift and uplift our own vibration, and our experience follows, not just for us, but for them as well…Your example show this.
    Thank you.

  6. hello,

    in fairness to the person who disagreed, i feel the necessity to reply rather than stay silent. Mofwoofoo, i hear you and agree.

    Eliana is certainly free to respond to her child in the most appropriate way for her own vision. i doubt anyone is suggesting otherwise. it is important sometimes to be honest to children (and sometimes less direct) as long as it is done kindly.

    warm regards,

  7. What a wonderful expansion and exploration of communication!

    Mofwoofoo - Using Gratitude, as an invitation to step into a higher state of mastery and awareness, is the intent of this exercise. If done without presence, and getting down to ’see’ and honor the child at their level — ie. simply “tossing” the words at them — sarcasm might prevail. Tone is very important, as is intent. Thank you for bringing this to light, for it is truly the Love that fills our words, and our intent to BE Love, that makes all the difference.

    Thank you to all for the diverse perspectives, and respectful sharing of wisdom and insight. This is a perfect example of being Peace, and choosing to communicate in a way that offers new ways of seeing, being and expressing.


    p.s. Lynne - let’s connect … I have been seeking a new flute, since I gave away my former one!

  8. i also agree that this statement is open to interpretation, and neither direct nor respectful. i would never say this to my spouse, colleague, mother, friend, neighbour, let alone child, for fear it be interpreted as sarcastic, judgemental or shaming. they’re interpretation of the intent ‘i see you clearly at your best and believe in you to be it’ may be more like ‘i believe you’re better than that’.

  9. I was alittle surprised on hearing her remark…thanking Gabriel for closing the door quietly. To me it seemed manipulative. I see myself as that child being thanked for closing the door quietly, after slamming it. Suppose I didn’t feel the tone or intent. I’d figure that what I had done with the door was the right thing to do. So this behavior is appropriate…I’d be thinking. But with the added intent and tone mixed in when verbalized, I’d be confused with the mixed message. And if you find yourself telling the child to stop slamming the door, and are honest/true to yourself (being the Love that We Are), where can you go wrong. We are all precious beings.
    In Gratitude,

  10. I love reading this thread. What beautiful sharing - very much in spirit of Finding Inner Peace in Troubled Times.

    Just for clarification - it is Stacey Robyn speaking of her experience with her loved child, not mine. I was quite inspired to listen to her speak about how she turned around her own anger - catching it in the moment and transforming the fire of her tongue into powerful acknowledgement - along with setting limits.

    This is a challenging thing to do, in real time, and I commend Stacey for her ability to show up in the moment.
    The video above is but a few minutes from a half hour long discussion. When you listen to the full interview in the series (, you get the entire conversation within context.

    Thanks again for showing up and expressing yourselves.
    I appreciate it.

    All the best,
    Eliana Gilad, Creator
    Founder - Voices of Eden

  11. I am a senior, mother, grandmother and soon to be great grandmother. I grew up at a time when “do as I say” was the rule and as a child, my voice was never heard. It was as if I didn’t exist. I am so great-ful now to experience and see motherhood the way I would have loved to have been treated as a child. One rarely sees an out of control child in a public place anymore, because they are with mothers who listen to them and acknowledge them as “people” with feelings and who respect their dignity. Moms and dads today enjoy their children. I am also great-ful to be in touch with like minded women who have found inner peace and whose voices have much to say. As an artist I paint mainly women and I believe that in each person, there exists an “angel”. It is these angels that I endeavour to bring out in my series of ladies. The names and faces are conjured but in each painting, there is a reflection of an “inside angel” drawn from the memory of a past friendship or connection. I am enjoying this series and will let it carry me along my life’s journey - I have truly found my voice! Robyn, thank you for bringing “Gratitude” into my life.

  12. I am really enjoying this thread of discussion. In my own experience and (when I take the vantage point of a “higher view”, the kind of view where you can see behind the slammed door) I see the kid running out the door, it slamming or being slammed, then the kid is on the outside of the door perhaps/probably already doing her next thing. Meaning, the child may not have even heard the “Thanks for shutting the door quietly” and all this is in our mommy minds. Kids are busy! Our love is what they hear.

  13. Helene, hearing about the angels you discover through painting women, is lovely.

    Jana, indeed, the love is what kids hear. It’s harmony to their ears. Thanks for reminding us.

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