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How do you Go Gratitude?

During the course of the Go Gratitude Experiment, we have been opened to many opportunities to expand our outreach, to remember how to live the Law of Gratitude, and by so doing, make profound changes — from the inside out.

Today we’re putting out a co-creation invitation, asking you to share with us:

What tools do you use to enter center and leverage the power of Gratitude? What practices, activities and disciplines inspire you to live a grateful life?

Why are we putting out this call?  Why now?  Read on and you’ll see …

Over the past 6 months, Go Gratitude has been working with Sustainable Futures, a service organization in Boise, ID, that is embarking on an innovative  green jobs training program for prison inmates, offering exposure to, and training in,  the emerging green jobs economy.

Guided by James O’Dea, former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Van Jones’ Green for All initiative, Sustainable Futures offers a unqiue and powerfully transformative addition to standard jobs training programs, by including tools for making ‘change from the inside out’.  This is full spectrum life re-design, folks! (For more info on Sustainble Futures, click here to read a recent press release)

Since Gratitude is the Master Key, opening all doors of possibility, Sustainable Futures  approached us with an invitation to bring our widely-appreciated, life enhancing ‘42 knew views’ series into the program.  The women currently participating in the flagship program begin each session by reading one of our messages — wisdom snacks we like to call them! — and then enjoy space for reflection, connection and immersion into the energy of Gratitude.

Tremendous healing, self-empowerment, and positive changes are manifesting as we speak.  Through the power of Gratitude, choices made in ignorance are being transmuted — forgiveness, of both self and others, is freeing these brave women to go forward and claim their birth right to thrive and co-create an inspired Life.

This is where you come in, and where our efforts over the past few years to Master the art of living in Gratitude will be put into service.  You see, these women have come to us asking for a deeper, more intimate experience and awareness of Gratitude — how to LIVE it.

‘Give us the tools to remember how to Live in a state of Gratitude!’

We were inspired by the idea, and whole-heartedly agreed, because we have received the same requests from many, many participants in the Experiment, too.

Launching into the process, it became abundantly clear this is a community project, an Invitation for Co-creation.  Just imagine the full-spectrum range of activities, practices, tools and ideas that exist in our *World Wide family of Gratitude!* Let’s make this happen together!

“Coming together in responsible action we make a difference!” ~ Maria Yraceburu

We’re inviting you to share your favorite (or two!) method of centering and tapping in to the power of Gratitude.

Post it here on the blog.  Be free with your wisdom.   Be wild, creative, and make no mistake about it — every one has something to share!  Together we will co-create a profound opportunity for making change from the inside out, birthing a curriculum that will be used as a template for this program, and eventually brought into correctional facilities nationwide.

This is truly a win-win opportunity — Everyone benefits.  We make a positive difference in the world, and hey!  the side effects feel Great(full)!

Feel free to pass this invitation on.  Blog it!  Twitter it.  Digg it. Email it … write it on the bathroom wall (just kidding!)  Shout it out to all — We are gathering the Masters of Gratitude and this is *your* call to come and play!

So, to all you teachers, mothers and fathers, artists, life coaches, workshop facilitators, weavers, yoga instructors, peace officers, marketers, motivational speakers, writers , bloggers, economists and sky-divers — you get the jist — Open your hearts and shine some light on your wisdom tools. Gratitude is a Universal-Yet-Personal tool that everyone can use.

What tools do you use to enter center and leverage the power of Gratitude?  What practices, activities and disciplines inspire you to live a Great*Full life?

Ready?  Set!  Grow! Enter these in the comments box at the bottom of the page!


Also, did you know …
By subscribing to the comments feed ( the orange button at the top right corner of the comments box below)  you can follow and receive the latest, greatest, amazing tools that will be flooding in.  Now, there’s something to be Great*Full for.

** By sharing your comments here, permission is granted for this powerful practice to be shared far and wide, allowing Go Gratitude the rights to share, publish and utilize this practice to bring about greater awareness of the power and promise of Gratitude!  Please be sure to include full name and web address so we can give credit to you.

Thank you for your support! Thank you, Beloveds, for being YOU! **

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About the Author: Stacey Robyn is an Ambassador of Gratitude, author, speaker, ardent tree lover, and Light Coach. She is currently stewarding the Go Gratitude Experiment, being raised by four children, and can often be found listening to the ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, her current hOMe.

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  1. Hi there!!! I show gratitude by staying Present as much as is possible for me and speaking to the Presence of God within others when I communicate with them……..and lots and lots of yoga! Wishing everyone Love and Light, Joanxxxxxxx

  2. I can’t help but live in Gratitude for all that we are and all that we’ve created. The awareness that we collectively co-created this beautiful planet from our eternality fills my being with deep joy, wonder and gratitude. I am unable to believe in anything other than the perfection of the moment. I live in gratitude and love what is in front of me regardless of how it may appear on the outside, as I know there is no such thing as “outside.”
    As the 13th centry poet, Hafiz, said,
    “…Since we first met,
    I have become a foreigner
    To every world
    Except that one
    In which there is only You

  3. Every morning when I wake I give thanks for the day, for my life, my health, my home. Every night when I go to bed I express gratitude for the day, for my warm and comfortable bed, for the food that nourished me throughout the day, for my friends and family. And one of my favorites…every time I take a shower I give deep thanks for the hot water that is such a pleasure to me. Think how many people in this world do not have the advantage of being able to step into a safe, beautiful space, turn a knob, and luxuriate in clean, hot water. I am so blessed!

  4. Go to: and read all about something that EVERYBODY should be grateful for. Finally someone has discovered the causes and the cures of ALL dis-eases!

  5. Thank you for the great question! I show gratitude every morning when I wake up. My husband, my dear ‘Wild’ Bill, and I tell each other, and the Universe, what we are grateful for to get the day off to a great start! All day long I think about, say and write what I am grateful for or that I am grateful…period! Yoga also is a great place to feel the presence of gratitude.
    With love and gratitude,
    Dyann ~ dml.edbd

  6. Hello everyone,

    What I do to center and leverage the power of gratitude is fairly simple.
    First, I take a deep breath… that helps me to relax all thoughts rather quickly… (remember the slower your breath, the quicker you can SLOW your thoughts ;)
    Then I imagine the sun in the center of ME right in MY center of being, (aka heart center)
    The sun always shines out in all directions, but you can play with this anyway you like in directing it to someone whom you wish to show even greater amounts of gratitude.
    The sun’s healing rays can also transmute anything into golden light.
    If I get the feeling someone needs a special blessing, I focus the heat of the sun’s light shinning on them and blessing them (with gratitude) in whatever way they need it.
    It could be a popcorn burst of light that is sent that fast, but the liquid qualities of your light - even that small - can do wonders when sent in gratitude.
    I have found that the easiest way to share my light is by simply being in gratitude.

    Thank you for what you are doing. This is truly wonderful! May it come back to you many times over as I’m sure it already has… and the best is yet to come <3

  7. every morning before opening my eyes, eye list THREE DIFFERENT things eye appreciate

    every time eye feel out of sorts, eye list NEW SURPRISES and look below the surface to see what they are showing me

    every evening before eye drift off to dreamland, eye list THREE DIFFERENT things eye appreciate

    ~ aurelia

  8. Like Cindra, I too acknowledge my gratitude as I awake and as I end my day. I am grateful for my modern comforts, food, water, and the people who touched my life that day.

  9. i thank the water as i flush , i thank it as i bathe , drink , cook or water with it, i thank mother earth as i walk on the deer trails zigzagging my sand hill, (its steep so lots of gratitude time) and i am daily grateful for all the deer i feed and the birds that come , in short , i am grateful for all that has been down or will be done but i am most grateful for life .thank you .

  10. In the spirit of gratitude, virtually every day, I match one of the photos that I have taken with a quote that I find inspirational or thought-provoking. I send this by email to a list of people who have requested it, also adding it to my blog for anyone to enjoy.

    Hugs and butterflies,

  11. Creator inspires me. Magic is shown to me; I recognize these events big and small and pause to breathe in the magic and say thanks. I lay my tobacco. I look up to the sky and say thanks, silently with a smile.

    A mother of two. An artist, muralist, writer, musician, songstress, pow wow, drum, tree lover. Traveller. Listener of Spirit. Watcher of Northern Lights and seer of spirit and visions.

    A single mom of two star children which I love and admire and am grateful they chose me to be their Mother. Lady Panacea and Sir Arthur.

    After two dibilitating accidents. I turned to music when my injuries limited me to driving, dancing, and drumming. Many road trips to Native Healers, attending Pow Wow’s, dancing for creator, for my own joy. With much gratitude that I am doing it.
    I sit quietly for hours and listen. talk to birds. Do inner work, many healing techniques.

    Found Go Gratitude and Blue Star, magically. I received a flute star child from the love of Blue Star in the key of F#. After hearing my story and I told him how I received the name Star Woman, similarily to how he received his name, Blue Star, he said he made the flute in F# to heal my heart.
    I realized, and am grateful for the awareness, that I am best to set aside my personality, my ego, and listen even if it takes all long time, til the answer comes, for direction from the creator, the universe and All That Is.

    In Gratitude for your voice.
    Celina of Dreamers rOK
    Star Woman

  12. Hey, I am grateful for the air under the jets wings and the gas to propel it at 36,000 feet to a conference in the rainy Smokey mountains, where old friends meet to create another Garden of Eden. Thanks for the million wet frogs who chant ribbit through the nite and the rain that keeps their singing voices wet. Yoga at 7am wakes the day, and art, music and conversation keep are vocals wet to chirp our love songs to the Great Spirit of Love, who plays this game in us.Haffiz also said
    me and God
    are like two fat people
    in a small boat
    bumping into each other
    and laughing.

    Love you all and grateful for that infinite stream of love too…it is the undiscovered energy source for this century.

  13. A prayer I say every morning and every night.

    Thank you for another day
    Thank you for what comes my way
    Thank you for your love so sweet
    Thank you for the food we eat
    Thank you for the birds that sing
    Thank you Thank you for everything.

    When I ask for help with solving problems I always say
    Thank you with loving Gratitude.

  14. Gratitude for me is the art of giving and receiving - acceptance and surrender keeping the heart open and connected to the cosmic rythm flowing inwards and outwards.

    I use a meditation tool called the cosmic pulse to create this amazing dynamic energy, and it never lets me forget who I am as a being of the absolute.

    It takes me into a crazy dance of life, opening doors, removing limitations, whilst all the while supporting me through the pain of releasing who I think I might be……………

    I listen to the birds sing, the waves crashing on the shore, walk the beach and the cliffs in awestruck wonder in what we have created for ourselves.

    Always ending up with thank-you (for) giving me this gift - GRATITUDE

    The tool can be found on my website

    Thank-you Robyn for giving us this space to share

  15. Time to wake up while we can still “Go” where we want …

  16. Gratitutude is such a wonderful way to live life. Even if I have emotional problems with family I continue to be very grateful to have them in my life. Love is very healing.

  17. Like many of the others who have replied I also give thanks each night as I lie in my wonderful, comfortable bed for the many gifts I have received throughout the day and also thank the elementals for my wonderful shower each day but the thing I am most grateful for is the gift bestowed upon me to be a facilitator of the newest healing/nurturing energy on the planet, The Rose Flame of Freedom. This is a heart based energy and must be felt, and each day I draw it into my body through my heart and then send it around the world via the matrix of our planet so that all may benefit by it.


  19. Every day I write a list of at least 5 things I am genuinely grateful for. Some days it can be as simple as, “Thank you for the delicious breakfast I had this morning” or “Thank you for the great conversation I had with my friend”. Its a great way to stop and refocus on what is really meaningful.

  20. Every morning and every day and every night I count my blessings, and breathe deeply, and when confronted by something that challenges my sense of connection to the divine, I take a deep breath, count 10 things (people, memories, places, foods) I love about life, and then proceed to look for the blessing in the lesson of this challenge… and thank the person(s) who brought me there.
    I live in the country, get out in the quiet of the woods, breathe clean air and cleanse my lungs, heart, view with nature’s beauty and bountiful pleasures. I drink fresh spring water from the source, and look toward meditating as doing the same with my mind.

  21. I am overwhelmed and FULL of gratitude that this email arrived at this very moment. A smile came across my face and grew wider as I read each contribution. Gratitude is generated by the passion and authenicity of each word you all have shared.
    What inspires me to live a Great ‘full’ life?
    All of YOU!

  22. Hello, dearest greatful ones,

    This is a powerful tool enfolding our shared tools within it. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to share our ‘tools’ amongst each other.

    Patrick… “High Flight” comes to mind when I read your post. From you and everyone else who has posted here…

    I am grateful to feel the love here at this comment sharing opportunity.

    Yes. Be here now. Ever present. It is always now. Always.

    I began my journey of conscious, active gratitude with the gift of a book I still use every day, which, along with charming and delectable messages, suggests keeping a gratitude journal and listing 5 (at least 5 *smile*) things we are grateful every day: “Simple Abundance, Daybook of Comfort and Joy” by Sarah ban Breathnach, several *who’s counting?* years ago. If I were to share the most profoundly influential book and daily practice in my life thus far; it would be this book.

    My fav quote from this book is:

    “Gratitude is the most passionate transformative force in the cosmos.”

    I believe and endeavor every day
    To live the truth within these words:

    No matter what the question, love is the answer.

    My favorite ‘mantra’ is attributed to Dame Julian of Norwich 15th century awesome woman…

    Every morning upon awakening… I do some deep breathing and meditation during which I say however many times suits me *smile*:
    “All will be well,
    All will be well,
    And all manner of things will be well.”

    I take as my personal creed… this powerful message from a dear person who has shared her life with us in her masterful writing:

    “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
    ~ Melody Beattie

    My life itself is a prayer of gratitude just for being who I am.

    As I go about my day, I give thanks to our glorious universe for every nuance of beauty and grace in my inner life and life in general. And, so, in doing… I feel that I am blessing all that is blessing me… the wind in my hair… the roar of the ocean just five miles from my home… the sun warming my skin… great blue herons that visit me in my backyard… a time when I am with the writer muse and words fly through me and I know I am a channel… for wordsmithing stories and ideas… and it is glorious… herbs that grow in my garden… seeing them spread and grow… their fragrance… their culinary flavors that jazz up my meals with sumptious flavor… their nutritional and curative gifts… the vegetables that I grow here in my yard… gifts… for which I am well and truly grateful.

    Listening to Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” as I type here now.

    So much to be grateful for… my ‘lists’ are sometimes pages long in the morning and in the evening and giving my heart and mind and voice to gratitude all throughout my day…

    I also belong to a HUGE email list group within which we email everyone on the list with our daily gratitude list.
    Reading everyone’s list every day broadens my world… and connects me with everyone on the list at the heart of everything that truly matters.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share.

    Brightest and Most Bountiful Blessings to You All,

  23. Hello
    I don’t believe in God, I believe in Love and this Wave of Gratitude was for me a fantastic experience of Love. Since this moment, every second I think positively, happiness is in my heart. I send you a lot of kisses xxxx

  24. I am extremely grateful for my health, loving family and friends. For my boss who is always so good to me. The beauty surrounding me every day, birds, trees. Having a good cooked meal every day. The lady that serves my home 3 times a week. I am talking to the Lord every day, when I drive to work, during quite time. He has given me many blessing so many I cannot mention them all. My daughter who lights up my life constantly with the beautiful things she does and makes.People will suprise you if you are grateful and friendly and loving, you will be amazed how it changes everything.

  25. During the 42 day send outs I painted pictures and wrote out a letter to myself of all the things I had to be grateful of. Everyday I see these paintings, I can think about being in appreciation and gratitude. Every day I read out the letter to myself, out loud which adds solidity to these things that I am grateful for. Every day I do my morning qi gong and see more beauty outside my window as I practise. I often just spend time looking out over the view from my balcony and bask in it in grateful appreciation. But you can just put a vase of flowers on your table and admire their beauty. Even if your environment is not beautiful you can make it so. You can make the inside of your mind beautiful and there you have something to be grateful of. Just be mindful. Be grateful you ate today. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It used to be that people would say a grace before eating any food, bringing back some customs such as these can give you appreciation for your life as it is. Want to know more? Read my book The Way of the Rainbow Warrior. Check out the website.

  26. This one for details of how to get it and what it’s about.

  27. Gratitude is the MOST powerful tool - practical suggestions to help get to it include: Non-violent Communication (NVC) classes and groups by M. Rosenberg (i think, just google); IMAGO process by Harville Hendricks; any and all YOGA and Meditation practices; any process of clearing old emotional blockages including Great Freedom (short moments of great awareness); Healing with Michael (indigo); Energy Medicine by Donna Eden; Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, chanting/kirtan or singing - the list goes on and on. Important to find what brings out the devotional and then just adore it, as much as possible:) Love love love - love just for the sake of loving - no object person place or thing required, just open heart:)

  28. Every morning my husband and I speak our affirmations of health, abundance, love, joy, and gratitude prior to drinking down a divine green nectar shot of wheatgrass (OK, it does taste a bit like a golf course, but we have grown to love it!)…and most nights we sit out under the stars in our spa and list five things we are grateful for that day. I also hug our rescue dog repeatedly throughout each day, thanking her for entering our lives and rescuing us during a very difficult time, and for all she does to remind us to simply BE. We can learn a lot from those who wag their tails! Thank you, Stacey, for creating this forum, and for being YOU. I love you…I love us…we are all ONE. xoxox, Kathy

  29. Thank you for the invitation to share………

    I write, feel, type, sing, smile, smell, see, hear, vibrate, touch, gratitude every Moment I can during the day. If I feel at the end of the day that I may have forgotten something or someone to be grateful for, I do so before I close my eyes to go to sleep.

    Grateful to be part of this loving community. xx

  30. I am LOVE

    I am LIGHT

    Thank YOU for BEING YOU


  31. The first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning is open my blinds and say, “Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful day”. I continue talking out loud as I go to the bathroom to take care of business, being sure to say “thank you” for my health and constitution. I stop talking while brushing my teeth, but am thinking, “thank you for my wonderful smile, my strong teeth, my sense of taste”, etc. As I stand under the hot shower, I say thank you to the water, and bless it for blessing me with its healing & cleansing properties. I repeat what kind of blessed and wonderful day I am planning to have, and make sure to smile and even laugh while continuing this talking meditation. I keep speaking out loud as I prepare my breakfast, giving gratitutde not only for the food itself, but for all the people involved in growing it, picking it, processing & packing it, shipping it, selling it, etc., etc., and/or preparing it! In the car, I shout out “thank you” for the sunshine (or rain); for clear skies or cloudy; for the sight of flowers on the side of the road, or a glimpse of the mountains or ocean in the distance; for good traffic conditions (and when traffic is horrendous, I give thanks that we all at least have some place to go, and a vehicle to use to get there). I bless the people on their journey, especially the ones whose driving would normally make me scream and throw a fit! And I basically try to do this out-loud grace throughout the day, when I’m not likely to disturb anyone else. I try to end the day the same way as I close the blinds and fall into bed — saying “thank you thank you thank you for my wonderful day and my wonderful life!” And so it is!

  32. For me, the fundamental key is meditation, a way of connecting to the silence within. On that ground, gratitude becomes a powerful tool, the expressive stroke.

    I tried the gratitude rock idea in film The Secret and was surprised how powerful that was. Then I found Go Gratitude to remind me. As gratitude increased the quality and tone of my thinking, moments arose where I was able to forgive past holdings. These would arise periodically, like peeling back layers of an onion. Eventually, I was able to forgive myself, then found there was nothing to forgive anymore.

    This process brought me into a place where I was able to, as Eckhart Tolle describes, be OK with what is, as it is now. As this process of allowing continues, I further cleared emotional and conceptual resistance. Bliss began to show up, a background tone of unending happiness. Not bliss-cadet stuff but solid, real joy. Soon, it became the dominant experience, daily life flitted across a screen of happiness. It became apparent that I was no longer experiencing bliss, I was bliss. It was my very life.

    That too became deeper in layers. When I thought I had reached some pinnacle of bliss, a deeper, bigger bliss unfolded. Within that, what I describe as the crust on the heart fell away and I began to experience divine love.

    Over time, this unfolded more and more deeply until the love overshadowed even the bliss. I became that.

    The keys to this process - meditation and gratitude. Diving in, then expressing without until the 2 are joined as one. We are that and that alone is.


  34. I feel gratitude by feeling the beauty in everyone,everything around me. By dreaming a sacred dream in alignment with my souls desire……….. every solstice & equinox, by being in amazement as the dream unfolds in its own unique way before me. By letting go into love. By giving and giving thanks, by being love.


  36. I go gratitude daily with a silent thank you to my cousin, Nan, who introduced me to Gratitude and this site. I do my meditation and qigong and when I go outside I take in all the sights, sounds, smells of the world around me. I go to my safe place and list people and events I am greatful for. I am able to be greatful to myself for being me and for my talents and love I share. I am greatful to have been able to go back and acknowledge my fears, anger, sadness, and all things that diverted my life’s journey, and to look ahead with gratitude at what I will encounter tomorrow.

  37. Every time I feel “needy” or dis-eased I close my eyes and imagine the beautiful horses that the universe has provided me, and “see” them in my mind and heart grazing peacefully. This automatically reminds me that I am indeed living my dream and truly living in a state of grace. I know that if I let go and TRUST, the universe will provide all that I need to continue living my dream life. I try to be loving and helpful to everyone I meet, and perfectly accepting of the NOW and try to see the good in everyone and think well of them, even when circumstances make it difficult to do so.

    I use visualization and transcendental meditation to bring myself back to an open, loving, and more trusting state when I am not automatically in the flow. If things outside of myself are influencing my inner state to the negative to the point where I feel totally unconnected to the flow, I put on earphones and dance to my favorite music to bring myself back..or go into the barn and simply reconnect with nature by brushing my horses.

    Each single time time I enter my car, I thank the universe for my car, for keeping me safe in my car, for keeping my car far from any accidents and mechanical problems, traffic jams, traffic cops, and bad drivers, and for keeping my car (now 19 years young and on its 3rd engine) simply rolling along. This has worked so well that I also have made it a habit of expressing gratitude for my life, my family, my friends, my abundance, my health, and my God-given gifts each and every time I get into my car, just so that I won’t forget to be grateful for all I’ve got several times during the day.

  38. Staying present for me is the key.
    Staying present comes from:
    breath work; the Wild Divine taught me how to breath;
    and the morning pages, 3 pages upon waking of my thoughts, which helps to center me;
    then of course so does following my soul’s desire to be creative.
    I was also priviledged enough to have been able to have done the Life Between Lives hypnosis and having had the oppurtunity to glimpse one’s soul home ensures a deep steady heartfulness here in this life.
    But it all starts with the breath…

  39. Thank You for this oppertunity to share. I do this each day i remember… Ground with thoughts of golden spirals of light streaming down through my crown and all the chakras. Down into the core of earth, through to the other side. Out into the Universe around and back through me again. sing or say ” I am filled with light, I am surrounded by light, I am protected by light, I AM light”
    Be Present= set Intention, “I am present, all this day”
    Breathe, feel my breath.
    Watch the animals
    Trace the Reki symbols for “let go” and “free from fear”
    Voice appreciation and Gratitude
    Notice the Miracles
    Ask for what I want… State Intent
    I sing songs, there are so many ways to say Thank You!

  40. Each day I rise with a thank you for my life, my son, this day, and what it will bring. Humility enters my soul as I watch those around me who are just as grateful if not more for their own existence even amongst extreme struggle. I am aware of mine and the Gratitude that is to be continually expressed. What an awesome and peaceful feeling as I sit in the very early hours of the morning without the influx of diversions and stressful occupations that block my true nature. It is then that I feel and accept my sadness and anger……..Gratitude for those feelings….they bow to me and I surrender to let go and let it all be…..for the sake of Gratitude. Love and Blessings be to All and to the advent of Oneness.

  41. Every day I write a list of at least three things I am grateful for. I also meditate to feel a connection with the Great Spirit, in all of us. I also allow myself to appreciate every blessing I receive daily. Finally, I recognize that we are all connected; it is this connection which I feel a appreciation for everyone. Although variety is the spice of life, we are more alike than different, and for this I feel gratitude.

  42. YES, the HORSES they, too, are my way showers!!!

  43. The tools that I use most are:

    Saying thank you in my heart when I see or feel anything that moves me: the dogs’ tails wagging - new shoots on the willow - a great cup of tea - every ‘little’ thing!

    I write down more ‘major’ and unusual Gratitude moments in my journal.

    I always sit in silence at the end of the day, and just slowly recall all the moments of great full ness - it helps that I pause before I eat for instance, or do my Yoga, so that my awareness is more fully present - that means, at the day’s end, I can really soak in the moments again.

    Certain songs just bring all the Gratitude feelings on - at the moment, it’s Aretha Franklin “I say a little prayer”.

    It’s wonderful to hear from you again Stacey and crew. I am enjoying the ride and seeing more and more ‘evidence’ of the harvest of the original planting and feeling the power of the waves to come.

    With love and blessings to all,


  44. Although I may struggle, I realize many, many people don’t have access to sanitation: don’t have a place to crap or pee! This shatters complacency and puts my life in perspective. I mean, what is important here?

    I breathe deeply and know I am a vibration in this cosmos - merely a particle and a wave oscillating at a certain frequency. We are light waves flickering, blinking from computer to computer, back at each other -
    Shema Yisroel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad -
    Perhaps we all come from the same spark????????

  45. Extraordinary documentary about water. Approx. 1 hr. 20 min. So worth watching!!! Enjoy.–-voda-water/

    Add to that a whole lot of laughter, and a constant silent prayer that I may always leave love in my wake.

  46. Hello lovely, sexy, gorgeous & Devine friends,
    Every morning I wake up I thank God for the beautiful day, for my good Health and that of my family, for my money for the good of all concerned and for the joy and harmony.

    Than I ask: God heel me and help me to perform whatever miracle You want of me today.
    Than I let go and trust: All is well

    Lots and love and kisses.
    God Bless.

  47. Thank you for allowing us to contribute.

    I take a deep breath, focus on my heart and my I AM Presence, and I give thanks for the moment, the goodness that caught my attention and reminded me to stop and give thanks. I use everything and anything as an opportunity to give thanks for all that I AM, all that I have. I AM so blessed each day!

  48. My gratitude spirals out to GO GRATITUDE for bringing this conversation of appreciation to our world…and the new language that you use is so heart-opening. Bless and love you all, Stacy and team~

  49. Sai Ram. That is a greeting, a mantra and a blessing. It helps me stay centered and grateful to Sadguru Sai (the Universal Self) for showing me such nice community like this! I share by offering free articles on health and spirituality and by offering free Reiki healing. I am glad to share and am grateful for all the blessings that I get.

    With heartfelt blessings,

    Hyderabad, India

  50. I keep a morning journal. This allows me to pour out anything & everything onto the page. I write, at minimum, three pages. I also write a gratitude list as part of the experience.

    I also keep a “Universe” jar. Anything that’s troubling me, I think I may need, or prayers for others, is placed on a piece of paper and put into the jar. I hold the jar for just a moment feeling appreciation and grateful that things are handled. If it crops up again as I “bip” through my day, I simply remember that it’s in the jar and The Universe has got it handled!

    Taking moments throughout the day to simply stop, observe what’s around me and breath keeps me focused in the now. During these times, I let my thoughts blow through as if they are leaves on the wind and feelings of pure wonderment at the world wash over me.

    Thank you for allowing me to share a few of my “tools”!


    Tracy Swartz

  51. I experience gratitude when I see a happy dog. I keep a photo on my desk at work of me and a happy dog.

  52. I am grateful for the legacy left to me by my late sister, Pam.



    So often we make our decisions from a place of fear. Fear separates us from our abilities. It does not protect us, nor will it alter an outcome. Being afraid is natural, but acting out of fear is not the same as using your survival instinct. When we choose to move forward despite our fear, our abilities are empowered, our faith is restored, and our hopes are renewed.


    When we cannot change what life sets before us we are challenged to change ourselves. Remember that we are defined by our possibilities, not our circumstances. At any given moment we can choose despair or hope, revenge or forgiveness, fear or faith. The choice is always ours to make, and therein lies our power.


    No matter what our circumstances, if we take the chance and opportunity of seeking out beauty in the world around us, there are moments in every day that can be treasured. These moments of joy may be small, but they are powerful. If you can’t find the beauty and joy in your day, create it.


    Giving up is an act of anger or despair. It implies there’s still some fight left, some unfinished business to complete. Surrender is a release, a letting go. There is peace and contentment in knowing there is nothing more to give, or receive. Surrender can only be accomplished with forgiveness and love.


    Become a Warrior on behalf of your own life!

    Copyright 2008 Heather Summerhayes Cariou
    Sixtyfive Roses: A Sister’s Memoir

  53. I always doodle while I am on the phone so now when I notice that I am doodling, I doodle the gratitude symbol. Over and over I link the circles together. I also have the gratitude symbol as the screen saver on my phone.
    I am practicing the art of ‘thanking me’ and increasing the times I thank those around me and thanking God. I am finding an amazing abundance of blessings and opportunities in my life - I am grateful, I am gratitude.


  54. Thank You

  55. The list is long and very real. My gratitude goes to the very center of my existence for all of life’s lessons. How to be, how to love and be loved, for home, family, pets. The “privelege” of a good job. The health to function each day. The faith to know the universe does respond and give back all that you offer up ..yes, a thousand fold. Being in life volunteering, showing kindness to others, working hard, keeping the faith .. ahh I do feel blessed and extremely grateful.

  56. I think of all the things that I am grateful for that day, my health, food , my bed, my family, friends and I resolve to improve the world by makeing someone smile, helping someone in some way. I find many many opportunities to do that. As zig zigler said you always find what you are looking for. Smile it improves your face value. Eva

  57. I go gratitiude by trying to understand the underlying
    reasons that people do or say things. By better understanding
    them, I can listen/respond to them from a place of understanding and gratitude without judging by what I see.

  58. Hi Gratitude Friends
    My company Gratitude Energy Marketing sends grateful cards to clients and customers. Your business explodes because all customers want to be appreciated. Say “thank you”.
    Lnk on the website and please send a beautiful card on me from my account to experience this gratitude. Then contact me so I can send to you my new ebook “Open Your Heaven”;
    Expressing Your Inner Thankfulness. Soon to be published.

    Love & Light

  59. I haven’t read all the comments above yet, but Cindra’s statement could have been written by me. The way I “Go Gratitude” is similar - I just try to be mindful of everything little thing in my life that I have to be grateful for. I also start each day by giving thanks for the good night’s sleep, for the opportunities and adventures the day ahead will hold. I give thanks for the way the sun hits the leaves on my drive to work, for the friend who calls just when I needed someone to talk to. I say a little prayer as I lock my door when I leave the house, being grateful for the shelter and comfort my home provides. I realize how blessed I am in this life and try to remember that continually throughout the day.

  60. As most of us are telling here I also give thanks in the morning and before going to sleep. (Before I go to sleep I also thank myself!)
    I write it down too. I also write on almost everyday. (I do that in dutch)
    I thank the water and the food and all involved to make that food ready to consume. I thank the animals and the earth for there example. I thank you all. I thank the angels, spirit and soul. I thank the source of Love, the One.
    I also sing a lot. When I take a shower I sing the P’taah’s Morning Song (on and I sing the Gratitude Zapz from Debbie Thomas throughout the day a lot. (free download at
    I sit everyday and breath consciously for 5 to 15 min. (meditate). Like Abraham-Hicks ( say, breath in and than a little more to fill me totally. Being in the present, now. There is always, with everything, something to be grateful for.
    :D And I jump up and down a lot to tickle my joy particles lol.
    lots of love, anita

  61. I go Gratitude by living in a Triality of my body, mind and soul:

    I am already 63 and by teaching myself in the eighties how to comprehend a computer and what creative things I could learn myself to do on it I have been able to use the left and right hemisphere of my brain in a very productive way.

    Nowadays I practice Yoga, design my own labyrinths, both in Nature and in 3D on my computer and they have become a great way of a walking meditation outside (in Nature) and a walking meditation inside (in a 3D virtual Environment).
    By making both ways visual my soul is nourished, each time I have completed a little walk, or each time I have completed a little task I have set myself on to perform.

    By just breathing in and breathing out I am creative in my own special way.

    In gratitude :)

  62. Hi,
    I am infinitely grateful for my life and everything in it. Each day I center with my Intention Disc and I see my intentions coming to fruition before my eyes. I surround myself with with good positive energy that matches the frequency of human beings while at the same time blocking/balanced the toxic environment we live. The tools keep me centered and able to continue my gratitude ALL day without skipping a beat. I am so blessed and grateful for my life. You’ll find everything you need and more to be balanced at

  63. I go gratitude by being mindful and aware of all the wonderful miracles in my life.. My family, my friends
    my dog are just some of the things that I am grateful for.
    I thank God everyday for the blessings in my life, even when I dont feel like it.. thank you

  64. The most wonderful alarm clock in the world is the sound of that first songbird in the morning…..that bird that can see the sun before I do. Knowing that the world is waking up all anew ready to start another glorious day is a fantastic way to start my day. Before my feet even hit the floor, I am reminded how blessed I am by that songbird. Then to realize that I have a floor for my feet to hit and a kitchen to walk into for my morning tea….and it just keeps on going…….I have only to notice with a grateful eye to see that my blessings are everywhere. The day may get hectic, but just a small glance at the wonders of the moment, and I can’t help but feel in awe.


  65. The ways of expressing gratitude, or appreciation, are varied and constantly expand along with my awareness. But, starting the day with words of gratitude, even when you don’t necessarily feel it, is magical.

    First thing in the morning, after taking care of personal needs, I write a “Rampage of Appreciation”. I start with a subject(s) that first comes to mind, something that’s easy - something that allows the energy within me to flow - and as I write, I can literally feel the energy within shift and become more, until it radiates around me and through me.

    Writing lists of people and things and even conditions I appreciate, or have gratitude for, is also powerful. Start by writing a list of Ten things you can easily love, and then a list of Ten things you can easily appreciate. Then, choose three people and write lists of things you appreciate about them. This is especially powerful if you’ve found you have resistance around these people. It’s also a great reminder that YOU are the creator of your reality and that every experience serves a purpose. Everyone, and every experience, is our teacher and they reflect back to us what is most dominant in our experience. So, this is a good exercise in remembering Who We Are: Powerful Creators.

    Write daily lists of all the things you appreciate, or have gratitude toward, about yourself! This is so important, because your happiness is an inside job and all things start with the self and extend to the world you live. : ) Learn to appreciate how wonderful and worthy and deserving you really are.

    Expressing gratitude, or appreciation, is easy to do when you feel good. It’s those times when you’re feeling negative emotion, or feeling ’stuck’, or facing a ’scary’ circumstance, or condition, that’s the hardest. But it’s also those times that provide us with the greatest opportunities. Writing is a powerful focusing tool for me because it allows me to take that subject and make peace with wherever I find myself. “What we resist, persists” and to have gratitude for our negative emotions is an amazing and transforming process. It can show us where we’re holding limiting beliefs about ourself, or someone else and expand beyond this place.

    While organizing and before paying bills - even if I don’t yet have the money - I take the time to express gratitude, or appreciation, for each service I’ve received. I sit with each statement and think about that particular service and how it enhanced my life, or my experience. I can really work myself into a powerful state of gratitude, or appreciation, that actually makes paying my bills fun, and especially has money coming into my experience from unexpected sources!

    I end each day by writing out, or thinking about things I have gratitude for. I spend time basking in these wonderful feeling thoughts and allow this process to carry me off to sleep.

    Life is a gift, of which I am extremely grateful!

    Thank you!

  66. My morning ritual of gratitude begins by taking a moment to say “YES” to another day, before my feet hit the ground…I proceed by entering my studio space…lighting a candle and quieting myself…asking the simple question: What do I need to be aware of today?…Words and visions appear to me from my inner voice and I write my daily affirmation…paint a small mandala…and begin my day…keeping all that I am aware of in the fore front….At present, my husband is living with a terminal illness and so it is extremely important to make sure that we are very aware of our gratefulness each day that we have…With love for each and every day…
    Artfully Yours,

  67. I am not love.But I am commanded to love. God is love.I a product of God, made by God, made from Love, IT is written in the Book of Volume, in the Scriptures,…it is the Law of Life,,, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all the strength and all the Mind. You ought to Please God rather than men. It is better to please God rather than men. Seek First the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto thee. God hath sworn by HIMSELF… in the HIGHEST… JESUS IS BETTER than life… better than silver or gold,,,, better than wisdom,… No man or living creature can Compare Jesus to anyone or anything,,,, Jesus is Lord… Jesus is better than GRATITUDE…. he is the WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. If you don’t have Jesus……………….u don’t have anything yet. You’re not even alive but dead are condemned already… as he hath saith and preached he that hath the son hath life and he that doth not hath no life, but the wrath of GOD abideth in him…… no man cometh to the Father but by him. I have joy and Gratitude to my God, to find me worthy to have this door of opportunity to preach unto you God’s word… as a messenger… to speak of his Glory, Honour and Majesty…. to him be Glory, power, wisdom and Dominion forever… Amen.

  68. I remain centered in Love and Gratitude by studying “A Course in Miracles” and learning to extend love to all “Lifekind.” This morning I conducted an experiment in healing. I took my PH with litmus paper, testing my spittle, read my ACIM lesson and text then meditated, extending Love and Gratitude to all Lifekind and retested my PH. My PH improved dramatically! For me this is evidence of healing by extending Love and Gratitude!We extend Love and Gratitude through the power of the Mind which is a part of the Mind of God and makes us holy!

  69. Each day as I walk my dogs, I say my thank yous. Some days thoughts of what I am grateful for flow easily - the sun is shining and the world seems to embrace me as I embrace the world. Other days, I need some help. So I turn to the alphabet and begin with finding something that I am grateful for that begins with the letter ‘A’, then ‘B’ and so on. An easy little way to keep the gratitude flowing!

  70. I find peace. Easily. In the morning, early, when the world is still quiet and the birds are singing. I sit up, erect, in my chair with arms. I breathe, I listen. I hear peace. My body is totally relaxed, my eyes are closed, yet when I open them I see the world becoming lighter and lighter as I see the the sun rise. Throughout the day, I turn on the silence again, just for a moment. I am grateful for my ability to sit up erectly and to breathe. I am grateful for everything God has put in front of me. It is all a gift …. all of life and all of life’s trials and tribulations. Thank YOU DEAR GOD.

  71. P.S. Secondly, and daily, The Nia Technique. I dance, I move my body in a meditative way incorporating 9 movement forms with each form having so very much meaning. The Nia music is provided to me because I am a Nia teacher/personal-growth practitioner , another one of my life’s major gifts….

  72. “Take your hands, make a little cup. Put it over your heart and fill it up, up, up! Fill it full of love, fill it full of cheer.. Share it with your friends and neighbors, every day of the year. I am grateful that I have the ability to reknew my attitude of gratitude within me.
    I love the hebrew letters, shin, mem, aleph which are on the background of this site. If you put shin, mem, aleph, it spells shema!!!!! Listen, hear the sound of your beating heart, the sound of life. Love Gramma Shirah

  73. Dear Stacey,
    Your message reached me in a moment of full gratitude (isn’t it strange ?).
    One of my ways to center in gratitude is connecting to the sun, another and even more powerful one because independant from the weather, is the “Serenity Prayer” :

    “God grant me
    the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    the Courage to change the things I can,
    and the Wisdom to know the difference;
    Living one day at a time;
    Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
    Taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is,
    not as I would have it:
    Trusting that you will make all things right
    if I surrender to your will;
    that I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with you forever in the next.”

    You don’t need to be “religious” for this prayer, it’s only confering my will to a greater One - the Heart of One - this brings unexpected blessings and gratitude.

  74. Go Gratitude saved and changed my life 3 years ago. Last year I celebrated my 50th circle around the sun as well as 10 years sobriety (miraculous) In honor of these occasions, I chose to have the gratitude symbol tatooed on my left calf and the recovery symbol on my right calm. This to me serves as a daily reminder that my life today is centered in recovery and gratitude. Thank you for such a valuable tool that has catapulted my life beyond my wildest dreams.

  75. I express gratitude in many of the ways above.

    Today I am grateful to read many of them, as my week has been stressful, this helps me put things back into perspective.

    Thank you so much for this timely email this morning.



  76. Dear “Go Gratitude”,
    Thank you for what you are doing & for the 42 lovely emails.
    I am grateful for every things & persons in my life.
    I live always in Gratitude of what GOD created for us.
    I say ” thank you” GOD and enjoy to say it in every moment in my life.
    Great work Go Gratitude. GOD bless you.
    With love & Gratitude.
    Gilberte Zouein

  77. Every day I savor every one & every thing that crosses my path. Even the petty tyrants, in the truest Yin&Yang tradition, for that test my resolve, actually bolster my appreciation for those that truly matter. I thank the Great Spirit for gracing my existence with such beauty & abundence.

  78. I am always filled with immense gratitude & humility when I witness closely a beautiful flower blossom in the sunlight & am blessed/uplifted/ connected to/by it through its’ miraculous fragrance/color and intricate form, shared freely & completely with total abandon, from a place of pure love & joy. What a gift.It transforms me.

  79. Allowing stillness and choosing to be quiet enough to truly listen, feel our breath and our heart beat. In that our gratitude is overwhelming. When in tune with all beings and the mother we attune to the flow of gratitude. We wake up each morning knowing that we can create ourselves anew. As we open to the magic of the day we find gratitude in every flower, bird or smile. Gratitude is a natural choice and so we allow love to be.

  80. I thank mother/father God each morning upon awakening for the beautiful day ahead of me. In the shower I count my blessings( my family, my health, my home, my friends etc) . At least once a day I put out my arms and give thanks for the beauty around me. ( kind of like a child in the snow) I make a point of noticing kindness and work consiously to bring up energy when I see someone who is looking down. REally listening and showing interest has a tranformative effect.

    I find that EFT and reiki also helps put people in state of gratitude.

    Probably the most important thing I have learned to do is to be grateful for all the lessons in my life. Being aware is important to growing.

    Finally at least once a day I just am.I breath in love and breath our fear. and what ever other polarities I am aware of at the time.


    Being around children, pets and senior-seniors can also promote gratitude- the veil is thinner with them

    in gratitude and love and light

  81. I am a starseed in a nomad phase. When this journey began 9 months ago, I was told by my guidance to appreciate what I had and more would come. My material goods fell away quickly, an opportunity to be free from worry over maintaining these things. I was grateful for peace of mind.

    Without income, I began to exchange my natural skills for a place to live. I became grateful for the way I was raised and gained insight into how my life had prepared me for each moment lived in the present. As I moved from place to place, being so intimately inserted into households, I began to see who I am not. I am grateful for clarity. I am falling in love with who I am….a bringer of order in the chaos of life, one who can love without judgment or attachment to outcomes. I am grateful for opportunity.

    Upon awakening, I could feel that I’ll be moving on soon, though I don’t know where or when. I found this request in my email just now and it said to me “Take this time to appreciate your path and then share it.” Thank you so much.

  82. I quote a part of Your statement above:

    “Tremendous healing, self-empowerment, and positive changes are manifesting as we speak. Through the power of Gratitude, choices made in ignorance are being transmuted — forgiveness, of both self and others, is freeing these brave women to go forward and claim their birth right to thrive and co-create an inspired Life.”

    Actually, We never make “choices”, ignorant or intelligent. We have All been mad and when You realize that, You realize the freedom in Your Heart. It is always there, You just didn’t See It. And thus, the Gratitude You speak of comes from the Heart where it always resides. There Are no steps to be taken.

    There is nothing wrong with what You ask, but You have to understand the basic injustice of the mind and stop thinking, period. The playing field is level as It Is, You cannot “improve” another’s life from the outside. But You can know that Only Love Is Real. True Love.
    We Are All Love

  83. As a coach I have all my clients keep a journal and include, every day, self-acknowledgements and at least three gratitude statements. This is a powerful tool to shift us from victim to choice and to ground us in the truth of our position, whatever that may be.

  84. Greetings,
    I am grateful for my health and the ability for the tools of staying in the now. The magic of belief is amazing and my favorite bush is essential. Mother earth offers so many tools at no cost. So this year I have learned that when I am out of sorts, I go talk to my bush. I analyze it and greet it with love and joy. This brings me into the space of now and right into the moment of which I am fine. I believe it is also essential to be as clean as we can be. When one is not bogged down with junk and it is released, clarity comes and growth is a natural. I see a more simplified life with much light coming.

    From an old hippie at heart . Where peace and Love is essential.
    In love and Light—Deena - my divine food source - my liquid herbal pharmacy

  85. My great-filled day begins with hubby hugs and 3 dogs piling onto the bed to share their love. Dogs are definately a gift from God to be grateful for. (d-o-g g-o-d, coincidence?)

    As I go through the “salutation to the sun” yoga moves, I am grateful for my body, that moves, gets me everywhere I wish, and gave me three lovely children.

    Gratitude is then the focus of a time of centering as the day begins, sitting quietly in silence, hearing an occasional bird, and in prayer and quiet, listening for direction from the Great Universal Spirit, G.U.S. (my favorite name for God)

    It is easy to be grateful when alone and centered. The real challenge begins when hubby and I go downstairs where a real witch - my 81 year old mother lives. I can call her a witch - because when I was a child she told me she was one. Anyway - she is a daily grumpy challenge, and is for us the compelling reason for gratitude. For it is only by focusing on gratitude, that we get through her mind games and guilt trips.

    Everyone has difficult people to deal with. Gratitude helps us find reasons to be happy they are in our life. If for no other reason - than it shows us the opposite of how we want to love and treat others.

    So we end the day with a gratitude journal.

    Stacey - you have enhanced our lives with your symbols, stretching our imagination, and enriching us with the wonderful “days” of gratitude.” Thank you for bringing us all together - for the combined power of our gratitude is lifting the consciousness of the country.

    I give thanks for this network of gratitude friends. Let us focus on our gratitude rather than lack. Our grateful hearts will keep us in heaven on earth.

  86. I am always grateful for the assistance I receive when I welcome every change because I know my true Self is shaping my personality day by day into a means more adequate for the solution of every opportunity presented.

    As I continually cultivate, develop and strengthen my ability to live, move and have my being in the consciousness that I Am I a focal point and center of consciousness, life, will and the power of Spirit, treating everyone with respect, dignity and fairness for the highest good of all I feel in harmony with the Divine plan.

    Gratitude affords me the aptitude to be proactive and act upon my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motives accordingly as they all have the potential of creating harmony, peace and love. I choose wisely and selectively to enhance this process. Each day offers a new beginning whereby I can use all the elements in my life to manifest my highest aspirations increasing my level of self-confidence.

    Because of this I have the confident expectation that as my authentic self every expression of my thought, word, action or deed is in harmony with my true spiritual nature, in accordance with the Cosmic Intelligence and its’ laws for the highest good of all.

    May we all nourish life with Gratitude and experience Peace Profound.

  87. Go Gratitude was instrumental in bringing me back to life three years ago. Last year, in recognition of my 50th and 10 years of sobriety (miraculous) I had the gratitude symbol tattooed on my left calm along with the recovery symbol on my right calm. These serve as visual reminders to me that today my life is centered in gratitude and recovery. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.


  88. I feel gratitude when I am fully present and allow myself to enjoy the simple things in life. When I take nothing for granted. When I am aware that no-thing and no-one last forever. Then I feel gratitude for whatever is going on now. Reiki is the tool that helps me get centered. You can google about Reiki or go to my website: Getting mails from Go Gratitude helps me too! Thanks Stacey and all the crew from Go Gratitude for being a great source of inspiration! Delia ;)

  89. Easy: just smile even if you have to force a smile. The facial muscles that pulls a smile have a direct connection with the chemistry of the brain. You cannot smile and be unaffected….I dare you to prove me wrong.

  90. I thank God throughout my day, for being present in my life and being so loving. What a marvelous creation I see, feel, hear, taste and smell–the realization, that I am also apart of that creation. Blessed in so many ways. Loved, good health, family, extended family, joy, peace within, loving and needs met. Namaste.

  91. Gratitude is so important to me to be aware of that I tattooed the beautiful symbol on my left ankle, everytime I cross my legs I remember to just be grateful that I’m alive and able to move. Start each day grateful the minute you open your eyes, and go to sleep at night grateful for the peace. Happy Spring to EVERYONE.

  92. I breathe deeply, charging each breath with light of rainbow colours, and enjoy this vibrant energy in my whole body while letting it expanding more and more.
    I communicate with nature in silence, with the flowers, the trees, birds, just everything that surrounds me, and slowly calm down thinking, open up more and more my heart, feel the love, beauty, piece and harmony and the loving connection to all creation, to all that is.
    And I embrace you, Beloved GOD, thank you for your eternal presence, your Love and all the gifts in life that we can share….

    with love

  93. Every morning when I wake up and express my gratitude for waking up in a warm home. I express my gratitude to my family, friends and spiritual teachers. Being grateful for this special moment and I think of all my African brothers and sisters who do not have the same privileges as myself. I give thanks to mother nature for providing me with such beauty that I can see everyday! Holistic treatments and painting keep me
    centred and grounded. Giving to others is a joy! Expressing grattitude is the ‘key’ to inner fulfillment and happiness….Life is truly amazing!

  94. First I ground myself.
    Than while I’m driving to work I go through the alphabet and name something that Im gratiful for, that corresponds to each letter. Each day I try to find something new for each letter.

  95. There are many things I do and… one of my favorite is this… while doing the Corpse Pose of Yoga, I start at my toes and slowly work my way up my body sending Love and Gratitude to each area. I spend extra time on those areas that I tend to judge and disapprove of and acknowledge the love and gratitude for helping me gain wisdom and experiences through their being there.

    I think it is much easier to send gratitude to other people, situations etc. and very often I find it harder to take the time and make the commitment to give that to me. When my gas tank if full I can give so much more to others.


  96. “Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened.” In every situation, look for what you can be grateful for. Stuck in traffic, I am grateful that I have a car. In an annoying, frustrating experience, I am grateful for what it shows me about myself and the lessons I can learn from it if I am open to them.

    Even more powerful is sharing gratitude and/or acknowledgments aloud with the person in front of me.

    I note, however, that when I’m feeling low or angry or frustrated, that’s when I feel LEAST like doing something to turn it around and be positive. But knowing that my reluctance is just one symptom of my dis-ease, I use my will to make the extra effort to give complements, look for things to be grateful for, and smile.

    When people express their gratitude to me, I take a moment to let it in and really feel it, silently giving gratitude to myself and to them and the situation that gave rise to this moment.

  97. As I awaken in the morning and feel the life force returning to the body, waves of gratitude just pour over me. As I become aware of being back in the world, I lie there just breathing, feeling this profound gift of Life flowing through this body. I am alive! I am aware! and I am so grateful that this is so! I feel this Oneness and give thanks for feeling this through this entire body, that there is this opportunity.
    Then, I arise to goto the bathroom and a morning meditation, susally Master Choa Kok Sui’s Meditation on Twin Hearts.
    If I feel harried or hassled during the day, I simply go back to the breath, breathing in and out, reminding my little mind that All is Well and all I ahve to do is relax and allow it to be so. And so it is!
    In the afternoon I lie down for 20 minutes and just get still and waves of gratitude pour through me. I am reminded that under neath everything going on in the outward world there is this place of perfect peace that is always speaking to me, reminding me that all is well.

  98. Let me begin by saying thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and ideas with everyone. As a small business consultant, I stress to my clients that they should always give thanks to their customers. The way I propose is a method everyone can use, a simple thank you cards. So little of the mail anyone receives is personal mail so a sincere thank you card really has tremendous impact. If the thought of sending every customer a thank you is overwhelming, I have found an easy way to do it. Go to my site, and try the system for free. Another piece of advice I give my clients is to keep a Gratitude Journal. In your journal write down three things that you are grateful for each day. This simple act will put you in the right frame of mind to pass your gratitude on to others. If I can be of any help to you, please call me at 1-888-681-4440. Please leave me a message and I will get right back to you.

  99. My gratitude begins as soon as I awake, often before I open my eyes; I thank my bed and pillow+blankets for being there & in comfort providing a restful place to sleep through the night; I thank my body for working even as I slept, for all of the trillions of cells cooperating together so efficiently and intelligently without any instruction, I thank my internal organs for the magnificent job they do processing all of what needs to happen, I thank my musculo-skeletal system for carrying my body each and every day to the places it will go and my heart, blood and blood vessels for transporting the oxygen & necessary fluids to and from each and every cell, I tell my body I am grateful for how resilient it has been through all the years I may have seemed unaware and uncaring of it and I love that it has stuck by me and continues to do so daily. Then I set my positive intention(s) for the day, exit my bed and go on about my day giving gratitude with each step, each process, in the shower…I feel I must be grateful first for each aspect of my own body which makes me so aware, and opens me up to be respectful of others, human and not. This is one of my most important routines supported by prayer and various positive readings throughout the day, in my office etc. thank you “Go-Gratitude” and blessings to these wonderful women willing to make changes!!!

  100. I thank the creator for all. The amazing day that lays itself out before me everyday. My Amazing 2 greatest gifts in an entire life, my sons for whom I am ever soooooo grateful for. A wife who travels this grateful life with me. That I am taken care of in abundance, for which I am grateful and thank creator for in fair regularity. So many things. The gratitude of simply being so alive in this world of miracles and wonders. Grateful for the synergy created here.
    Peace and Gratitude

  101. Awaken Gratitude by awakening your senses.
    No matter what your circumstances are, your senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch - can serve as conduits of Gratitude.

    Your senses are always with you; they literally let you know you are alive an sentient. But your sense are always ready to do so much more. They can connect you to the very core essence of your being. All you have to do is bring your consciousness to the moment, breathe into the sensation and give thanks for the experience.

    *Listen and to beautiful, moving music or listen to the happy voices of children at play
    *Observe and rejoice in the colors around you
    *Smell a favorite scent - a flower, food, perfume
    *Feel the clothes upon your skin, enjoy the softness of a baby’s skin or a pet’s silky fur
    *Taste the juicy sweetness of a favorite fruit

  102. It has been a long journey back to this point … I have spent hours crying, sometimes on the floor because I simply couldn’t raise myself up. I’ve spent days tortured by the feeling that I just shouldn’t be here … I should’ve died and given my spot to someone more worthy. And I’ve watched the pain of others paraded before me on television and in magazines as if they, too were only here to share in the misery.
    I’ve experienced all of this while living a life that is - without question - very luxurious, very charmed and very blessed, by anyone’s standards.
    So, I can only try to imagine what difficulties you - as a woman who now finds herself in prison - have encountered on your pathway. I am so humbled by your journey … your ability to now look up and ask ME (of all people!) how you can find gratitude, what tools can you use?
    I am speechless … you are such a warrior, you are so willing to “go there” to the deepest, darkest, most painful and ugly places in this world. You’ve been through SO much - and still you are here.
    I only want to touch your hand … to gather some gift from the feel of your skin to show me how to walk as you do.
    You are my teacher.

    I am so profoundly grateful for you - for your question of me - and for this moment we have … thank you.

  103. It’s a snowball effect for me.. the more I am grateful the more things I find to be grateful for and the more things happen that just force me into GRATITUDE. It’s a habit… The world is full of everything.. it’s what you focus on. Life is really beautiful.. and abundant in things to appreciate. I consider myself to be an extremely lucky girl by all the things that I am blessed with. THANK YOU!!! :e)

  104. I show my gratitude with actions, not with words. When I see the homeless man begging on the street, I share my wealth - even if it’s just a dollar. When I buy groceries, I share my bounty - picking up items for the local food pantry. When I see someone in pain or sorrow, I share my comfort and serenity with kind and caring words and deeds. When I encounter an infirm or disabled person struggling with life’s challenges, I share my health by lightening their load.

    I look for ways and opportunities to help those less fortunate than I, to show the gratitude for all I have.

  105. I write/draw the Gratitude symbol on the memo line of every check I write from my checkbook; fun to share the attitude and the symbol with others!!!

  106. Since I knew Gratitude thoughts, I changed my mind about judgment. I pray every day morning to see gratitude all along my day working. I would like to relate that in 2007,
    I had a terrible health problem, and from this situation, I wrote a book (2nd edition), The netweaving for cure, I disposed to public dominion (english, spanish and portuguese in in order to express my most “Gratefull to God”.

  107. I am grateful to feel love….giving and receiving.

  108. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to thank the Creator each day for all sentient beings on this planet and beyond; for, each of them is God’s divinity in action. Each morning I thank Mother Earth for her nourishment, support, and love. I send her the same loving energy back. My prayer each morning is to think, speak, and feel only love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, peace and gratitude. I pray that as I walk throughout my day’s journey I will meet and touch the hearts of others. May we see God in each other’s eyes. Namaste.

  109. My favorite thing to “Go Gratitude” is making art. I carve things out of wood and paint them crazy bright colours … I love making mirror frames with symbols of the sea. Mosaic tile projects in bright colours and patterns. I love how the feeling of creating something bright and beautiful fills me with peace and joy and happiness! I am very lucky to do this for a living, but I also love to make things for myself, to fill my house with colour and light … I highly recommend it! Try some big messy finger painting, make some crazy bright little-kid-painted wrapping paper. It is fantastic happiness/gratitude therapy …

  110. It is my practice to be grateful every day for ALL of life. Whatever appears to be a burden is either a deferred blessing or a lesson. Who am I to know Spirit’s intention for me, so I believe in the future and I am grateful.

    Each of us has been infinitely blessed - beginning with the gift of life. Whatever may appear to be missing or broken on any particular day, our glass is not half full, it is 99.9% full. More practically, when we feel ungrateful, we become unhappy and stressed. When we choose to feel and express our gratitude, the act of feeling and speaking our thanks creates a happiness within us. The more we express our gratitude, the more we have for which to be grateful.

  111. Hi, I have many ways to show the Gratitude I feel every day, but I wanted to thank you for the Go Gratitude Symbol.
    I love, love, love it.
    I love to draw it and meditate with it.
    It is a perfect symbol that I like to see when I have left my center and drifted away. It brings me back instantly.
    I resonate with it and my family does too.
    My husband drew it and put it on the fridge as a reminder to us all. (however he drew it wrong and my daughter 10 yrs. old, by memory drew one and put it right next to it, the correct way.)
    So both sit there as a great reminder that no matter how it is symbolized- it shows us that everyone is different in there perception or truth but universally they feel the same, and intention is more important that perfection.
    Thank you for all the work you are doing to spread The Law of Gratitude to the world!

  112. Wondrous things happen when I express my thanks and gratitude for living each day with awareness; the sun shining brightly as I prepare my breakfast, the birds chirping gaily outside my windows and my heart opening in peaceful rhythm to the beginning of a new day. Evenings journaling my gratitude for all that has happened that day…I write 5 things (or more!) for which I am grateful - it’s simple and yet so profound. Re-viewing the day with pen in hand brings the good around again and helps me sleep in peace, for which I am even more grateful. Thank you for the chance to share. Namaste.

    Thank you for the perfedtly timed email.

  113. I’ve built a small Seven Circuit Laybrinth in my backyard out of mulch and red paving bricks. Before I begin my walking meditation, I ask for something. Sometimes help to more clearly see, sometimes I just ask to feel Go(o)d. I always get an answer.

    I am grateful to those who have helped me become aware of this wonderful and simple path for meditation.

  114. I give thanks to those examples that inspire courage, by living loves intention, spiraling forth in full resonance with creativity and gratitude, reviving the flame and healing The Nations. Be Loved Now. All blessings,ONE LOVE.

  115. In the morning and in the evening I do a meditation where I ground with Mother Earth and align with my highest self. I then express the following to my highest self “I don’t know how I am financially independent, successful and happy, I only know that I am now and I am fulfilled”.* I then feel every cell of my body vibrate with gratitude,love and healing and visualize gratitude, love and healing flowing into Mother Earth as well as out to all life. So Be It.
    * exercise from “The One Command” by Asara Lovejoy


  117. I must be sincere: I usually do not have a habit of giving thanks or express gratitude. However, anytime I remember, I do express my gratitude for all the blessings I have in my life. It is true, sometimes I forget about them and wish I had a different life, but then deep inside I know I am being injust by not appreciating this beautiful world we live into, wonderful human beings, amazing nature….Thanks for allowing me to be here and aware of all this….

  118. I do REIKI for people, animals,plants….as much as I can. I speak to people about being great full and I stay in the PRESENT as much as possible. I IN courage people to live their highest potential, whatever that is for the present time in their lives. I UNDERSTAND what I am great full for and one of those things is this~~~ namasteblessedbe Sara A Mann

  119. Thank you for a truly wonderful self and life affirming state of consciousness. It fulfills my sense of belonging in a very special way. My way of celebrating myself and the rest of life is doing it “One conscious Deep Breath at a time”. Through my “Conscious Deep Breathing” practice eye feel aligned and connected 24/7. Eye invite you to feel yourself as a part of my “Conscious Deep Breathing Team” whose only work is to enjoy paying attention to our “Breath” as we share ourselves through our constant conscious deep breathing practices.
    Desmond Green

  120. My formal Gratitude practice is when I walk my dogs. With each step,I say “thank you’. During the walk, I take my attention from my mind chatter and open my eyes and ears to see and hear nature. I “become” by eyes and ears and the thoughts simply recede into the background.

    I work in sales, the first thing I say when speaking with someone is “thank you for meeting with me”. When the meeting is over, I say “thank you for your time, I know it is valuable”. I feel a warm sense of “self-repect” as I do this and so many times I’ve noticed people silently light up at simply being “thanked”. I thank people for “buying” my service and I also thank them for “considering my service…if they do NOT buy. This makes my daily work like feel “sacred”

  121. In every moment where I feel discomfort, I choose to call back my power from the seed I planted in The Field from which I originated from. In calling back my power, I feel my power coming back to me. I realize I created it all anyway and it is all made up–one big Human Game that I am creating.
    In this moment, I feel deep gratitude for the powerful creator that I am that has created all of this life. I express gratitude when I pay for things, when I receive appreciation, when I breathe, when I look all around and see this world and all of its wonder.
    I am grateful!

  122. Hola a todos! Escribo en castellano para que sepan que su mensaje llega a todas partes del mundo! Cuando me siento mal o tengo ganas de quejarme..nunca dejo primero de agradecer la oportunidad de tener un nuevo dia ante mi y esto significa que cada día es un nuevo comienzo y esto en el medio de las dificultades es una bocanada de aire fresco!

  123. Today, the first day of Spring (with a dusting of snow here in MN) I completed a 10-year project. One-hundred antiphons or prayer-songs based on a rendition of the psalms from PSALMS FOR PRAYING by Nan Merrill. This practice of reading a psalm and responding in song each day has geared up my gratitude. The psalm for today is 25.
    Lead me in your truth and teach me.
    Companion me along your way,
    for through YOU I will know my wholeness.
    Reflecting LIGHT both night and day.

    And I am still wearing the gratitude shell around my neck which I found 5 years ago on the beach in Naples, FL. Each time I touch it, my heart sings “thank you.” I touch it now in gratitude for Stacy and this project.


  124. Instead of worring about something that happend in the past or stressing over something working out the way i’d like , I’ve learned to give to God what belongs to God.I’ts truly Gods business to right every wrong ,erace every bad thing spoken over me,fulfill every desire, if I trust that my best days are yet to come I am free to love and be creative in the ever blossiming now.My energy increases and I’m doing more in love not stress.
    all the best,
    Bonnie McLean

  125. I bring my hand to my heart and I say thank you and feel into the energy of gratitude. I love to share gratitude when I walk or jog. Exercise always brings me into a state of meditation and clarity.

    Many blessings!

  126. Love all these fantastic ideas for feeling and expressing gratitude! I find an important component in this concept to be actually sharing, or telling, the person for whom I am grateful.
    Like Bob Martinelli wrote above, letting your clients know with a card or gift or some kind of acknowledgement is a great idea. And more than clients, anyone with whom you have a valued relationship - friends, vendors, mail carriers, hair dressers, teachers, etc. By doing this, you connect with spirit by giving gratitude AND you allow the recipient to connect with spirit too by ACCEPTING your gratitude.
    Just a few nice ways to express gratitude to others can be found at
    Love to all!

  127. I try my best, in the face of adversity to say “Thank you for the opportunity”. The opportunity could come in the form of learning new coping skills, unearthing emotional blocks or learning that their is a solution to all problems. At first, we may not like the solution, but that is also the lesson to learn. Acceptance of what is. Accepting what we cannot change and the courage to do what is possible.

  128. Muchas gracias. On March 16 I completed 81 years of a full filled life and I am so grateful. The only God I know is the one that lives in me as love and gratitude. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my thoughts.

  129. Gratitude for this and every single moment. Irrespective of what that my hold. Gratitude is present and immediate. To be selective in anyway at all; to deny any part of one’s experience is to rule somethings not worthy of gratitude; is to judge…. Judge not lest yea be judged. All is well, all is in divine order right now and always.

  130. I enjoy moments of basking in gratitude. I do this with awareness and intention and consciousness. As I eat beautiful, delicious food I send gratitude infused energy to every person who touched the food before it landed in my kitchen. While I observe my daughter glow with joy I thank the Universe for bringing her into the world through me. When I sit with cherished friends, I express gratitude to the Universe for bringing us together. While I walk through the woods I send gratitude to Mother Nature for the abundant beauty around me. Basically, I live my life, consciously, in gratitude. Wishing you well :)

  131. I have started a new yoga practice. Dahn yoga was started in South Korea and is now practiced in many parts of the world. One aspect of this yoga is I believe this can revolutionize healthcare. It is simple, yet profound. Thank you for all you do.

  132. I awake in he morning with gratitude in my heart for having had a good night’s sleep and for the new day. As I begin my morning prayer I say ” My God, may I go where you want me to go, meet who you want me to meet, say what you want me to say and keep myself out of the way” Then I enter in silence for atleast 20 minutes. Years ago I made a total surrender of my life to God, so I live each day, embracing whatever come to me in the spirit of deep gratitude. Thank you, Robin, for your efforts in spreading the attitude of gratitude.

  133. I awake in he morning with gratitude in my heart for having had a good night’s sleep and for the new day. As I begin my morning prayer I say ” My God, may I go where you want me to go, meet who you want me to meet, say what you want me to say and keep myself out of the way” Then I enter in silence for at least 20 minutes. Years ago I made a total surrender of my life to God, so I live each day, embracing whatever comes to me in the spirit of deep gratitude. Thank you, Robin, for your efforts in spreading the attitude of gratitude.

  134. I have created a class to teach flower painting skills, have fun and open to Gratitude. It will include doodle exercises, meditation and Reiki. Flowers and Nature are great Gratitude masters OPEN YOUR DOORS and enjoy!:)

  135. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for getting the gratitude ball rolling way back. I am in extreme gratitude for this.

  136. I have gratitude when I realize that all of my experiences, both “good” and “bad” have brought me to this wonderful, amazing, rich moment.
    This also helps to keep me from judging others. We are all moving toward love. And sometimes that movement does not look the way the mind thinks it should. It moves in such interconnected, mysterious ways, the mind could not have invented them! I am open to life, and life is open to me.
    I am closed to lie, and she seems to become just a shadow in my smaller world.
    Thank you for the work you are doing :>}
    In love and light, Michelle

  137. I instill gratitiude for love and light into all that I do and all that I am. As I move through my day , I send love to all that I meet and think about. I remember to treat otheres as I wish to be treated.
    This email comes at difficult time and helped to remind me of all that I am GrateFull for.
    Today I am thinking:
    There but for the grace of God go I.
    There with the grace of God go I.
    LOVE and light to all and thank you for the inspiring coments.

  138. First thing every day, I put down two bowls of fresh water and fill two bowls with fresh food for my furry dog friends, Boo and Pickle. They swirl around my feet as I make my breakfast. By noon, I am sweeping up fur balls. They play together as I work. I take a few moments to brush them in the afternoon as I watch my soap opera. And at night, when I crawl into bed, they are already there, warming the place where I put my feet. Furry puffs of love. How could I not be grateful, even carting in the 40 lb. bag of dogfood>

  139. Every morning after breakfast my beloved and I read to each other. I read a brief passage from a book of teachings (from a book such as the Tao Te Ching or Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind or The Power of Now)and he reads me a poem. Then we write down what we are grateful for that morning and set an intention for the day. This simple practice helps us to remember what is truly important in these stressful times and deepens our mutual bond. I am so grateful that I have a partner who is committed to doing this practice with me.

  140. Hi Stacey - first of all, thank you for all that you are doing - Go Gratitude has been a very inspiring and hopeful experiment.
    I start the day but just saying thanks when I wake up, when I catch the first glimpse of light and feel blessed to have yet another day.
    Then at dinner time, my husband and I (inspired by friends that have been doing this for a while now) hold hands and tell each other something we are grateful for before we begin our meal - it sets the tone for a wonderful dinner, and we are always more mindful of what we are eating by acknowledging it before taking it in.

  141. Hi there, wow! i thought i was the only one who LoVES and Appreciate taking a hot shower. I mean really!, every time i am under the shower, i am in heaven, and i give thanks, in jamaica where i live up in the hills, there’s no hot water and its cool. So YEAH! give thanks to hot showers!

  142. 3 deep breaths… yes…thank…you.

  143. Prayers. A friend at St John Orthodox [Antiochian Christian] Church told us a lovely prayer which her elementary school priest would say before lunch: “Give us grateful hearts, our Father, for all Thy mercies, and make us ever mindful of the needs of others.” AMEN!!

  144. I was involved in an auto accident 2/11/09, and injured quite badly. However my Gratitude today is initiated by the fact that I am still alive, have wonderful people caring for what I am unable to do for myself yet, that I continue to progress everyday, because I love and am loved. I have no complaints whatsoever. Somedays a little frustrating, but I stay positive, and live in FAITH that all of God’s presense is with me…. this is truly GRATITUDE, and thankfullness for being able to continue where I left off.

  145. When True Humblenss became part of my Being, is when this POWER started transforming others!
    For this awareness I am Grate-Full!

  146. There is a circle of women across the states and each day we email each other about what we are grateful for. the gratitude spreads!

  147. I center myself in the spirit and thank the Lord for all the good I have in my life, including the challenges that always hold a gift too. For all good things come from Him, even in our lamintaions. I am humbled and in awe of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross me and for all mankind/womankind and eternally gratefull for everlasting life through Him.
    In taking it to the streets, being a Christ servant through example,showing kindness, acts of charity and a loving heart. Nothing makes you more thankful that giving and helping those who need it more!

  148. I go grattitude when I eat alone. It’s funny I was taught as a child to always pray and give thanks before i ate. As I grew older, and life got fast paced, I found myself forgeting to take time to give thanks for the daily treasures. As “Go Gratitude” came into focus in my life, I would find myself saying quiet grace in my thoights while sitting and and enjoying a meal alone. At first I was skeptical as to if this was proper considering my teachings were to say thanks prior to a meal, but decided if it was the meal itself inspiring me with every chew, so be it! Thanks has only one way to be received by the almighty universe whether or not your mouth is full. When my mouth is full, so is my heart! :)

  149. Well - unbelievable! As I was reading through these beautiful words I got to a message from my cousin Deb and her statement of gratitude. Deb, my dear cousin, you are on my list of gratitude every day for our recent connection of our souls and hearts. I received you birthday gift and have never received such a touching, intimate, warm, memory provoking, lovely gift. Thank you beyond words. I treasure this book above all others.

    Thank you also Roberta for your post and the following words you shared with us:
    “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
    ~ Melody Beattie

    Thank you everyone for your incredible love, energy, peace and kindness of heart. I send you back my own.

  150. I stay connected with gratitude by journaling daily all that I am thankful for in my life. I also acknowledge out loud and thank my source for providing for me and all those I love. Meditation is another way that keeps me grateful.

  151. No matter how trying my day is, when I honk my horn outside my house and my 2 children run out to greet me with such love and enthusiasm, I am flushed with gratitude and bliss.

    And when I lie down each night I thank God for those little souls who chose me in this life. They have made me rich in the most important way.

  152. I started wearing my Gratitude bracelet two years ago. It’s the first piece of jewelry I put on every morning, and I give grateful thanks right then, which sets the tone for the day. On my morning walk, I am grateful for my dog that gets me out, I am grateful for the bird or kitty that crosses our path, I am grateful for the Spring flowers and the beautiful world that God graces us with. Two years ago, it was a conscious effort to turn myself back to Gratitude through the day but now it is a constant and I am grateful for that!

  153. My form of gratitude is a tangible act of service every day to someone who needs cheering or feeding or a laugh. I am so full of gratitude it spills over to those I meet,, and the joy that I bring others fills me up to spill over again.

    If you are truly grateful, full of gratitude, you will share your abundance with others, which creates a ripple effect. Whether your abundance is a tangible item, or merely joy and laughter to share, being grateful that you have enough to share will ultimately only bring you MORE of what you share.

    Here is a story of what I am talking about. I am the queen of a red hat group. We are the Little Red Hens of Utah County. I started this group for my mother in law, to help her find more friends and get out more. This last Christmas I wanted to plan a party to help these ladies (about 25 of us now) to laugh and really be merry. I racked my brains for ideas on how to do this on a budget. Finally I just said out loud, I am so thankful to have all of these lovely women in my life. I am so thankful for their love. I am so thankful to be able to provide them with laughs and joy and moments of fun. within a few hours I received an email about and estate sale, not far from my house, and they mentioned there was a collection of “chickens”. Divine intervention of the power of gratitude,, at that point it didn’t matter to me,, so I went to the sale, on the last day, at the last hour, prepared to bargain for a few chicken items for christmas gifts for my ladies. While I was gathering up a few, one of the gentlemen running the sale wanted to know what I was doing with the chickens (at this point I was going to buy 3 or 4 and maybe have a raffle to stay within the price range I had set). I told him about all of my Little Red “hen” sisters, and that I wanted to be able to give them all a gift, but with limited funds set aside for this,, and at holiday time, I would have to just buy a few and play a game for them, or raffle them or have door prizes. He asked about my ladies, and when I told him Utah County, he said, “I live in Utah County and my Mother would love this!” I told him I would be happy to invite her to our Christmas outing, and that I was grateful to have another hen in my coop! When I asked for her name, I was amazed to recognize it from my childhood, and found out that this young man and I had attended the same high school,, and I new his brother. So he told me to make a pile of chickens and he’d make me a good deal. So for $40 dollars I was able to provide a gift for each of my ladies, Chicken candy dishes, trays, platters, statues, carved wood chickens, chicken doorstops,, even a chicken adorned roasting pan.
    My gratitude for my ladies led me to a way to make them happy.
    His gratitude that I would include his mother gave him a chance to do something nice for ALL the ladies.

    I truly believe that gratitude and service are tied in one package,, and that to be truly grateful, we need to give up pieces of ourselves to others. Giving the universe the chance to fill us up with gratitude all over again.

    Now I think of my grateful thoughts like chickens… always a new egg, a new day, and eventually a new chick to nourish.

    Each day I try to focus on ONE thing I am grateful for that I haven’t focused on in prior days… the list gets longer,, but never ends.

    Being grateful for friends, family, happenings, circumstances, and even being grateful for chickens!

    Bless you all, and I hope that each of you find ways to share your gratitude with everyone around you..

    Gratitude is contagious,,, and very easy to spread!

  154. Everyday when I wake up I think of things to be grateful for.. my toes, my feet, my wonderful body. When I walk around during the day each person I see I find a reason to be grateful for them. I pet my cat and tell him why I am grateful for him. I thank my car and tell her how grateful I am for her. When I do this miraculous things happen.


  155. My savior,s Love.that holds me throug ups and downs.
    The love i feel for my fellowmen.

    El amor de mi Dios que me sostiene en los altos y bajos.
    El amor por mis semejantes

  156. Thank God I am God! Thank God that I am unlimited and whole, the Creator of my holy life! Thank God God is fully present in me as he/she is wholly present in every single aspect of every created being, thing or Universe! Thank God I know who I am, God fully conscious of itself in whatever I see, hear, feel, touch or heal!

    The greatest dream that I can think of is to be God, the loving omnipotency consciously embracing the unbroken Oneness of it’s holy Being, - or the Creator gently carrying all of Creation. If grateful (k)nowingness of having a new job, car or lover definitely brings results, why should not God fully imagined and embraced in unbroken gratitude bring about God’s conscious presence in my mind or in your mind? The only things standing between you and God are your own limited thoughts about your own nature; God or Quantum Field of Creation is definitely present in all beings and in everything all the time.

    The only time you need to be One with God is the time you need to recognise and release your own limited thoughts that keep God away from your consciousness. Your brain and body is built to handle all of Life, the whole God and all the Universes - just let the still unused 95 % of both your brain and your genes to be kicked in action. The grateful (k)nowing that you are the whole of it - or God - gives you the kiss that awakens the Sleeping God that you are!

  157. i sing:) and paint and write and dance and play and connect deeply with friends and smile often and allow the grace of the universe to smooth out all the edges. whatever our deepest and most honest urges are, i feel like if we follow and boldly choose them a perfect joyful path will unfold in front of us, from within.


  159. I am grateful to my children for choosing me as their mother. I am grateful for our world and all the beauty it possess . Everyday, all day long, I thank God for all that he brings into our lives and for all the spirits and souls that cross our paths. And most of all I am thankful and grateful for being loved unconditionally!!!!

    Much Love and Gratitude,

  160. Among the many, many things that I am grateful for on a daily basis, I remember to thank my toilet for serving me — I grew up with an ‘outhouse’, LOL

  161. today is the first day of spring….
    all am so happy and full of energy….
    i am thinking i am living in gratitude…
    i live in grace will all that i have and all
    that i accomplished…
    i accept all good that comes to me…
    i know i live it i feel the grace and gratitude it comes from within…
    its an awesome feeling…

  162. Hello,

    I have tatooed on my left hand, the symbol of gratitude. I see it many times everyday. It is there to remind me to ’stop’ and take a moment of gratitude. It also helps me to see the symbol in my ‘minds eye’ when I am in meditation. Gratitude, it’s a wonderful place to be!
    Thank you for all you do. You have truly inspired me along my journey!

  163. I work best with visualization, and use the gratitude symbol often. I work alot with the Archangels and Ascended Masters and everytime I do, I create and hand them the symbol of gratitude in whatever color and size resonates with me. I also do that with God on a regular basis for all the blessings in my life.

    I am also grateful for all that Mother Earth provides, and I visualize a huge gratitude symbol on the ground and then going down into the earth.

    And I am especially grateful for all that “Go Gratitude” has given to me! Thank you.

    Love & Light,


    I try to visually hand this symbol to everyone and everything I am grateful for.

  164. Go Gratitude has reminded me and confirmed that we are all so very fortunate to have the opportunity to live, love and learn about life and all of the beauty around us. I, too, have gratitude every day for my creative energy, my loved ones, everyday comforts, and opportunities that are available for me to explore. I tell people about Go Gratitude, in the hopes that it will help them and broaden the positive energy that Go Gratitude offers. You GO, Go Gratitude! Thank you!

  165. Hello; Today is a most wonderful day to be alive, as from these pages you will find freedom… in gratitude from the every day aggravations of your physical afflictions of your bodies imbalances. Your spirit is my first concern. But! I must also address your reality as well. As a physical being, a human being, there are certain things that affect and have direct effects on your body, that has pre-determined results, in your bodies sustaining processes and on your mind, your emotional out look into life, as well as the way you perceive everything, on the reality level of your life. I can bring you, or rather guide you to the relief from these affects and effects that continually alter your perception of every day existence.
    You must first come to this conclusion, The human body is a highly complex organism, an electro-magnetic-organic-chemical-processing unit. With predetermined results as to the end result of each and every chemically activated process. With the addition of or introduction of each and every element introduced into the system. Your natural body structure is pre-balanced, from the moment of your conception in the womb.
    By your mother and fathers chemical make-up at the time you are conceived, from here at this most precious moment is where “you” or “we”… begin.
    When you (with the understanding, that I am you) are then born into life, you = me, begin your chemical alterationall process.
    With each and every trace element, compound, mineral, vitamin… etc.,
    introduced into the system (you)(me) everything begins to change, becoming altered in ways few if “anyone” will ever comprehend!This… is where I, (you) come in. This is, as basic as I can give an example… the equation. If you were to have a glass of wine you then become chemically altered, the more wine you have the more altered you become, this processing is an example of near instantaneous results in real time, the more drunken you become! The other or the results of… each and every introduction of another relative element has a predetermined affect on the chemical processing and the end results or out come of the processing of the chemical reactions in relation to each other and the chemical make up of… You (me).

    This is My, explanation or the definition of…
    As reasoned by many of the worlds leading or recognized genius physicists… or so they think, “not”, How many times has the accepted theory of relativity down through history, (time) been Re-written? Or…
    even more so, completely over turned and thrown out as hog wash and redefined into the newest “theory” of the “time”? Newton, who was heralded for centuries… then came Einstein, who rewrote again these conjectures into accepted reality. Who is next, in this long line of theorists to examine and miss-direct the populace of the world existing today? I would ask a simpler question. Why? Are you… or even more so, the scientists of the world seeking answers… to questions… answered?
    The very essence of life is explained by conception, the act of procreation. One perfectly balanced chemical make-up, entering and affecting another perfectly balanced chemical make-up, and the interactions of, or (chemical reactions) and the end result or effect so to say, of their focused intent and end result, the creation of a living soul, as a human being. A purely balanced chemical reaction that has the same end result every time, Life. the only exception to this rule is the “balance” or IM- “balance” of the two interacting bodies that is doing the pro-creating. I would simply suggest that you make sure that the bodies interacting are re-balanced before interacting in creating the end result of the chemical reaction of the interaction. With which the out come, or end result would be a perfectly balanced out come or focused direction and the creation of a perfect human form. As with the saying… I have created you in my image, which would be what? The image of perfection according to God.
    In the Words Of God What Do You Think?
    How more simpler Can “it” be said. I ask? Hmmm…@. The mathematical equation is….

    I = U .

    the, Eyes equals You, period

    What ? Do you think, right now ? At this very moment ?
    Now, is all there is.
    It is all that you have,
    it is who you… you are…

    Here I am… over here! Don’t you see me?

    Are you in outer space?



    this is me… this is who I am! I know who I am.

    I am you and you are… So, who are you ?
    Might, ask, or not. It all depends on you. What? Did you hear that?
    He said some thyijg. Hahahahha… lol
    Aren’t, I?
    Yes, I am.
    Who is it that you thinjk are… what?
    The absolute truth of the matter? Are you sure you want to know that?
    Yes, yes I do……….. OK! You asked for it, the answer to this question… is

    What were you “thinking”
    what where you thinkin?
    What ?
    You had not been “taught” all the things you think you know?
    What then would you know?
    What then would you believe in?
    What then would you think?
    A person equals the sum total… of their,
    As a person thinks, so then in their hearts are they.
    How may I accomplish this that you ask? To change all that I know?
    Simply fill your heart to over flowing with the purest thoughts of unconditional Love, and there is no room for evil thoughts to exist or to enter into your heart,
    this is the beginning of your journey into your new Life.
    Love rules!!! Dude.
    There is only one law, that needs to be written down, applied and obeyed.
    This one single law, governs all other previously written down laws.
    This law is the eternal law of…
    Gods Love!
    With this one law… all other laws are irrelevant.
    The Pen which is mightier than the sword…
    has lost its power.
    There are no further needs to write any other laws.
    One law… governs all… Gos law of…

    I have only one prayer… I pray for every living soul and for every soul that will ever live. That they may come to know the Great Grand Father, as I do. To understand him and his law. Love. I call him the Great Grand Father for this reason, for the most part everyone knows their father. A large portion of you know your grand father, but! There are only a few that ever get to know there Great Grand Father. This is why I call him this, I can think of no other than God as being my Great Grand Father creator of all that there is. Can you? It does not matter to him what you call him so much, what is important to him, what is relevant is that you… Call him. ET… phone home.
    I pray daily for each and every one of you, hoping with all of my faith that you will come to read these words and know the meaning of them, to place them into and hold them tightly in your heart. I pray that you will come to this point in your life… to be able to…

    Accept all things just as they are and Bless them in the lords name.
    Do not become discouraged pray and continue to pray persevere until your prayer is realized. Give all praise, glory and honor to God and in great abundant gratitude… be grateful that God has answered your prayers, even before it has done.
    Be eternally grateful for what you are about to receive. Accept in gratitude every moment of Gods gifts to you, the second greatest of these gifts being Life… your Life.
    Now knowing that your Life is the second most precious of Gods gifts… you may begin to comprehend the vast extent of Gods law of Love. Which is the greatest of all his gifts to you, above all else God loves “you”. Accept his love into your heart and become reborn in it. Become baptized in the fire of Christ, which is all consuming, let his love consume you and be set ablaze by it, become the eternal blazing light of the world. Share his love freely, openly with everyone you touch, in everything you do, everywhere you go. Let your light shine. Do not follow the ways of man who stumbles around in the darkness, lost in life. Lead with an exemplified life, the extension of the right hand of Gods love. Go ahead, step out into and hold yourself and what you believe up into the light of public scrutiny, see that you will be held fast by the hand of God himself when you are alive in the Love of God. Do not stumble, nor even miss a step, put aside your fears, place yourself wholly into his word, have faith in him. The world may take away all that you posses, the material things and yes even your life they can take. But! They can never touch you, the body is merely what we are. Your Soul is Who we are, and never can anyone touch the soul, so says the word of our Lord and God.
    (I quote) and God said…
    Your body I made from the dust of the earth and it will return to the dust of the earth.
    But your “soul” which is alive in your blood I will require back from you.
    I will require back from every living creature its soul, and it shall return to me.
    For I created you, your soul eternally to be with me.
    From the beginning unto the end of all time.
    So says the Lord my God.
    End quote. Turn the page…
    Why do you remain caught up in and tossed about by the storms of the oceans of lust? Have you not heard a single word that I have said? Are you still seeking?
    Have you not, found yourself yet? Why do you keep asking the questions that you already know the answers too? Who knows? If your, Love grows? Who can say, what your heart knows? Who knows, when your heart cries, only time. Only time knows as your heart shows… where this day goes…
    Who knows?……………. Only time.
    Have you heard the heart beat of the blues… this musical movement of life, Hark when an angel blows his horn. Dreams and visions are born. The sounds so forlorn.
    Touch the keys these musical notes. Is where all hope floats. Upon the oceans of life, a slow moving melody from somewhere out of sight. Do you hear the spirit from within the night. Lay down your prayers, your fears, your desperate plights. Sing the song and dance the joy of life. With deliberate intent, this is what I meant… with focused direction we orchestrate the choreography of the power of light. A subtly hued dance with a rainbow of chance. Come let me show you the steps to take. When Love is known for your sake. I write these words for you to read, as from my heart they slowly bleed.
    My Love…
    What more can I say? To touch your heart on this day.
    These words so fleeting and just a glimpse…
    of the true meaning meant.
    When I said…

    Do you? Can you? Will you? Try to… Understand.

    Here within these pages, about to be revealed, words of truth so hard to be found. My heart aches for you to glow. These things I can hardly wait for you to sow. My seeds of Love… plant them watch them grow. There is so much you need to know. But, how… how can I say… in such a way… for you to see… all I want for you to be…
    is, in Love with…
    The eyes of truth are always watching you. To see with the power what you’ll do.
    Who knows what is to be? Only time can tell the story of your life. No where else can it be found, except to follow the steps you took. To have heard the words you spoke.
    I hope you remember when you awoke. That this is just not some forgotten dream……… Or is it just the way it seems?
    I am watching… I am waiting… I am watching and waiting for… You. My Love.
    For you are the only one, that I Love.
    With baited breath these words I speak, the truth of your heart the only thing that I seek. I am filled with hope eternally that there within it to be found. Words of wisdom and judgment sound. With my sweet love our dreams are bound. Forever and a day.
    Listen to the breath of my passion, to turn many into one with my breath of life, the breath of compassion is in me, with this I give life. Listen to the breath of my desire, to with you become one. If you would only hear me it would be done. The breath of life my love my gift to you. Listen to the breath of my compassion, for ever I am watching and waiting for you… to be in love with me the way that I love you.
    Do you know how long I have waited? For you. To believe in me. The way I believe in you? Nearly Eternity and still I am patiently awaiting.
    At this very moment I picture your face, high upon a mountain all set ablaze , like the sunset glowing, such a wonderful and warming embrace. What are these words? An anguished ocean of our most precious desires ebbing and flowing into and out of my sight. What is wrong and what is right? I feel the sounds of rain, when your words come crashing in on me. Washing over and over me like the waves a gentle sea of tranquility.
    Last night when I finished the last page of my inspired words. I felt so… what would be the correct word? HUGE, I was flying through the ether world at a tremendous incredible speed, my thoughts racing towards the end results of my focused intent and the direction that I am going to expose here in word today. I am so very happy so pleased that you are here with me, to indulge your self with these words these magnificent tid bits of food for thought. Accept all things just as they are and bless them in the name of the Father. Do not become discouraged, pray and continue to pray, persevere until your prayer is answered. All praise all glory all power… I give back to you Great Grand Father, I am eternally grateful that you answer my prayers.

    I am yours, I give my self over into the masters hands, do with me as you wish.

    Many people have and are taught that you are born into sin. You could spend a life time seeking forgiveness and never step foot into the light of understanding, knowledge, applied is your wisdom, how you use the power that you have been given. The first step is in understanding, that yes you have the power, the power of creation is in you! You wield it with every thought you have. Do you hear my silent voice within your mind? Do you hear me? It is I, You, explaining the curiosities of life, exploring all the infinite, endless possibilities. Are you listening? How else will you know what to do. I will share the way I pray. You can do this in the pictures of your mind, I will paint with the air brush of my voice a most wonderful work of art, in your mind, with merely the sounds of my breath, the breath of life, as I breath into you a new life. A new beginning. Come I will show you the way.

    Over here!………………………………………………………………………………………………..follow me!

    Here I am… come follow me
    When I go up onto the mountain top to pray.
    I try to get the praying, the talking over with quickly.
    As I am more interested in listening, yes listening…
    as this is a higher form of prayer.
    If you keep talking all the time, praying and praying and praying.
    Your words are to loud and you cannot hear your instructions.
    You are focusing your thoughts yourself.
    As apposed to allowing the inspirational direction to take place.
    How can you hear the answer to your prayer?
    If you are talkin all the time.
    Get the talkin over with quickly, make your point and let it go.
    Then sit back, relax and listen as the Father inspires you with his wisdom.
    If you do not listen, how will you know where to go?
    If you do not listen, how will you know what to do?
    If you do not listen, how will you know what to say?
    Listen to the answer to your prayers.
    And Amen.
    Great Grand Father, you “are” such the genius!!!
    Do you see? Do you understand the beautiful wisdom of this?
    Allow the Great Grand Father to be your guide.
    To his ultimate wisdom.
    Only… from him comes the way.
    The trails that lead you back to him.
    The pathways, the twists and turns of life.
    He lays straight.
    In order to be forgiven, of sin, you must first believe in sin. In the words of Christ, he said there is no such thing as sin, only something like fornication that is called sin. Sin is simply a frame of mind, some thing you have been taught, a way to control your thoughts and actions with fear of punishment. You sit in your own judgment of your thoughts and actions. You hold yourself accountable for you own deeds. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of you, but they are only that, an opinion.
    The Lord Jesus however left for us a guiding prayer to show you the way to forgiveness. It goes like this. He was asked by the apostles and the crowd around him, Master how do we receive forgiveness? Will you explain for us how to do it. How to receive it.
    In Answer… the Lord said.
    When you stand praying,
    You “must” first forgive, everyone of everything, no matter how trivial it my seem.
    (This for your information, includes you.)
    Yes, you must first forgive “yourself”.
    If you do “not” forgive first… you tie the hands of the Father who is in heaven,
    and he then cannot forgive you.
    If you first… forgive freely…
    beginning with yourself and then all you know.
    You will have set it all free, you will have cut loose the power of the Love from God
    upon the earth.
    He then is free, to likewise forgive you of all things possible.
    But again,
    You must understand that you have not gained your own forgiveness
    He will also forgive everyone of all that you have forgiven in his name.
    Do you see now? Do you understand now, the simple beauty of how it works? Yes it is all so very simple, “You” are the “Key” that unlocks your door. By accepting that you are the key! You can open now the doorway and let you spirit free! This is the way to forgiveness, through self. The spirit, yes the undeniable, beautiful spirit that you are… always have been and will always be, is now “FREE”. You are forgiven. You have found the way to forgiveness. It was right there in your own heart all this time, locked away by the teachings, of unbelievers. People of great influence, lost in the darkness of their own blindness, the blind leading the blind, locked away in their concept of mortal sin and punishment. Jesus told me to build up my rewards in heaven… where does the punishment come in? Only here on earth are you punished for being you.
    God my friend, is not going to punish you for exercising his gift that no other of his creations have been allowed, this gift is referred to as FREE WILL. The freedom to do as “you” wish, what ever that is not disagreeable to your conscience. Do you understand, or have you ever looked up the meanings, yes there are more than one, of conscience? Take a look at the dictionary. Might open your eyes a little. God rewards us for Loving. God rewards us for sharing his love, God rewards us for freely setting loose upon the earth his love. God will never punish you because you love him and everyone/everything, that there is. You may feel punished at one time or another, But! It is only you punishing yourself. Stop beating yourself down, lift yourself up, reward yourself for the beautiful thoughts and things that you do, let the rest simply fall along the way side of the road you are on.
    Every day when the sun rises, your eyes are opened to a new opportunity to do what ever it is that… you are about to do. Think about it. First, see it through, by this I mean follow in your minds eyes and thoughts of the thought, the action you are about to create. Every event that is taking place in your near future to the end of its focused direction and make an educated decision about what, or how you see, think create the moment, there is “only” the moment. Now! Is all there is. The past is but… a Memory. A Master… learn the lesson and move on. To Now! I told you now is all there is.

    Are you here now? Where are you? I just need a dream. To awake from. I was dreaming about you. Are you there? Here I am… don’t you see me? You consider me your young apprentice, I have only come here seeking knowledge, things they would not teach me of in college. Hope is not the last for me, I don’t know just what your up too, but just the same. I have faith, that you will find that your servant is indeed your, Master.

    The way your feeling, yes this feeling cant go to far. This time you’ve come so far. Don’t turn around, don’t look back… why would I look at you? You know Id find what I already know. Don’t say nothin, don’t look back, I’m beside you, lay down your desires, don’t look back, I won’t let you go… Please, stay…
    there is so much yet still to say.

    Today I am yours, forever. Do with me as you please. Take my hands into yours lets sculpt a picture in word of what I’ve said. I can see tomorrow it is today. For now is all that there is, right now this very moment is all you have. What are you going to do? The future? You want to know the future? There is no future, now just became your past (memory) your future has just become your now, Now is all there is. What, the future? There is no future, the future is merely a thought of how you want the now to be. There is only now. Right now I am so in Love with you, filled with this burning desire for you to know, Have you still not found what your looking for?
    I am so in Love with you right “NOW”. I believe in you, lose you chains set yourself free in me. Take out your key and bust open the door, you’ll see what you’ve been looking for. It is so easy my lover I will take your heart and you wont even feel it. I will never leave you, you’ll never regret it because seeing is believing, soon you’ll be on your knees, just forget it oh… no… you’ll never regret it, its the only way you will ever know. Like no other I will never break your heart, nor from you depart, forever is my dream of you, My love will wrap you in the blanket of my heart, safe and sound.
    Hold onto my heart, show me how you feel.
    Throw me a life line, I will keep a place for you, deep within my heart, there has never been a time that I wanted something more than I want you. I will be there… yes I will be there… when ever you want me to, just call out my name and I will be there, before you’ve lost the thought of it in your mind I am there, all you have to do is start. Just hold onto that feeling, we have both been here before, we know what can happen… so just hold on my heart. I will keep a place for you, deep in my heart, from you I will never depart, My Love.
    Its just another Monday morning, Shall you put me to the test? The test of time will prove you are mine. Forever and a day. These are the words to the song of my heart. What can be done with the power of love? I ask what cannot? Be done in the name of love, you move me to tears… with out fears… I bare my love to you. In the name of love what more in the name of love will you do? My tears of love can heal this day, all you have to do is say it and it is done.
    Sometimes this emptiness fills my heart, this love for you from the very start. I reach out from the inside without the use of your eyes you will see the light, you can touch the light, come to me, so many moments wasted. I look to my instincts and reach out from the inside, in your eyes, might be the answer, to see the door, open the door of my heart and step inside, in your eyes you will see, I want you to touch the light. Take a very close look at yourself. Is your fire burning, for me are you yearning? Still I am waiting just inside the door. I don’t mind, no I don’t mind. I will be here no matter the time. So take me home and everything will be alright. Just reach out from the inside and become the Light. I don’t mind, like a spider patiently awaiting for you to step into my web of life that I weave, Just remember I will never leave you, I will always remember.
    Hey you! out there feeling so cold and all alone. Sitting out there all alone, feeling so naked as a stone. Hey you open up your heart I am coming home. Open up your heart and we can start. It is not some fantasy, the world just wants to hide these feelings in your brain. Hey! You, Out there on the road always doing what your told, are you with me? Open up your heart, I am coming home. No need to worry I will wait here for you, with or without you I will wait right here for you to start.
    Open your heart I am coming home. Live your life there is nothing left to lose. I can live with or without you, I will give my Love to you, open up your heart, I am so anxious to start. Please do not give yourself away, you do not have to put out the red light and sell your body into the night. Reach out and touch the light. Ever since I knew you, it seems your in a bad way. Down on your knees you pray… Have you listened to what you say? All you have to do is call me, you can have everything you need. Just call me I will be anything you please. I will be you and you can be me! Just call out my name I will put your mind at rest. This my test. Of time…
    So you think you can tell heaven from hell? Do you think you can tell? Have you traded you love for their gold, did you make the exchange? Please, I wish you were here, put away your fears, I am here. I Love you, I am opening my heart, please come home, step inside and see the light. You are no longer a prisoner of the night. Reach out, touch the light, give back their gold it is after all so cold. Stop don’t look back, be bold.
    Your soul I will have never sold, this I, to you have told. Caring for you never gets old. I am watching and waiting for you, you are the key open the door of my heart and step inside, become my love.
    Don’t you forget about me, as you walk on by, will you call my name as you walk away? Don’t pretend that you don’t know me. Call out my name I will be there for you. Are you tired of the fight? Just let me have my way, I will show you with my might… how the darkness is overcome by my light. My Love rules the day. I am the Master, this is what I have to say. I love you my child… You are all that I love.
    You are my love.
    Hello is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me, relax I can heal your pain. Your lips move but I cannot hear what you say. I can explain this is how I am, Open your door I am coming home. Can you stand up? Its time to go. Look out to the horizon, an endless number of possibilities, the chance to start, open your eyes and see… all things are within your reach, how to grasp it all,I will teach. Just call out my name, I am coming home. I am bound to you this is my word. Please there is so much for us to share, please send a smile to me to show that you care.
    Take a look into the eyes of this lonely man, take my hand you may be surprised. Give a little bit… give a little bit of your love to me, I will give my life for you, I am coming home, I have what you need. This my seed I will plant and feed, your heart. I am coming home. On the wings of your prayer I will whisper silent into the night. I know that you must do whats right, the answers are all within my sight. Shhhh……. listen with your heart, I will play for you a sweet, sweet melody. The beat of my heart, the rhythm of everything, Hark when an angel blows his horn, these sounds so forlorn. Echoes into the night, the answers to your fight. I am sending from within my light.
    I want to break free… to break free from your need. Please plant this seed, I’ve fallen in love, this time it is for real. I have no hesitation, I have fallen in love with…
    Please plant this seed and watch it grow.
    There is no other need, what more can I show.
    I…God knows…
    want you to break free.
    From your poison needs all those other seeds of doubt, I will pluck them them out from your mind. For my love to freely grow, the only thing that I sow. is…
    my, Love for you.

    the mathematical, equation…
    I = U .

    turn the page… another new beginning…
    A few words…
    From my heart to your’s; to your health I will teach many things. I will teach you how with understanding to create your dreams and wishes for a joy filled life free from pain. I will show you the cures for many ailments of the frailty of the human body. Together we can over come the first of many obstacles, that cause you to stumble along the trail of your life. I will show you the way so… so… simple. Come take my hand and we shall begin. Angels blow your horns! We are going to make the blues go away. here today I have shared the beginning of my book that I am writing. I wanted in all gratitude for you to read it. It is but a very small part of this book as the word of God comes to me I am in abundant over flowing gratitude, I am grateful beyond limits. I am. Tony R. March @ copyright, 3/20/2009. visit me at there is so much more I have to share with you. Go gratitude, this is where I lived long before this project came to be. I am grateful to be a-part of it. God bless Tony

  166. I light a candle in my house somewhere and every time I walk past and see it,
    I thank God for everything.

  167. for you,

    I have recently started being grateful for the events and people in my life that seem to trip me up. The ones that cause me to feel anger, hurt, confusion. I have noticed that after the first wave of emotion or judgement washes through me it is followed by a true wave of gratitude to them for showing me where I am. Allowing me the opportunity to grow.
    I don’t know when this started but I think I just allowed it to be a possibility-that all my teachers are not easy. And then it began. The wave got bigger and emcompassed everything.

    with all my love

  168. I have been “Going Gratitude” since I was first introduced to “Go Gratitude”. I take it to work with me.
    My first act was to print out a blessing of gratitude with my label maker and stick it over the door casing (out of sight) at the front & back doors of the chiropractor’s office that I AM the office manager…..knowing that every person that walks through those doors walks under a shower of blessings and gratitude.
    At the top of my daily ledger sheet I write
    “EB/EP” (Everybody’s Blessed/Everybody Pays) which makes my employer Grateful.
    Every statement or insurance claim I file, I draw the Gatitude symbol under the postage stamp, saying “thank you” for the business that enables me to send claims and statements. On the lower left hand corner in very small letters I write “BCP” (Bless the claim processor)
    Knowing in my mind’s eye that whomever handles that envelope will experience the vibration of Gratitude,Blessing & Abundance….as I send it on it’s way!
    Everyday is a Blessing! And So It Is…Namaste.

  169. Every year I pick a theme word for myself - something I want to focus on for the year. Gratitude is an ongoing theme for me in my life. Deep meaningful relationships with my partner, my children, family and friends in one of my most heartfelt appreciations. Being fully present, walking on this earth with a reverence honouring every life form, really being with each and every person I come in contact with. Right now in my life my two elderly 85 year old parents are both in very frail health. Each day I never know what the day will bring. At times it is difficult to be grateful when I see them struggling and in pain as I have so much loving for them. I come back to my breath, grounding myself in gratitude for my life and ALL that it encompasses - the pain and suffering too.

  170. everything comes at just the right moment…The Gratitude symbol is such a tremendous reminder for me to stay in the NOW…It came to me at a moment of sheer doubt and worry…NOW IAM constantly in the gratitude and I have so much to be grateful for in my life…Thank you so much for spreading the words GO GRATITUDE…We will keep up the good work…e*

  171. Meditation as taught in the Kriya Yoga tradition. Once you have seen the inner spark you are energized for life.


  172. Late at night, just before drifting off to sleep, open your heart and your mind to the vibration of energy the surrounds and flows through all of us. It will grow stronger as you learn to welcome it. It is the source of life, the “love of God”. It flows through and over all of us, as individuals and as part of the whole. It does not care what color our skin is, if we are rich or poor, male or female, “good” or “bad”. As it fills you, you will know that you are loved beyond measure and without condition. As it fills you, you will know that you are powerful and that all things are possible. As it fills you, you will be GRATEFUL for all that you are and all that you may be.

  173. As a member of the Jewish faith, I feel the need to get beyond the ‘normal’ gratitudinous thoughts about the topic, and feel that there is more to be felt than not. Liz

  174. I thank God creator of heavens and earth. I give and not take. I recieve and give thanks. I share and not expect nothing in return. I care, I give, I’m concerned, I help, I support, I listen, I pray, I stay, I go with, I stop and do what must be done, I think, I solve, I advise, I take a step foward even when I don’t want to, I give even though I need it myself. I LOVE!

  175. Upon arising I raise my arms to the heavens & shout loudly:
    “I’M BAAAACK!!” I rinse my face in water, grateful for its cool, refreshing touch. I sit erect & chant cosmic sounds, Ome would also do, visualizing my futures, which I am so grateful for. Stretching connects me with the heart & soul of my body & makes it feel alive.
    My guided visualized meditation goes like this:
    1. I open my first chakra, the one near your vagina or anus, & send a grounding cord in a light color that I choose, down to the center of my mother the earth. I spread out my colored roots & allow my body to receive, into every space & place, the gifts from my mother; of healing, life, creativity, energy, love, energy…..
    2. I bring in my aura to within 2 or 3 feet of my body all around my body….in an oval shape.
    3. I open my 7th chakra….the one just above the top of my head…..& I call in the white light from the mind of the Universe, bring it down my spine, releasing all that needs to be released, releasing it into the grounding cord connecting me with mother earth. Then I bring the light up the front of my spine, energizing it, opening all the chakras & opening my throat chakra, moving out thru my fingers & continuing up thru the top of my head, creating a circle of light releasing & energizing my whole body.
    4. I call in the Mind of the Universe, my I AM presence, etc., raise my arms calling in the silver stream of light that connects me to the heavens. I slowly bring this light down into my body, resting it in my abdomen.
    5. I ask for assistance [whoever or whatever you believe in...] to help me activate my ‘DIVINE KA’. Now I breathe very slowly, like sucking through a straw, through my mouth in the following way: first 2 times through the 3rd eye [middle of your forehead], second, twice through the middle of your back activating the heart chakra; third, twice breathe through the first chakra [like doing a kegel exercise]. Then I breathe 2-3 times simultaneously through all 3 places.

    If you do only the Ka breathing, it will help to connect you. We are alive through breath. It works. Thank you for reading such a long description.

    Many times I wanted to stop & make this shorter…..but I didn’t. I’ve done this for many years. I love it. Grace

  176. I find it easy to feel and express gratitude when it’s already flowing. When this life stream needs a jumpstart in me there are several things I can do that help bring me more into ‘now’ and my heart and gratitude.

    Flowers for me are a superlative heart opener and I have such overflowing gratitude for them. All of Nature as well. Just getting outside, moving my body and really meeting and being with all the Nature Ones around me helps to shift my energy and insides toward and openness, gratitude and appreciation for the extravagence of life.

    Another practice I flow in and out of using is drawing/painting mandalas. The doing of it becomes a ‘not doing’ by slowing down to ‘now’ and trust in the moment to moment journey of line, space, form, color unfolding one line, one color at a time. Noticing my interior and just allowing the unfoldment to continue… by one by one by one…….
    Ahhhhhhh quiet gratitude

  177. With all of the transitions and shifts, Gratitude is the most important focus I use. When my mind gets in a flurry of “thinking” about the past or the future, I shift into the moment and give Gratitude for where I am, no matter what I am doing. I found myself giving Gratitude for a spoon to feed myself the life sustaining sustenance, as I was putting away the dishes.
    It is in this now of Gratitude I find peace. I realize how blessed I am. I know that I am sowing the seeds for all of the other moments that follow. I pray to have the strength of will to carry this through with each life giving breath I take.
    I give Gratitude for the compassion and forgiveness I allow myself when I get carried into the realm of thought that contain messages other than what I am committed to achieve which is peace, abundant power, strength of being and perfection in the Light.
    Thank you for your guidance to this gentle and fulfilling practice of Gratitude.

  178. First gratitude at all times, acknowledging the presence within, recognizing that there is only ONE power and that is GOOD.
    Use up your “manna” on each given day, whether it be physical, material, etc. Taking no thought for what would
    be worries, anxieties, trouble-borrowing from tomorrow or any future date. Have no fear whatsoever, let LOVE (and it is perfect, by the way) take its place. Learn to “let”.

    When it looks like the end of anything, do not panic. It only means a new beginning.
    When it looks like loss, it is only a new getting.
    Never judge from appearances, instead accept what IS and give thanks for whatever you want and need. It will come.

    End with gratitude for all that is and all that will be.
    And always always GIVE. In all ways.
    And remember to allow yourself to receive as well.

  179. Every night I do a gratitude list. I go to sleep with a sense of peace and gratitude. In the morning I journal and set my intention for the day.

  180. In the morning I meditate and just try to get aware of whatever it is I am feeling at the moment and in doing so return to my center, I start breathing, feeling grateful and breathing in Light breathing out Love. I do my exercises like Tai Chi, to keep my body in balance.
    Then read one beautifull beautiful message for growth.. taking time to feel the message.
    That is how I start my day if possible.
    During the day, with so much distraction around me, I’m trying to make it more and more a custom, to breath in and out Love, and to stay centered in my heart, if I succeed to stay focusses all day, it provides me with so much pure joy and peace
    To live staying centered, is absolutely what I want to be my focus, for I can hardly discribe the joy and wholeness the peace and …. what more I experience but is difficult to put into words…. If I am living in my heart and keep centered..

    Before going to sleep, I pretty much to the same as in the morning, but without the Tai Chi. Reflecting and clearing myself, tuning in and feeling centered, Trust, Love and Gratitude ……

    Love to all of you

  181. Two things come to mind. Whenever someone is critical of either me or another person, instead of becoming upset, I say thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to show my true colors and rise above the feeling of pettiness.
    Thank You and I Love You are the most powerful words I know.

    “Hear O Universe, I AM Grateful!”

  182. Being grateful has changed my life. Recognising programmed negitivity and transforming it is essential to growth. Being kind to myself . Making sure i do 10 mins laughing each morning with the phone in laughter group. Brilliant way of starting the day. Being thankful for everything , even the not so good things , saying yes, giving my time for free, knowing there are loads of known and unkowns out there working for the benefit of many. in gratitude Lizz

  183. I’m grateful for what you started here, Stacey! And my practice lately is speaking honest appreciation to at least one stranger a day. I stop, take just a moment, and say something I’ve noticed about them. I think people don’t get enough of that. It feels like planting seeds in the universe.

  184. When I meditate, it helps me connect in, to feel grounded and centered. I particularly appreciate loving-kindness meditation, starting with myself and moving out to those around me. I also notice the pleasure I feel in walking to work, appreciating that I CAN walk, my legs work, the feel of my clothes, the sound of the birds, etc.
    Thank you..

  185. You joke about the bathroom wall~~~~Each morning as I start my day with my morning shower I trace the Gratitude symbol over and over on the glass shower door to imprint on my brain and to center my being in Gratitude for the day ahead. I then notice the symbol in “everthing” throughout the day that reminds me to chose and stay in “My Attitude of Gratitude”.

  186. I painted a huge, colorful spiral/gratitude symbol, bigger than my bed. I attached it to my ceiling, directly above my bed. I also painted smaller spirals which I hung around my bed, on the closets. Every night when I put my head on my pillow, those spirals remind me to say “thank you” for the endless gifts and blessings I have in my life. They are so many and so varied -and all of them so important-, that I can think of one after another, constantly streaming, without ever running out. I have so much to be grateful for! So, I try to think of a bunch before I go to bed. It makes me feel good about myself, my life, and my day.

    The paintings only help to remind. Otherwise, this is something I do randomly, whenever I feel gratitude, or think of it. Any time of day, anywhere.

  187. Thanks for asking Dear Ones! I express gratitude hundreds of times a day….when I get a green light, a break in traffic, a knowing someone will call before they do, a business opportunity, a call from my children and on and on. Also, before retiring at night, I write in my “Gratitude Journal” about all the wonderful things that I appreciated in my day.
    In Love & Gratitude to All ~ Michelle

  188. Hello from beautiful Montana:

    So glad to reconnect with you. I am still giving out the little cards at conferences and putting them in greeting cards to friends and family.

    You are doing such an important work. Glad to be a messenger of your message.

    Thanks for helping me teach parents, child care providers and those who love children to treat them with respect, kindness and love.

    Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

  189. I say THANK-YOU GOD!!! for every experience. Even the rough ones. Every experience is a learning. If we can look at life objectively that way, step back and observe from the outside looking in. Take the drama out and know that life always goes on. Being of service, being the hollow bone for Creator to flow through, to help and to heal. Those are my mantras, my beliefs, my core. Just thinking it takes me there. Kim

  190. Even though the author of this post is unknown, I am certain he would approve of my attempt to spread these wonderful ideas.

    The Buzzard, Bat, and Bumblebee (Author unknown)

    THE BUZZARD: If you put a buzzard in a pen that is 6 feet by 8 feet and is entirely open at the top, the bird, in spite of its ability to fly, will be an absolute prisoner. The reason is that a buzzard always begins a flight from the ground with a run of 10 to 12 feet. Without space to run, as is its habit, it will not even attempt to fly, but will remain a prisoner for life in a small jail with no top.

    THE BAT: The ordinary bat that flies around at night, a remarkable nimble creature in the air, cannot take off from a level place. If it is placed on the floor or flat ground, all it can do is shuffle about helplessly and, no doubt, painfully, until it reaches some slight elevation from which it can throw itself into the air. Then, at once, it takes off like a flash.

    THE BUMBLEBEE: A bumblebee, if dropped into an open tumbler, will be there until it dies, unless it is taken out. It never sees the means of escape at the top, but persists in trying to find some way out through the sides near the bottom. It will seek a way where none exists, until it completely destroys itself.

    PEOPLE: In many ways, we are like the buzzard, the bat, and the bumblebee. We struggle about with all our problems and frustrations, never realizing that all we have to do is look up! Sorrow looks back. Worry looks around. But faith looks up! Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. See beyond all appearances. Feel your glowing gratitude and give great thanks! And trust in our Creator who loves us! ‘End times’ have come–end of the OLD–birth of the NEW!! The final Golden Age is about to emerge fully!!!! Support with all your might and spiritual being all those who bring new change and new Light on Earth…. WE ARE ONE! Bless us all.

    Tags: gratitude journey gratitude light

  191. Here in New Zeland we are a day ahead of you already!!! Happy 21st March!
    Gratitude is incredibly important to me. I have just been part of organisisng a huge annual community event (15,000 came) celebrating children under five and their parents… The Toddler Day Out & Great Parenting Fair. it is held on our national Children’s Day. As part of my practice, I work with my team on writing a thank you letter to each of the people in the city who come together to make this day happen, as well as giving them all a certificate which my Dad in his mid-eighties crafts for us each year. It is an incredible way of sharing the sense of gratitude to the wider world…. and keeping my heart open to the gifts of my work.
    And I celebrate my own two grandchildren too… as well as my daughter’s son being born right NOW in Thailand! I am grateful that there are parents who still beleive that the world is a wondeful place to bring children into, even if it means committing to the lot of work of keeping, re-turning it to be that way.
    blessings to you for this work Stacey and team… it helps keep me awake to wonder.

  192. Unfortunately I often find I have slipped out of the gratitude frequency and need to be intentional about tuning back in. I have been using a form of a meditation found. in the book Meditation as Medicine which has been very helpul. Sitting up straight with my hands pressed palm to palm at the level of my heart chakra, I say “I release anger, I release hatred, I release annoyance”…whatever negative emotion comes to mind. After negative emotions stop coming to mind I then say “I invite love” several times until I feel the energy shift. The idea in the book was that you then open your hands and send the love energy to yourself or another who is in need of healing. Sometimes I do that but often I simply use this meditation to tune back in to the love and gratitude frequency. The change in energy is quite tangible!

  193. being appreciative of the big and small blessings in my life, both material and the way in which my life is touched, and sincerely letting that knowledge settle. i find that gratitude is beginning to dawn in little spontaneous bursts and gentle upwellings. when things look dark and difficult i try to see the gift within the situation.

  194. Hi,

    Thanks Stacey for highlighting the exciting and inspiring opportunity for everyone to participate in the Potimarron Project. Since the Royal Horticultural Society Magazine article came out about this, we have gone from 1,000 gardeners in 2004 to nearly 50,000 gardeners in 2009, including gardeners in Africa excited to get involved in growing food for the truly hungry and homeless there!! This is Spring time in the Western Hemisphere, anyone who has a garden feel free to write to ask for Potimarron seeds, for information check out the Potimarron article at for the Potimarron project.

  195. I have found great guidance in learning tools offered to help one become more Present and let go of my ego’s need for fear, resentment, and judgement from several wonderful teachers:
    Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now and The New Earth) and Michael Singer (the untethered soul) I have learned to watch all that happens in my life, the thoughts that come and go,_and how my personality reacts/responds to it all. I have learned to allow myself to feel whatever is to be felt and to let go of it all. I find that this works better for me, is more integral, than simply trying to convince myself that I am grateful for anything, especially things that my ego wants to label “good or bad.” The result has been that Gratitude arises on its own, a sweet result of having allowed my life’s moments to simply “be.” Blessings to us all on this magnificent journey Home!

  196. I remember all the sacraficies my parents,grandparents and great grandparents made for me, so that I might become the person I am and am able to be. i stand on the shoulders of GIANTS. BECOME THE PERSON YOU ARE MEANT TO BE….SOMEONE MIGHT NEED YOU. THE UNIVERSE IS DEPENDING ON YOU.

  197. I am continually grateful for the wonderful way in which my life is heading, and the beautiful gentle guidance I recieve along the way. Thank you so much to “Go Gratitude” team for awakening us and teaching us how to truly appreciate our lives, thank you.

  198. I go Gratitude when I remember to be in the moment with what I am doing, and give THANKS for what ever is in front of me, food, flower, person, doing the dishes, whatever it is, has a beauty and a exquisit presence that generates LOVE, if I am truely PRESENT.

  199. We help others to find gratitude through our very own Gratitude labyrinth that we mow into our back yard by using the gratitude symbol… email us and we will send a picture.. blessings and gratitude..


  200. To be in gratitude, I quiet my mind and come back to the realization that the only thing that really matters is sensing my essential Beingness, the I Am, that is in the background of my life at all times –-the realization that my true essential nature, who I really am, is the formless, eternal Pure Awareness Presence inside me and everywhere. For me, it’s sort of like meditating and experiencing Stillness without thought. I then see the ‘God’ or higher nature in others too. Gratitude then becomes a natural part of Being.

  201. What helps me the most is meditating every morning. That gets me in touch with the power within myself and quiets my mind. I also remember to do what I can to help people out.
    When I can help someone - even by as simple a thing as giving them directions for their subway trip - I feel great.

  202. I love to breath gratitude and sent it out to the world.
    Dr Masaru Emoto wrote in his book The Hidden Messages in Water that we need twice as much gratitude as love. He calls love an active energy and gratitude a passive energy, and the world needs more passive energy to survive. We need to be grateful for what we have rather than always searching for more. It is rather like one mouth for listening and two ears for hearing.
    On the in breath I draw in the power of love through every part of my body from all directions and particularly from my feet and crown and bring this into my heart, and on the out breath I breath love out to the world from my heart. Then on the next two breaths I breath in gratitude to my heart centre and breath gratitude out to the world from my heart. I continue to do one breath of love and two breaths of gratitude this way. I love the joy of doing this as I really feel it raising my own consciousness and I also trust and know it helps others.

  203. A beautiful way of connecting to our source

  204. The one thing that always centers me in the Now is music. When I listen to something that enraptures me, and sing along, and move my body with it, I then know that who I am is constantly rippling outwards from Me, extending into Infinity. Music!

  205. I use EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
    Can clear emotional blockages that interfere with expressing gratitude.

  206. With all the creative holistic methods of releasing. I created the most positive energy and the clearest mindset by using this Organic/Natural Product …ISAGENIX. In Latin it means…Balance Life. All of the sudden I have things occurring in my life that I was uncertain would ever come about. My deepest and most sincerest gratitude is for go gratitude and all of the uplifting enlightenment that kept me going long enough to be in this wonderful space.

  207. Hi Stacey and all fellow Go Gratituders. The way I center is to shift my entire focus to my heart chakra and my feet simultaneously and to sustain that focus. If I feel like I am not coming from that place in my heart, then I stop what I’m doing/saying and shift back into those 2 places. There are times when I recognize the need to be in the mind, but as soon as the intellectual function is completed I jump right back into my heart and feet. From these 2 places gratitude flows naturally. Also, in times of stress (i.e. lying in the dental chair having work done), I find it much easier to deal with if I put most of my focus into my feet. It goes smoother and I have even more to be grateful for. I also every morning ask my guardian angel and guides to help me stay centered in my heart and deeply grounded all day and night.

  208. I often meditate on “Thankyou”. Saying ‘thankyou’ opens my heart. Saying ‘thankyou’ whenever I remember each day, enables my heart to know that everything is perfect and I can celebrate what is working and change what isn’t. Saying ‘thankyou’ centres me in remembrance of the truth and honouring of who I am. Thankyou for what my ego likes and ‘thankyou’ for the message in what it thinks it doesn’t like. Thankyou opens me to receptively and actively explore god’s dream in joyful creativity. Life is a journey without destination, so let every moment be a joyful discovery.

  209. Every morning when I wake up I give thanks for having a home, a warm bed, food in the cupboard and the ability to earn a living and pay my bills. When I eat my meal I give gratitude to the farmers who grew the rice and vegetables, the lorry drivers who drove it to the wholesalers, the people who made the sacks to transport it, the packers, the shopkeepers who sold it etc. etc. Often it runs into hundreds of people for one meal. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are involved in my making myself a meal. You can do the same when you choose an item of clothing to wear. It connects me to everyone else and I not only feel gratitude, but know that I am gratitude.

  210. I remain in and return to Gratitude by watching and appreciating the spring green new leaves and afternoon light shining through, by laughing at the birds’ antics at the feeders, always by the in-house dogs antics, every day by the feral cats’ manipulations of us humans, nightly by observations of the stars and waxing and waning moon, and, all ways, by messages from and to my beloved family and friends (chosen family). Blessings on us each and all. BeJoyus

  211. IN Gratitude to ALL, I chant “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” which brings me to Center where I ask God to send me people He can help through me. I then begin my day with tremendous gratitude for yet another opportunity to experience this blessing called “life” and the full expectation that I will “accidentally” bump into another being I may appropriately serve in whatever way is needed. Through Service, I have found my self…and it is YOU.

  212. See every event in your life as an opportunity to practice gratitude.

    I’ve been teaching gratitude in my cardiology practice for over 10 years. It started as part of a personal awareness program that I developed as part of a holistic treatment plan. Though the plan turned out to be somewhat cumbersome the gratitude part seemed to be well received and very powerful.

    The gratitude process begins with a gratitude journal best done first thing in the morning if possible. It takes only as much time to do as you have. If you have 15 minutes that works well but if you only have one minute it can also still be done effectively. This helps put the gratitude force into effect. It keeps the “attitude of gratitude” in the unconscious mind. This then sets you on the path to right minded choices throughout the day. That is, as every event occurs during the day, it gives us an opportunity to practice gratitude. Every stimulus or happening will lead to a response from us. In the time between the event and the response lies the true Secret, the secret to happiness. In that space lays a choice. Even though the response may seem automatic, it is far from that. In that space you make a decision, the decision between misery and happiness, the choice between depression and joy.

    We can choose to see the event in a negative way such as being a victim or we can choose the gratitude way and change our lives. Let’s say for instance that you are driving down the highway, you’re running a little late so you’re a bit anxious. Someone cuts you off, crosses two lanes of traffic and exits the highway. Most of us would react by jumping up and down in our seat screaming and yelling “I can’t believe you almost hit me. Why don’t you watch where you’re going” and maybe even shaking our fist at him. When we respond in that way we secrete a lot of stress hormones which cause our blood vessels to constrict, our heart rates to increase, our blood pressure to increase, blood sugar increases and, in a chronic state, cholesterol increases as well. A lot of bad things are happening to the body when we reacted this way, especially on a chronic basis. Many of us then carry these strong negative emotions with us throughout the day.

    Now, the same situation occurs, we could have decided to respond with gratitude. We could have responded by thinking “that was close, I’m so glad that he didn’t hit me, you know you must be a pretty good driver he went across all that traffic and didn’t hit anyone.” We can then give him the benefit of the doubt and think “Maybe his child is in the emergency room and he’s trying to get there quickly. I hope he gets there safely.” In choosing that second response all of those stress hormones do not get released, our blood pressure does not go up, our heart rate does not go up and all of those other bad things do not happen. We actually feel better when we respond with gratitude because we will not carry that grievance we would have had with him with us throughout the rest of the day. So you can see that by forgiving him you are actually forgiving yourself. All of those negative health consequences, as well as emotional consequences, will not have occurred. Whichever way you choose to respond does not affect him, it affects you.

    So that no matter what happens, you always have a choice in how you interpret the event. You can choose to see it negatively or positively. The positive way is not always easy to see and that’s where gratitude comes in. Gratitude is a very natural way to respond, it has just been programmed out of most of us. If you’re having trouble seeing the event in a positive way, then just find one or two things about the situation to be grateful about. Almost instantly you will feel better about what happened. Every event or happening in your life can then be seen as an opportunity to practice gratitude.

    So now when you find yourself feeling negative about a situation, realize that you can uses gratitude and simply choose again.

  213. I feel and express gratitude daily. My heart is opened wide through the practice of kirtan or devotional singing. Kundalini yoga and deep breath keep me connected, strong, and healthy… I appreciate the beauty in the physical world each day and my connection with nature. I love deeply. It is my deepest desire to be a powerful, positive force in the universe. I am thankful for all my many blessings and all that brings me to my highest good. Sat nam and God bless to all!

  214. Thank you so much for sharing your thought, I try to be the same way, in the moment, I know and feel exactly what you said, but have a difficult time staying in the moment, I get caught up in Life, but I see I bring myself back to graditud, by practicing, it’s actually getting alot better.

  215. Gratitude for me is many things. One is the breathing in of a beautiful sunset giving gratitude for being able to see and sense it to be in the moment that it is there, allowing the energy to fill my heart and then sending that energy back out into the universe with gratitude!
    Love, hugs, rainbows with gratitude!

  216. I take a photo every day for something I’m grateful for, then I blog about to get the words of gratitude consciously flowing :-)


  217. Thank you for being. When you know better you do better. Making each day a fun day creates joy in my life, work becomes play and then there are moments of being ‘Thank-full-ness’ for everything around us. Deep inhaling, exhaling, drop those shoulders and letting go….Go Gratitude comes naturally. There seems to be a new energy, a new awakening, the mind is thinking, wide awake, full of energy, the body wears down but the spirit lives on to enjoy each moment. Life is good . Love to all and many blessings to all of you… one last quote: “Divine Love prospers me now, I live in the law of Love and Love is now Victorious” . Aloha from Maui…Miss Vicki*

  218. My Gratitude started with Tracey and 42days course! I awake daily to Mantak Chia’s “The Inner Smile” 3 part meditation, and as a Vianna Stibel THETA practitioner I use THETA to centre myself during these turbulent energy times, along with daily connection with Nature, and here I am smiling with love and gratitude for us all - have a wonderful day :):)

  219. Every morning when I wake I invoke the archangels to keep me and my family and friends save throughout the day and be with me throughout the day. I intend for positivity, peace and abundance in my country. Every night when I go to bed I review my day and give thanks for all the happenings of the day and abundance in my life. I feel I am truly blessed. I draw the gratitude symbol every opportunity I get and love sharing it with others. Daily I meditate and pray for everyone`s well being. I feel blessed to be a part of Go Gratitude!

  220. Beloved Maker of Beauty,

    Looking at the wonders of the world,I am amazed and I no longer understand things that I thought were understood:
    The rainbow standing over the earth in its perfect circle, containing all existing colour.
    The child growing in the mothers womb.
    The birds singing, the trees giving fruit.
    The turning of the seasons, year after year after year.
    The unbelievable potential of the human body.

    My brain no longer understands how all of this is possible.
    My brain will not ever understand that someone or something could make this.
    But that does not mean that it is’nt true.
    After all, my brain is only part of my being.
    And I cannot deny that this world must originate from someone or something far greater than anything my thinking could ever grasp.

    When a creation exists, its creator exists.
    That is a logic even my brain can understand.

    My dearly beloved Creator,
    I thank you for all that I recieve.


  221. as a fitness instructor and trainer i make gratitude a part of my cool down sessions–i often ask my students to take a silent moment (in prayer pose) and rattle off what i call a “laundry list” of things and people they are grateful for and to….the object of the session is to try to think of as many things as possible in that moment…of course i do the same…sometimes i might suggest we find all new things for our list–step outside the box—be grateful for the smaller things…
    sometimes you can actual feel the positive energy in the room as we think in silence…we all know that the more we “go gratitude” the more grateful we are ….then we can take that out into the world and “pass it on”….
    thank you for bringing so much attention to this most important aspect of maintaining physical, mental and spiritual awarenes…keep spreading the word
    –peace to all

  222. I see the expressions of my gratitude thru my youngest daughter every day. Because you have awakened me to the peace and possibility of gratitude in all things not just pleasantries, she has benefitted more than I. She has begun charity work on behalf of others who are less fortunate. She inspires others to take a look within and around themselves and express gratitude for what they “do” have. At thirteen the possibilities yet to come for her are immeasurable. My Great”Full”Ness to you!

  223. Dear GO GRATITUDE, I was in the depth of transition when I signed up for your daily assistance. One of my necessary daily tools is GRATITUDE. It always has been but this has taken me to another level. Gratitude itself takes the moment to another level. I am so grateful for this work.

  224. On our Blog Talk Radio Show: Moon, Moo & You: The Collective Wisdom, we talk about SW, or Something Wonderful.

    We point these SW’s out to each other (Joan Adams((Moon)) and I((Moo)) ) and Joan and I speak everyday about show planning, and we point out our SW to each other.

    It turns out that everything is SW, because everything is a learning experience.

    So, in my own mind, Life is SW!!

    And often the SW turns out to be the synchronicity involved as an experience evolves.

    And slowing down in an attitude of appreciation, is the Key.

  225. Yo!

    Yoga, Snowboarding, Mountain biking, White water rafting, Kayaking, Hiking, Drawing, Dancing. It’s all good stuff…



  226. On my morning walks with my dogs just seeing the sunrise I am grateful. It makes me see how much of this world is what we don’t see. Being grateful for being able to see more by being grateful.

  227. I read the affirmations of Dr Wayne Dyer in
    “Living The Wisdom of the Tao” every morning

    I connect with the concepts presented and intentionally seek opportunities throughout the playday to practice the concepts.

    In the evening of each day I purposefully intend to connect with the “Flame Inside Myself” in order to immerse in the white light of source Energy (NRG)and then conciously send White Light to beings I know that may be in need of its healing NRG.

    As I doze off to sleep I ask for NRG and guidance through dreams for the next day.

    Love & Gratitude,

  228. Instead of focusing on the things I don’t have (which include a job and health insurance at the present moment), I try to remember that no matter how much or how little I do have, there will always be someone with more, and someone with less. I have only myself and three kitties to care for. I still have my home. I don’t have to live in my car, as some families have been forced to do. There is food in the refrigerator. I have a spiritual community and network of friends who mean more to me than a vault full of gold bars in the bank.

    I try to remember to stop during the day to look around - at sunlight pouring across the floors in my beautiful little house, jonquils blooming the garden, a rainbow of colored pencils in a glass jar, a sleeping kitty - and say “Thank you, God, for allowing me to care for all this.” I remind myself that these things are not truly mine, but have been placed in my care for only the present moment.

    I end each day with prayer by invoking some of the things for which I am grateful. If it was a bad day, I try to articulate the lessons inherent in my experiences and give thanks for what I learned. I give thanks for the warm, dry, comfortable bed that awaits and ask for the wisdom to awaken with gratitude in the morning.

  229. TWO ways of Going Gratitude:

    1. Be grateful of EVERYTHING that happens, even the “bad” stuff - that is often what gives us the best opportunities for personal growth.

    2. Be grateful IN ADVANCE for receiving something you want in your life.

  230. What a wonderful idea! I appreciate perfect, magnificent, amazing YOU for inspiring me with the myriad ways you express the gathering power in this tsunami of gratitude! Thank you for the reminder that you reside in gratitude–I am not surfing alone! ;-)

    I notice my emotions. If I don’t feel so great, I know I have fallen out of alignment with Source. I use the miraculous gift I always carry with me, literally in front of my nose, and take three deep breaths to re-center myself and step out of whatever challenge has grabbed hold of me. Then I simply choose a thought which makes me feel better. It’s impossible to choose anything but appreciation for so much in this moment. If Corrie Ten Boom could do it in the death camps, immediately after the death of her beloved sister–I can too!

    Thanks also for all the beautiful quotes and links!

    With aloha,

  231. For me, I feel gratitude and connection when I remember Who I Really Am - my essence, your essence. It flows when I remember that most of the challenges in life are just not important. Necessary perhaps in order to function, but not what this life is all about. Releasing attachment to stress frees me to live a wonder-full life, a great-full life. Remembering that “this too, shall pass”, reminds me that everything is temporary. The ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’. We can take a step back and imagine ourselves as a surfer, just riding the wave, or we can flounder around worrying about getting dumped on. A Gr8-atitude brings Gratitude!

    I find it easier to maintain this way of Being when my physical body is in balance through eating foods that make me feel light and energetic and daily exercise whether it’s a walk, a scooter ride with my kids, playing at the beach, biking to the store instead of using the car, etc.
    Or maybe it’s when I continue to remember to operate more from my heart than my head, knowing that I Am so much more than this physical existence, that I take better care of my body and have fun in the process.

  232. I connect with deep gratitude when I do art…Connecting with the creative process whether it in the garden, or working on various art projects. It is important to create art just for artsake…no judgement or expectations on the end result. Everyone can create art! Time is art. Art is life and art heals. Also, connecting with nature in all her beautiful forms. Namaste!

  233. Yes, that “fact of life” is so true, even in this great country! (I am one such person. I live in the country with no water or sanitation…it’s only about $5,000 away!!)

    I am so grateful for the stars and the sky, for birdsong and sunshine, for rain (especially rain - this is Texas!) and for so many things in this journey of life…and I express gratitude for you and your comments to this blog.

    Peace and blessings to you and your world!

  234. Communing with God
    A quiet sinking inward, past all thought forms, into Your Self.
    5 minutes upon waking, 5 minutes before sleeping.
    One of the simplest things to do, yet one that meets the most resistance.

  235. To enter center, I use my morning meditation time. I always begin with the breath and follow that with filling my heart with the tremendous love and appreciation for all the beautiful people, animals, things and experiences that have both entered my life in the past and that I am today enjoying, as well. This opens me to the flow of gratitude and creates that upward spiral of energy that seals my sense of connectivity to Source, the Universe and all life. Then I allow my mind to become as still as possible as I enter the silence of the here and now - that sacred non-space, non-time level of consciousness that reminds me who I truly am and allows me to dance with Spirit. I come away from my meditation time, refreshed and able to commence my day with that essential attitude of gratitude and peace.Plus I can then look into the eyes of my family, pets and co-workers and know that I gaze upon the face of God.
    Namaste and Bright blessings to all of you.

  236. Each morning when I awaken I stay in my bed under the covers and give thanks that I have the opportunity to live just one more day. I reach for my prayer beads and sit up in bed to begin my morning meditation before any other thought enters my mind. And I am ever so grateful to my husband who brews the best coffee and allows me to spend that waking moment in peace with my thoughts. I try to be as present as possible with every task in my daily routine as well as give thanks before every meal and snack as well as before retiring for the night. I am a firm believer that an attitude of gratitude can change your life and that we can only open up ourselves to receive by giving thanks for what we already have. Light, Love and Life surrounds you be thankful!

  237. Gratitude is given on a daily basis, for just being me, for where I live and the Gratitude Journal started so long ago. I have only to open a page and memories are re-kindled.
    Reiki hugs covered with Gratitude,

  238. I center myself before I get out of bed and always touch the ground 3 times in gratitude. Thank the universe for health,productivity & the ability to help anyone I can. I do skincare & through that I help them relax and help clear their chakras too.
    I am grateful & thank the universe everytime I can sometimes for no reason at all. Also write down 5 things I am thankful for daily.
    All you wonderful people teach & touch us all the time
    Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!

  239. I give gratitude several times a day for being alive, for the people in my life. To the animals, plants, beauty, the rain, sun and season.

    I thank Mother Earth for her gifts and also send gratitude to the Human Consciousness Crystalline Grid for the benefit of all life forms.

  240. Every morning I create a mind image of things I am grateful for and sit with the image until I can FEEL the gratitude - and then stay with the energy of the warmth and light of the feeling of gratitude.

    I’ve also just started to include in my day 2 times that I stop and again FEEL gratitude.

  241. Hi dear Go-Gratitude friends

    First of all i want to tell you that i discovered that all circumstances are a gift …. which helps me to be immideatly grateful.

    Secondly i would like to share with you my vizualisation exercise i do with the go-gratitude symbol.
    While breathing in i vizulise light coming brom above and below enhencing my chakras above and below and stop in the middle (the heart chakra) which is the green color and pink on another dimensional level. This 2 colores together i spread out then into the whole universe (the unity consciousnesss grid) in the form of a go-gratitude symbol, the small circle of the symbole making a movement into a large circle, (from the heart outward), in all directions if you can vizuilise this - and what i noticed right away that it is a simualtanous movement of going out and coming back to me at the same time.
    I place a violet flame over my heart chakra so that all that is coming back is for my highest good.

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Go-gratitude family,
    with GRATITUDE,

  242. Cindra, Your comments mirrored mine! I especially related to your gratitude for hot showers, I do the same! I guess you have lived without hot water like me??? Ever since I lived out of the country and had to take cold water showers, I have relished each one, along with the unlimited supply of water available out of the faucet and taps….we are so blessed to have reliable, warm and safe water. Sure, it may have chlorine, or flouride, but you darn sure don’t get sick when drinking it!! For that I am grateful…and also for being among nature, my dog Bella, a full belly each evening, my health, love from friends and family, my garden, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all consciousness in, on, around and of the planet. Blessings and thank you for your great work Stacey! LB, Texas

  243. Every day I as I awaken and prior to sleep I say prayers of gratitude for the day ahead and the days events. When I prepare food for myself and family friends to share I show gratitude for the food,the people at the store, the truck drivers, the farmers, the weather (sun, moon, wind, rain, warmth, coolness etc) who brought the food and tended the food and the earth, for Mother Earth who povided the environment for the food to grow prior to sharing the food. I fill my food with gratitude and share that with those who eat it.

    I show gratitude for the blessings in the ‘perceived’ challenges of life.

    Every day when I journal I draw the gratitude symbol over my pages in thanks for the paper, time, awareness and practice of self-awareness and find new understanding and wisdom through my journalling.

    I am grateful for a united community willing to share their practice of Go Gratitude and for all of the initiatives you take in sharing this with Humanity. Beginning and ending each day with a gratitude prayer has opened me to the eternal, abundant gratitude in the eternal Now for mankind.

    Love Light and Gratitude
    Susie, Brisbane, Australia

  244. I am grateful for the road I have travelled thus far and for all those who have contributed to my experiences on that road. I am grateful too for the unknown road that lies ahead and the experiences and the people I will meet with on that road. To that Gratitude I add one more thing that comes to those who practise gratitude; Peace. Peace be with you all. Mjka

  245. With every breath I take, I am grateful for the ability to heal…to BE Healed and to BE the Healer. This life is such a gift, the complexity and elegance that is ours uniquely. My gratitude spills over the brim of my life filling me and mine as well as my corner of the world with what I have learned as Sat Nam, the Truth of my identity…recognizing and Being in relationship with the Sat Nam of those I come into relationship with. Reflecting, always reflecting Sat Nam, the Truth of my Identity, to the world. I teach Kundalini Yoga so others will know this too. I educate and I relieve discomfort where I can; being in Gratitude every single moment as I go.

  246. I am grateful to the universe for all the blessings in my life and for the ability to see things with much clarity. Things like seeing an arrangement of bricks in a pattern on the ground and seeing myself as a brick there with all of the other diagonal ones. I am also grateful for all of the other sights, sounds, tastes, smells and kinesthetic experiences in the world…For ginger candy, kisses in the playground castle, seeing people napping by water streams, troll beads, aesthetic shopping experiences, sitting in the hot tub watching the stars and trees with my life partner, mastering and working through life’s challenges, dreaming and imagining life together and all the things we will do that will soon come to be.

    I am grateful for living in the moment and considering all the possibilities of life. I am truly grateful and thank God for all that I have. Lastly I am grateful to Meme who is the most incredible force in my life (outside of myself). For her ability to mirror me and for her openness and loving spirit.

    “Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.”
    - Sarah Ban Breathnach quotes

    “When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears”
    - Anthony Robbins quotes (American advisor to leaders)

  247. Two things I do: Whenever I use Water for any reason, I thank it, and I focus on the part of me in contact with it and put my attention on the good feeling it gives me (washing hands, showering, drinking, etc.). I mean really FEEL it, and REALLY let the Gratitude flow. You can include your breath in this exercise since you breathe out the water which has been part of your metabolism since you took it in by drinking. You share with the Universe everything about your consciousness which comes out with your breath.

    The other thing is to try to take moments of ordinary activity and focus on the Light in them…how it accentuates things,how the sun feels on my skin, how my eyes react to it, and call up the Gratitude and offer it up.

    Over time the Gratitude response becomes, not automatic, but because it’s attached to your everday activity and not just relegated to meditation or worship it becomes part of your external physical presence in the world.

    And it feels good.

    One world faith (the Baha’i Faith) says: “My calamity is my providence.” When you can get so Gratitude makes itself felt in all circumstances, it displaces other emotions.

  248. Whenever I allow myself to get bogged down with life’s challenges…..I take myself to the beautiful silver sand beaches that I am so blessed to be only an hour’s drive away from. So on the way I give thanks for being able to do that drive. Then I dance and sing on the beach ! That allows my heart to really feel the gratitude. Sometimes sitting in the sand and doing deep yogic breathing is what it takes. Often the “warrior” posture is a very centering technique. Just sitting in the sand and allowing the waves to “wash” away all the “stuff” (works even when I don’t get physically wet ) is a wonderful way to re-center and capture the Gratitude-Attitude. p.s. If I am not able to get to the beaches physically, I am becoming better and better at imagining myself doing all of the above while sitting on my meditation cushion in the quiet of my bedroom.

  249. I start my day by opening my arms and thanking the Universe and God for all the abundance I have and am continuing to have in my life and in that particular day. I give thanks for all my senses and for all that I have NOW and I am practising seeting my intention for how I want my day to be and unfold.

    I also hand over and let go of my life, my worries and fears, my hopes and my dreams, so that I can co-create and co-manifest all that I want for today and all my tomorrows, releasing control. I then go through a Chi Gong exercise and some Tai Chi, which always helps me get back to my centre, really feel what I’m feeling and tune into my energy, stay present and allow the flow to lead me. During the day I affirm all the good that is happening and that I want to bring into my life and I give thanks for everything that happens and how much good is coming my way.

    When the evening draws in, I go through another Chi Gong practise and write down the things I’m grateful for during that day and how grateful I am for how things are and all that I’m learning. If I have some worries and negative thoughts, I also work on giving thanks for them and trusting that they have a purpose and that the answer shall be revealed to me. I give thanks for all my food, for hot water, for a warm and safe bed and for all the good that I have, right now AND for all the good that is coming and more!

    THANK YOU, ‘GO GRATITUDE’, for this wonderful opportunity to share, to give and to receive and for all these lovely and like-minded people. It’s great to know that others are with me, in thinking and feeling similar, if not the same.



  250. I am on Facebook and I joined this great group called the Hurricane of Gratitude. I started a gratitude journal in the group to list at least five things every day that I am grateful for. Many others have joined me.

    There is so much to be grateful for in life. Listing five things every day is a great way of showing gratitude.

  251. I live at the very source of water that fills the needs of many in the United States so, whenever I use water, especially when I take a shower, as the water runs over me I thank the source of all life for the privilege to touch and bless the water that will ultimately enhance so many lives. snd give life to all who need and use it downstream. While in the shower I bless all who will use the same water and ask the water to bring joy and peace to those whose life it touches. The same is true when I walk and sit by the many rivers and streams that run through my tiny town and surrounding area.

  252. I have learned from this WGG site that it is all about Gratitude! I, too, give thanks for the water when I bathe in it, drink it, etc. Now I’ve started saying”grace” while I’m eating! I think about those who grew the vegetables I’m eating, and thank them. The pickers, the drivers, the grocer, all are thanked for their part in my meal! It gives me an awareness I”ve never had before! Thank you, Stacey, for this Forum! Read Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books on water and you will be amazed at the power of Gratitude!

  253. I play the crystal bowls, light candles each morning with my coffee, meditate then stand out the back door and embrace the beautiful world out there as the sun is just coming up. I always let the tea lights go all the way which is usually extinquishing just as I leave for work. Look deeply into a flower or a plant and just feel their energy and give them yours. Thank you universe for flowers. for trees. for birds and the fox squirrel - yes, even the pesky raccoons.

  254. These are all great methods; I also try to set the tone for the day before I get out of bed by being Thankful (for this life, for my warm bed, etc., etc.) and by generating a feeling of goodwill and kindness for the whole universe, especially living things.

    Also I try to remember that the Universe is both my friend and helper.

    But the thing that really does it for me every time is to watch a meteor shower or an eclipse (especially the moon)or, if neither is happening, the ‘plain ol’ night sky.

    As I observe the sky and I feel the motion of everything (the stars, the planets, the Earth’s rotation, everything’s movement through space) I get a feeling in my stomach, and I know (in my gut : )) that I am part of a truly GREAT and AMAZING creation and that I am the only one who can cut myself off from this fact. Regardless of how I might feel at any given moment I still know the underlying truth and that is a wonderful thing.

    As the Buddha said: “Guard against negative thoughts.”

  255. Touching the leaves of trees is the first thing I do early morning. Holding their sweet little hands and twiggy-arms with love. Talking to the vital spirit of tree and laughing as they wave back in tiny breezes that spontaneously arrive. It is the fullness of the moment with them, while living in isolation, that brings exquisite communication with All That Is. This is an absolute and expansive moment of tremendous gratitude.

  256. I simply look up. When I see the beauty around me it reminds me to take a deep breath and be grateful for where I am.

  257. My daily approach to gratitude: I live in Love’s Ocean (God); There is only LOVE (God). Everything else — the incongruent stuff that is sometimes life on Earth — is just dream stuff, unnecessary and not lasting.

    With the following two-step approach, I go about my day doing the love that I am:
    (1) Forgiveness/Release and Going Free
    (2) Imaging New Circumstances

    What does this looks like in application?
    For intance: In a little pocket memo I keep handy, I forgive and release myself from the blocks and barriers to my giving/receiving love. (In the Love Ocean, these are the only two things a Love Child does.)

    At the end of the day, in addition to my gratitude for the loving I did and the loving I’m grateful to have received, the memobook stuff is my “grateful to be transforming into Love” gratitude stuff.

    An example: I notice I don’t like the way someone looks. I research the cause of this within myself and realize not liking their “look” lets me feel superior. So I then reaffirm the Truth to myself: I live in Love’s Ocean. (I’m God’s child.) There is no superiority in Love’s Ocean. Love is equal. (All God’s children are created equal.)

    So I free myself from wrong thinking by saying: I forgive and release myself from rejecting others. Then I affirm what I want: I now go free to see everyone as a Child of Love. (or I see with Love’s eyes.)

    Then I put the two ideas together: I forgive and release myself from rejecting others and I now go free to see (With Love’s eyes) everyone as a child of Love.

    To “charge” this new idea into my subconscious,, I then image new circumstances. For instance, I might imagine/see myself meeting new people and noticing how good it feels to see — first thing — what I love about another and how good I feel to find there’s unexpected goodness to be had in strangers. Perhaps then I begin to see that strangers are a present that I must be present to get. And hopefully this imaging continues to bring up new positive images/emotions.

    BUT, sometimes imaging a new idea brings up even stronger fears to release. If so, that’s great, too! Stop imaging and get the memopad out and record the new unearthed fears. For example: If imaging meeting new people brings up safety issues, I again remind myself of the Truth: A child of The LOVE Ocean cannot be harmed. Then forgive and release the fear of harm and go free confident in the strength, power and wholeness that is a Child of Love.

    In my two-step process, I forgive and release myself ad infinitium until I get to where there’s nothing left to release. Voila! There is only Love’s Ocean and i’m home and at peace always, everywhere in gratitude for this Truth.

    With Love, Mii (pronounced “me”)

  258. Hello - mine is a very simple acknowledgement and takes place twice daily. Every morning when I get out of bed as my left foot hits the floor I say ‘Thank’ and as my right foot joins its partner I say ‘You’. I take a deep breath as I stand up and say Namaste. In the evening I practice one or two yoga poses and again say ‘Thank You’. Vicki

  259. Shikantaza

  260. Music, music, music, for me, is one of the best ways to really feel gratitude in your heart. I start each day by listening to “This is You Gift” by John Tesh. Next is “Thakful” by Josh Groban. Jim Brickman and The O’Neil Brothers have a wonderful gift of inspiring music as well.
    But, any music that speaks to you is the way to GO Gratitude.
    Bless you and Thank You, Stacey for who you are and all you do. I AM grateful for you!

  261. Greetings,

    Go Gratitude!!! Journal writing everyday reminds me of All that I am as well to ALL that is Life to be grateful to..
    My writing assists me in Being centered, grounded, aware, conscious to everything in my life beginning with Gratitude. It is a source to going within to connect to my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and what is in the moment with Love and gratitude to God which is LIFE!
    Go gratitude has expanded my truth in everything that Is to be in each moment..
    Life, Love, Light expands through gratitude!

  262. This moment is a blessing. At those times when distraction pulls at us, we loose our conscious awareness, we can stop, even after loosing control..we can stop, pause, be gentle with ourselves, go outside and find the smallest flower, a butterfly, the sky, we can go inside and listen to some beautiful music, take a warm shower, make our favourite cup of tea..and be grateful.
    When I look into the eyes of my 2 yr old daughter, hear her laughter, hold her in a cuddle I know the divine. When I dance round the livingroom with my husband and daughter I am moved by the divine. All else fades away in the light of Gratitude and Love.
    You are all divine Beings, no matter what has gone before. Now is the moment, be filled with my Gratitude for giving me the opportunity to share this.
    Love, Light and Laugher

  263. visit daily

  264. I just look around me every day and give thanks for my life, for all who share it and everything I receive. I keep a gratitude journal and write ten things down at the end of the day that I have felt grateful for. Music. singing, prayer and meditation all help me to stay centred in my heart and help me to appreciate and be grateful for all that I am and am given.
    With love and blessings

  265. Focusing on nature, a cloud, the wind, the moon, thunder, rain, plants, rocks/pebbles, the earth (like soil), pets, insects or birds ALWAYS allows me to enter center and leverage the power of Gratitude. It could be the sound of a bird or the smell of the earth or the sensasion of stroking the cat - any of the senses. One cannot be other than be in a grateful state of mind, centered and loving.

  266. Happy Spring! i awoke this morning to rain here in CO where I live which was an answer to my prayers. We’ve had a fairly dry winter and I’m so appreciative for any moisture for the land. Back in 2006 I discovered Go Gratitude at the same time I started a path with the Mayan Oracle and Calendar. Looking back it was no coininsidence, as the Great Awakening that the Maya prophesied begins and ends with appreciation and celebration of the sacred intentions of the Divine plan set in motion over 16 million years ago. Celebrating the aspects and intentions of Creations Flow every day has transformed my life at so many levels. This spring is no exception as i am learning about permaculture and preparing the soil to recieve the seeds of the New Humanity. It’s all about recieving the light and applying it. Composing the bad news of the day by wrapping potatoes in news paper,or just adding news paper to yard and garden waste and letting the worms do their job. Nature has a way of sustaining herself if we just consciously allow it. It’s so BEAUTIFUL! It’s all about personal integrity and the transformation of the garbage of our lives in our own backyard as opposed to putting it into landfills. Consciously co-creating our own Garden of Eden.
    Today the day keepers of the Mayan wisdom celebrate the Monkey, the weaver, who takes new ideas and weaves them into the fabric of our reality with the intention of taking our last success to the newest effort. It welcomes us to participate by paying ATTENTION, ALLOWING the certainty of the Divine Plan by ALLIGNING with it’s INTENTIONS, engaging our own personal INTEGRITY in our own unique ways of pursuing truth and happiness, and last but by no means least, embracing our own connection with the Divine Source by following our INTUITION. Restoring ourselves and our Mother Earth is just that simple. Growing Gratitude will be the fruits of our labor.

    Karen Majorowski http.//

  267. I am gratitude by sending blessings to the person, place or thing that made me feel gratitude. Blessings are a great way to express appreciation - so blessings to Go Gratitude.

  268. Just simply in all situations: I AM GREATFUlLL, THANK YOU

  269. I thanked the spring blossoms for their color coming into my heart.

  270. I do a form of moving meditation called Contemplative Dance/ Authentic Movement as a ritual each day. It allows me to stay in tune with the things in this universe for which I am really grateful.
    Through Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement my inner voice comes together with my outer voice, my heart yokes with my body in a subconscious way that rids stresses and tangles. Gratitude pours forth as I feel connected to universal energy.

  271. I make a deliberate, consistent space in my day (most often in the early morning) to find a place of quiet, a corner of a room; standing in the sun; drinking in the dawn; under the shade of a tree; declaring that moment sacred, to give honor, thanks and gratitude to All-that-is for All-that-is…Me. I give myself permission to receive the infilling of ‘light’, to make me conscious, awake and kind in every NOW moment of my day. And then I am still for 5-30 minutes, honoring All-that-is with the quiet of a listening heart.

    Thank you Robyn for the work of you and yours, for Go Gratitude, and for extending it out to the universe in such a wonder-filled way. Warmest wishes for success and growth of this unfolding new direction.
    With love and a hug,

  272. Every morning upon awakening, I give thanks for being given another day of life and to be able to express the Light and the Love of God that I am. Then I spend time meditating; sometimes to soft meditative music, other times by just being silent and still. My intention every day is to see how I can share the Love and Light that I am with others. A hug, a smile, a compliment, an acknowlegement of someones presence. I am grateful, that I always have something to share in the moment.

    Staying in the present moment is the only true reality. This always helps me stay centered and at peace. I know that I am blessed and spend time expressing gratitude for all that is transpiring in my life. And, in those moments when I may temporatily forget who I am, I am grateful that I can choose again. Thank you Robyn and everyone who has shared thus far.

    Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance,

  273. Gratitude is something we take for granted especially in our wealthy nation compared to say a child in Africa without clean drinking water. I try to see beyond myself and live in the Present. Reading Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” helped and being a Buddhist…seeing love in others instead of seeing an opposite or opposing opinion. Its not always easy. For myself I’m very Grateful that I’m alive every morning and survived now six years of melanoma. When one is close to death - things take on a greater significance…even the smallest victories take on momumental significance and to overcome any affection - life is a challenge…my happiness is from the life blood of doing, being and believing. Thank you Go Gratitude for also being there with wonderful sayings these past six years….namaste.

  274. I’m full of gratitude at each moment I’m unable to stay centered because I know that another chance will be given to me at the next second. So I’m grateful to be able to do my best again and again until I succeed.

  275. Hi Stacy,

    You touch us all so deeply with your gratitude focus.

    Thank You.

    My gratitude technique may be called butterfly transformation. I use it in many ways: walking, journaling, meditating, in fact I’m still exploring the life changing qualities of this gift.

    First I breath and ask myself what am I feeling? I connect to it whatever it may be (good/bad, ugly or beautiful). Next I choose my preferred feeling or outcome and let go into the silence. The last step is not really a step, more of an allowing grace to flow. I also have four animals that have walked me through these phases…

    To summarize

    1) Breathe - Whale
    2) Connect - Spider
    3) Gentle Compassion - Deer
    4) Grace - Swan

    Gratitude, Love and Respect grow from this in each phase of the metamorphosis. I’ve been sharing my journey in Animal Balance Journal each month for those who wish to receive it.

    Bless Bless, David

  276. There ar emany ways that I express gratitude. At the baginning of each day I set an intention for the day and give thanks for all that I have. I end each day much the same. Most of all, I thank about all that I have and not about what I have not. Notice I said thank about not think about!I simply replaced the “I” with an “A!”

    smiles and joy, marsha

  277. I start my mornings, with a deep breath, and inhaling and exhaling . Inhaling the new morning air and exhaling everything negative in my body, until I feel centered enough to get to start my day with all the love of my heart for everything that surrounds me, my children, my students, my creative energy, the marvelous green place where I live surrounded by nature, breathing in the humid eqarth. GRATITUDE THEN FILLS MY HEART AND MY BODY TO GO ON AND LIVE MY DAY FULL OF IT.

  278. I start my mornings, with a deep breath, and inhaling and exhaling . Inhaling the new morning air and exhaling everything negative in my body, until I feel centered enough to get up to start my day with all the love of my heart for everything that surrounds me: my children, my students, my creative energy, the marvelous green place where I live surrounded by nature, breathing in the humid earth. GRATITUDE THEN FILLS MY HEART AND MY BODY TO GO ON AND LIVE MY DAY FULL OF IT.

  279. From the Delightful Meditation Series:

    Butterflies everywhere…,if you can only imagine….

    A light hearted and light full meditation by Claudia Coronado,

    Inspired by the light beings Ariana and Semira, with gracious thanks and gratitude:

    If you can only imagine…

    A countryside, totally covered with green grass, on your left a bluff, in the distance some woods.

    The grasses growing tall, interspersed with various wildflowers under beautiful blue skies with puffy clouds, shimmering and bending in a light breeze.

    Can you imagine butterflies dancing from flower to flower, emerged in drinking the nectar of sweetness and beauty?

    Can you imagine: …you being the butterfly, being emerged in drinking in sweetness and beauty of plentiful, bountiful flowers in myriad colors?!

    Can you imagine being joyful under the blue skies and puffy clouds, warmed by a smiling sun?!

    Can you imagine to invite one of those butterflies into your heart, feeling it’s wings opening and closing, tickling the walls of your fleshly heart?!

    Can you imagine being tickled in your heart and having to laugh, knowing in your heart that there is no room for being too sad too long,..?!

    …. For nature taking it’s course and as God takes care of the birds and lilies…

    he/she the almighty takes care of it’s butterflies in each and every of our heart’s,

    as long as we allow one to nestle in and allow a butterfly to nourish itself in our heart’s nature, the sweetness and beauty of God’s own.

    Be aware of your inner nectar and let yourself been tickled by the butterfly wings.

    You will never again be truthfully sad. How could you? …. Being tickled by God‘s own, drinking the nectar of God’s own.

    You are never alone. Notice this in the daily smiles shining on you, shining on you like the radiant sun breaking right now through the stormiest clouds of our every day lives.

    Saelig Sie and Blessed Be.

  280. I have just spent a very nice time reading these comments, and would like to thank everybody involved. They have given me many ideas of how to connect up to gratitude and power my life.
    Allow me to share this experience I had recently: By simply relaxing and paying attention to my breathing, how it entered and left my body, without trying to change it in any manner, a wonderful thing happened; it slowed down and I recognized the pulse of life that it represents. Our conection to the infinite and everlasting, simply and quietly there in our breathing! Give it a try. The feeling of being present is remarkable.
    God bless

  281. How do I Gratitude?
    First I state my desire thru an Intention. Then I begin the statement with I am so Happy and Grateful for…….describing how it feels to have… the present. I record this info on an index card.I make sure that I carry it around with me everywhere I go so that I can get into this creating, grateful, feeling place as often as possible. Gratitude+Desire+Feeling=Manifestation!

  282. On a daily basis I send a group of my friends a list of things I am grateful for, and they send me theirs. As I list the numerous things that I have an appreciation for, I can feel the love & joy growing in my heart. As I search for things to share-cuz i do 10 - 20 a day, I sometimes have to dig into things that were not pleasant at the time in order to find the gift. Much healing has been done this way. As I read the lists I receive I am able to start the day with a joyful attitude that carries on throughout my activities, and I spread the smiles everywhere I go. I am able to build my gratitude on the things that others are stuggling with, and my life experiences & their lessons can & has helped others learn they can get through the ordeal without the fight or fear. This builds my gratitude even more, not only have I been able to shift my perception & find the joy - I can share it as well. Every time we write our gratitude we give it roots, when we share we give it wings. It always returns to us in ways we couldn’t imagine possible. Carry on- share the love-pass the cup of joy around and see how quickly your heart becomes over full and has to flow… can’t stop it once it has started & what a wonderful habit to develop :)
    fill your cup first-then you will have something to share…
    with gratitude comes joy
    with joy comes gratitude…..
    such a simple thing can & will change one’s life forever-after you have found it within yourself-you can never go back to not knowing..gone will be the dark bleak moments without hope & the sun will shine again..:)

  283. Every day I thank god for my loving partner Ian , but also for the little things in life, my little dog Charlie, the little Robin who sits on my fence and sings his song of life.
    The dear friends and family who play an important part in my life .
    I thank the angels for their love ,guidance,protection and support.

    But most of all I’m thankful for……… my life.

  284. Hi everybody,
    my way to Go Gratitude is “A Prayer in my car”: When I am alone in my car driving longer distances, I off the radio, and start praying LOUD to my Heavenly Helpers, my Divine Self, however you want to call it. I express my feelings of Gratitude and as I hear myself speaking it out, the good vibration is multiplied. Sometimes I start singing out how grateful I am and I am always surprised, how good it sounds. As if it is somebody else`s voice, but it is myself in a higher vibration - the vibration of Gratitude! THANK YOU!

  285. As I lay down and nurse my 7 month daughter, Victory, I feel the immense blessing that God (or whatever you like to call this source) has bestowed upon us - to take part in the creation of something absolutely perfect and precious ourselves. That we may feel the unconditional love that God does toward us, as see how magnificently special God sees each of us as. To participate in this daily miracle - to be on both sides of and feel such love, perfection and affection - in these sacred moments are the greatest touchstones of Gratitude I experience.


  287. every morning when i say my prayers,i thank God for all the things he has blessed me with .
    1) Faiza(my daughter )
    2)my friends
    3)my family
    4)my home
    5) my Job

  288. wow Karen! That was really beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

  289. I now look foward to opening my email and finding my next Go Gratitude message amongst all my junk mail!
    I feel gratitude for many things, but have yet been able to find a way to show it to the fullness that I feel it!
    Working on it!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Gratitude and Go Gratitude were instrumental in changing my life after a series of traumatic events four years ago. Last year, in recognition of ten years of sobriety and fifty years of being on the planet, I had a tattoo of the gratitude symbol placed on my left calf along with a tattoo of the recovery symbol on my right. I did this in tribute to both programs and their effects on my life. They serve as testimony and reminder that today my life is centered in gratitude and recovery. Thank you for this awesome tool.


  291. Like most I have a busy full life - marriage, kids, work, friends, self… In LIVING the present it’s often difficult to take time to CENTER on the present. My times of gratitude have to fit into my *busyness*, so I make them short and powerful. When I have my morning shower, I take a moment to breathe and FEEL the water fall over me. I imagine that the warmth is love and abundance and I say “Thank you - I am filled with gratitude”. Then, I borrow a phrase from “The Secret” and say “My world is whole, perfect, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious and happy”. I FEEL the POWER of EACH word. Throughout the day, I’ll repeat this phrase, manifest it’s power, and express my gratitude for its abundance in my life.

  292. When I want to Go Gratitude I look for things that stir my heart, whether they are in my mind or in front of me. I see the beautiful trees outside my window, I think of the people who I love, I remember how blessed I am to be conscious of my thoughts and my choices, and I remember once again that I can create my own experince. How can I not be grateful with all of this?

  293. I’m not sure quite how this works… How do I Go Gratitude…

    I get up every morning and say prayers thanking Creator and Mother Earth for the good day that lays before me. This is the first and probably most important thing. After my prayers are said, I play my flute to the birds and together we sing to Grandfather Sun. Then I watch butterflies and whatever critters come into the area.
    Then I’m ready to go to work… I answer emails from those that inquire about the work we do through Yraceburu EarthWisdom and the Sisters of Honua Project. I work to reasure as many people as possible within the perameters of earth reality shifts that all is well. I write, speak, teach to do this. I live life, and love life. This is how I Go Gratitude… I grow it in every responsible action I take.
    Thanks Stacey. Love you, M

  294. On awakening, I really LISTEN to the dawn chorus and give thanks for hearing it.
    At mealtimes, my husband & I sit holding hands and give silent thanks together - for the food, who grew it, how it got to us and who made it, for our bodies to receive it,and for our times together as a couple.

    Financial gratitude for the wondrous healing currently opening people and righting wrongs. (My husband has just come home with a story about having received an unexpected cheque of £100 from a client who questioned the final invoice 8 years ago and now admits my husband’s bill request was correct! He added £10 for the interest.)

  295. How do we Go Gratitude?
    WE dance, the sun, the wind, the water, the earth.
    We call the chant of above and below, E Ho Mai.
    We give thanks for the breath, this body, the miracle
    that we are and
    We place each new day in the light of Gratitude.
    We speak and dance in the vision of our hearts with gratitude.
    We enjoy, teach, invite, express and hope for all peoples
    to know the love that pours into us constantly.
    A L O H A…

  296. I took Gratitude to another level and decided to allow participants in my 8-week coaching program (Reinvent Yourself: Refuse to Settle for Less in Life and Business) to decide what to pay. I am truly grateful I get to do something I love and connect with others where we feel we are the answer to each other’s prayers. And, we’re having fun while partnering in meaningful ways.

  297. Dear Friends, I love what you do, and this too, I feel for the hearts of those in prison, and once they find this freedom of spirit their world will grow to infinity. Thank you all who are showing the way, and I thank them for having the courage to come away from the cycle of pain & fear and find the cycle of love & gratitude.

    My main tool for going into gratitude is to use the cycle of love and gratitude. To do this the first step for me is to receive love, not always easy for some people, but persevere, receiving love is key to life, love is the energy of life, it holds the dust of the stars that you are made of and makes the dust alive, and it sustains you every moment of your life.

    So start by breathing love into your own heart; breathe up love from your mother the earth, fill your heart, feel the beauty of this as it grows in you, feel gratitude as it grows, and breathe it on out into the aura around you, making your aura of loving.

    And breathe love down from heaven too, again fill your heart, feel the beauty of this as it grows in you, feel gratitude as it grows, and breathe it on out into the aura around you, making your aura of loving even more so. Feel such gratitude for the creator of love, for the very idea of love, and allow the love in your aura to shine out into the universe, to be a beacon of love for all creation, and in particular to radiate love to the ones who sent you love.

    They will now feel this, and be grateful, and they too will send more love, receive this too, feel it flowing into your being, be grateful again, and so the perpetual motion of divine love and gratitude starts; it ends in bliss, if you can call that an ending

    I love you all

    From Bill

  298. Hi Stacey,
    The best way to describe how i go gratitude is to write an excerpt from my upcoming book Oneness YES? It begins with You…NOW! Coming soon!!! Copyright 2009 Catherine H. Whitney

    “Let’s begin by expressing gratitude for what is right in the world instead of dwelling on what is wrong. Gratitude is tied in closely with blessing; so, let us *consciously* choose to send light, love, blessings, and gratitude to all situations. We attract what we dwell on; therefore, why dwell on the negative? If we are critical of ourselves, others, situations, or circumstances, it is time to stop! We are attracting what we do not want. Criticism and judgment will rob us of inner peace, joy, and love, and prevent us from ever reaching a state of gratitude.
    We cannot judge anything as wrong and be *genuinely* grateful for it at the same time. To be grateful for anything, we must first be able to recognize the intrinsic good in it, and that is impossible when we are sitting in judgment.
    Remember, we asked for these circumstances and experiences this lifetime to learn and grow. Once we *realize* and *embrace* this truth, we are grateful for everything that has ever happened to us. It has led us to where we are *now*, and helped us on our path to the truth and the light of our *oneness*.
    Start living the *attitude of gratitude* in each blessed eternal *now* moment. Look everywhere for reasons to be grateful. We must remind ourselves every moment that everything works for good for those who continually believe in good.
    Let the words *thank you* be constantly on our lips. Include every person, every circumstance, every experience, no matter how daunting it may be. By recognizing the power in the simple words *thank you*, gratitude allows us to rise above all judgment.”

  299. I got in the habit of saying my prayers when I run. I give thanks for all that I have in my life: my family, my house, my friends, my health, etc. Then I ask for blessings for specific people. It just became a routine when I rounded this certain bend and the ocean was in full view. I don’t run that route much anymore, but just like classical conditioning in psychology, whenever I find myself there, I automatically start my prayers. This habit of human nature could be incorporated into a daily routine, like when you are getting dressed in the morning, or some other action that is repeated every day. Soon giving thanks and being grateful will be a habit!
    Thanks for all you do Stacey.

  300. Greetings All, I agree with all of you. What a wonderful forum this is. I, too, try to remember everyday, which I don’t, to acknowledge all the things I have in life. I look around my most beautiful space and I love the plants. Tuning into nature always makes me feel gratitude…and as my heart relaxes into the feeling of love and grace, I see that being grateful is all there is. There is no full understanding of this life. Nobody has all the answers, but your heart.
    Love your life!
    Heather Snow

  301. Hi All.
    I Go Gratitude by acknowledging the present {the pre-sent} moment of now,
    the only moment there is. When you acknowledge this moment of now, you acknowledge yourself as creator.When you acknowledge yourself as creator you can consciously create your world.DO YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE CREATOR? I DO. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.
    I am grateful to be a human being experiencing herself as creator. What a wonderful way to
    to remember GOD|GODDESS. Thanks.

  302. The fastest road to gratitude for me is found in nature, a tree blowing in the wind, a bug, a flower, what ever i can see can provide the space needed to breathe in all the beautiful light that surrounds and holds us up. Tapping my third eye while taking slow easy breathes, can be helpful when my ego wants to challenge my love for all. Really for me it is simply what feels best in my stomach, love & gratitude or being angry and victimized. And last but certainly not least, this and all other groups of high vibration open the doors of love & gratitude and I just walk in. Come on in, it’s really cozy.

  303. I make 3 lists every day: a Gratitude list, a Success list, and a Miracles list. I write down at least 1 Miracle that happened in my day, as well as at least 5 Successes and 5 things I’m Grateful for. More often than not, my train of thought while writing leads me to list many more than my minimum of 5. And on particularly challenging days when just reaching 5 “gratitudes” is a chore, I start with the basic things I often take for granted: eyesight, mobility, fresh air, ten fingers and toes……. Doesn’t take long to get back on the Gratefulness track!

    Happy everything,

  304. I am grateful for the opportunity to be grateful.It’s all about what you focus on. Clearly, the human mind’s agenda can’t hold a candle to the divine self’s agenda. How grateful I am to know that and by the mercy of Grace even when I forget and slip into the dream ramblings of the ego, I am so grateful because by Grace and Truth I(we) must and will remember what is real. How magnificent is that? Wisdom and Love are keys to gratitude and gratitude is a key to Wisdom and Love.Love wins; Love always wins.

  305. please remove my name from further email


  306. I stay present in now, aware of all and always choose the happiest path.
    Go Gratitude!
    Thank you for sharing so many inspirations.

  307. Upon awakening I bless every day by lighting-up a peace candle, bowing/praying/meditating, being still, reconnecting with The heart-inner center, doing yoga, going for walks and smelling the roses on the way, sensing the wind or sun in my skin. appreciating the simple things in life and enjoying what I love when is present.
    When challenged what helps me is: slowing down, stopping, breathing deeply, and being aware and gentle with apparent limitations and blockages,until I can embrace them and be grateful for those bitter-sweet lessons too. Reminding myself there is only love and only love is real

  308. Patricia You share the same name as my younger sister. We are somewhat estranged right now and sometimes one needs to see gratitude even in life’s difficulties and separations. Gratitude for the truth of our feelings even when they may be less than optimal has been one of my challenges on the path of gratitude. I wish you and your husband joy and “yes” and art in every day.
    I am a potter. I give thanks for a recent second chakra surge and breakthrough that has allowed me to return to gainful employment in my own studio.

    *I wake each day and say “I give thanks for my life, I invite spirit in.”
    * I share the power of an attitude of gratitude with others and especially my children and people who attend my yoga classes,
    *I let that first invitation to a pity party for myself be an opportunity to list all the things I am so grateful for.
    Say Yes to LIFE Diana

  309. Yoga always brings me back to a place of gratitude and when I’m short on time I do a downward dog and breathe. When I’m in the middle of something else I simply say “gratitude, go gratitude!”

  310. Am a grateful horse lover as well and reading your message reminded me of Will Rogers famous comment “Nothing is as good for the Inside of a man as the Outside of a horse”

  311. Simiply coming into presence uncovers a sense of gratitude.

  312. I lay in bed at night before falling asleep and remember all the things that happened that day that I am grateful for. The list is usually long, and for that alone, I am grateful. This is a perfect way to go into my dreamtime and is the perfect panacea for feeling restless or not being able to go to sleep.

  313. wow it’s almost as if I wrote this!

  314. I maintain a connection to gratitude by centering myself in my sacred intention and then Tracking( my signature practice) all my significant and not so significant daily events back to the intention. In this way I am training myself to step beyond the illusion of what “appears” to be happening and into the living reality of my intention unfolding in my day; it feels like my intimate pillow talk with God.

    Symbolic Tracking opens me to see Godcidences (formerly known as coincidences) and Synchrodestinies (a.k.a synchronicities) unfolding outside and inside of me. Bumper stickers, vanity license plates, animal encounters and even snippets of conversations I over hear, open me to the truth of the statement that “God is closer than your own breath.”

    The more I Track, the deeper my gratitude is. After 15 years of active Tracking, today I am grateful for the presence of “my” own and others’ thoughts and feelings; especially negative ones. As I Track these “events” back to my Intention I repeatedly receive more and more evidence of the divine unfolding in my life.

    The more I Track my experiences to my intention, the more gratitude I feel! The more gratitude I feel the easier it is to Track. Got to love it!

    Go Gratitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. I am a Shiatsu Therapist and with every client I work on when I get to their head I cover their eye and think of this prayer which came to me many years ago.

    “I co-create with spirit a healing for _____ Fill their heads with wisdom, their hearts with love and their life with passion and compassion, and every cell in their body with perfect health. This prayer is said for both of us.

    They are not completely sure of what just happened, but indeed something does happens and they know it.

    Sharing this with them is a beautiful gift to the both of us.

    And for this I am truly grateful.

  316. Gratitude for existence, contemplating the awesomeness of being, perception of the you in me and the me in you , acknowledging the power of action [people like yourselves, who have long term goals which are based on Love]. There are shining lights globally making intentional differences in perception helping to change people on an immense scale. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for the ability to change my perception enabling me to live in this reality. I am grateful to be awake. I am beginning to be grateful for my existence and my place in the world. I am grateful for people who love and are awake and uncontrolling. I am grateful for cognitive therapy and Universal Law. I am grateful to be reminded of foregiveness. Mostly I am grateful to be! with all my human qualities. I am grateful for the experience of life and all that brings. I wish you well. ‘Tis hard to be an example. Judgement is implied by our very action to change. So My gratitude brings me to myself and what is good about the world. I am grateful for thought—it is meaningful. I AM—now what? I am grateful for my anger as it awakened me, I am grateful for forgiveness as it gives me the right to be, along with thee—judgement free. If I allow gratitude I must abide by what it truly entails. Gratefully Beverley

  317. I suppose the real question here is what do we do as a result of Gratitude? How does it manifest in daily life as action [to others]in relationship with the 3D reality [perception] So for me it translates into buying locally if possible. Why? Because upon awakening I saw what was happening around me. Love sleeping, people asleep, fear abounding, paranoia and lots of separation. Locally is making it mine so I must act with what I can do. Like a pebble dropped in water the rings expand until unseen they continue ever changing. I see the cause and effect and do what I can out of love. Therefore supporting change which will effect a loving outcome. I am grateful for my garden. Gardening brings one close to the earth and growing things. Makes one aware of the earth, trees, birds, sky, WATER! I am grateful for water, air, and earth. The earth is not greedy. So the action for gratitude is growing food which I can share. Just being grateful and letting it fill you until you glow.

  318. Every morning when I waken, I give Gratitude that I am where I am, safe once more, that I have a cute little pup to kiss my chin “good morning”. We all have something no matter how small to be grateful for.
    “God” or whatever you choose to call Source has been good and kind and loving and every day is a Blessing of Peace and Gratitude. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  319. I am grateful for the changes taking place in communities around the world to empower the poor. Brazil has done wonders in this area. We are going to follow their lead and try to start something right here in our own Southern community…who knows what miracles will come from it! I am grateful for the changes starting to happen in this world, fostered by places like this one.

  320. Whilst on a 4 hour driving trip recently I was writing my very long gratitude list and amongst it was:
    Thank you for public toilets along the way and the people who clean them.
    Thank you for all the button pushers in my life who show me where I have work to do.
    Thank you spirit for working with me
    Thank you for all the wonderful growth tools and processes I have available to me

  321. Thanks Stacy for opening the doors of gratitude wisdom to everyone. Your GO Gratitude Progam is wonderfull.
    We just finished our Believe In Gratitude, B.I.G. Groups meeting this evening, then here I find your blog filled with Gratitude. Gratitude at work everywhere!
    We utilize journal writing to anchor our Gratitude daily. By being aware of our Blessings and being Grateful for them we attract more good into our lives. Gratitude is a cycle that grows on itself. Become the Gratitude Radiator. Radiate Gratitude out into your world and attract more good into your life.
    I am Grateful for You.
    Tom Haworth

  322. Before lunch and dinner every day - no matter where we are, my husband and I say a prayer before we eat. Our prayer is stated as a thank you for our food and whatever else we are thankful for at that time. Also when one of us notices a beautiful sunset, cloud pattern, moon, bird, bunny, etc. we get the other one, stop what we are doing and enjoy it together in a space of gratitude for that magnificence.

  323. I use the EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique )to literally tap in or delete whatever I wish. So as I wish to make Gratitude 2nd nature I focus on gratitude as I tap 8 acupuncture points on my body.

  324. I’m getting the “Go Gratitude” symbol tatooed for my 56th B-Day to remind me everyday. I read everyday how I am grateful for everything. I say thank you always, from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. I also listen to hypnotherapy CD’s at night as I sleep.

  325. I did the 40 day Go Gratitude 3 years ago. I was inspired! I adore Tea and with its multi-dimensions. I was led to develop Tea programs/celebrations, using T.E.A. for To Experience Appreciation. I developed a GraTEAtude Journal, to support the grateatude writing nurtured in a book I was also inspired to write ‘Take Time Out for You’. This is a call to Take T.ime to E.xperience A.ppreciation! I have found in the last 2 years that writing grateatude, taking time out to slow down & sip and savor life, has transformed a previously hyper-critical mind! I used to teach Self-Talk, so I accepted the ideas, but the Journal guided me to DO it .. and Tea supports me everyday in many ways! I LOVE LIFE NOW.. I AM GRATEAFUL!!! [they're on Amazon and] Thank you Go Gratitude! Blessings, Deborah McGuire

  326. I am grateful for starting my journey from England to the Westcoast of Canada, across the prairies, to the north, back to the prairies, to Central Canada and back to the Westcoast. I’m am grateful that my path brought me in touch with many people, some are dear old friends, some were just passing through my life. I am grateful to live by the ocean where I can paddle my kayak and be surrounded by the beauty of Westcoast, the seals, the eagles, the herons and all that Mother Earth has given us. Every day I am grateful for something. Go Gratitude was a confirmation of all I already felt & I’m gratful for the 42 days bringing it into perspective for me. Thank you thank you thank you.

  327. When I quit smoking over a year ago, I was so very grateful for every moment I was smoke free. After that the gratitude just started flowing and I started recognizing all I had to be grateful for. My list is ever expanding. The economy was responsible for my being laid off my job. I spent the first moments shocked - then it turned to “awe” as I started to be grateful for what was to come and curious to watch the process. I’ve never had a moment of worry financially. It seems to take care of itself. Gratitude just keeps bringing more to be grateful for. Mostly my heart soars at all the simple pleasures such as sunshine on a March day in Minnesota, rain fall, cool fresh air to deep breathe. How very fortunate I am for the privilege of being here. Make a list - you will never have to repeat one item and your list will be many pages long. Spread the joy and feel it! Nan

  328. go gratitude for what is in front of you not what is missing. and you do find that you have all that might be missing.

  329. I am grateful for the depth of soul to see beauty in and perfection in all. The taste of knowing that love is always the answer. Love all ways and always love. What the world needs now is love sweet love its the only thing that there is just too little of…..

  330. Thank you for keeping us mindful of all that really matters!

  331. I am so greatful for the pure breath of life!
    In Love,



  333. I am grateful for so many things in my life. But the thing that really overwhelms me with gratitude is when I practice the GRACE LIGHT meditation. I always come away from it with a strong sence of gratitude, love, peace, happiness, healing and miracles coming my way. I am so grateful for Grace Light in my life that I want to share it with everyone. And I feel like I have finally found my mission.

    For more information about the miracle of Grace Light go to









  335. As a Reiki Master I follow the Usui Principle’s of Reiki and do self treatment daily. The Reiki Principles are: Today Feel NO anger, Have NO worries, Show gratitude, Be diligent in all undertakings, Treat others with Kindness. When I’m deeply connected to the Principles, Gratitude is an easy state to live in. For me, more than being grateful, Showing gratitude is where it’s at. Action. In deed.

  336. i am currently in the most challenging phase of my life. i battle to start each day, i battle to get through each day, i battle to go to sleep at night, i battle to understand why?.. i have become the battle weary warrior woman… BUT i am still incredibly grateful for the wonderful son i have, my health (long may it last),my transport, my home in the mountains of South Africa, my supportive friends and instructive family… my loyal loving dogs, the sound of rain on the roof, the leaves turning into their beautiful autumn colours, the dips and peaks of the mountains,and my new herb garden i am about to start… love and light to all who may need it and to all who have those heavy loads to carry……x

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  338. We share gratitude via Crystal Grids and make a connection world wide via meditation and light connections.

    Furthermore every day is a day of Gratitude. Sharing with Mother Earth the beauty of growing.

  339. Hi Stacey,

    First of all, I’d like to give thanks for this wonderful experiment. Any kind of exercise that spreads the good word of gratitude is worth its weight in gold.

    Personally, I start each day by religiously giving thanks for all the five senses that I still posses. I give thanks for friends, family, the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, but most of all the creator of all mankind.

    Thank you once again Stacey.


  340. While driving into work I show my gratitude by giving thanks to God for my family, my job, my amazing boyfriend, my friends and acknowledging how truly blessed I am. I pray that God will give me focus, hard work, quick thinking and no stress while I am at work. I turn the music up and sing and dance in the car on my way to work. Try it! It makes me feel good every morning!

    Have a blessed day!

  341. Thanks for this new wave of gratitude,Stacey and ken, and this opportunity to post about my favorite gratitude technique!
    I use the HU, a very simple but extremely powerful word or mantra that harmonizes all my bodies with the highest vibrations of divine love. It helps me keep my heart and mind open, even in the darkest times. But the HU is to be experimented, more than talked about… You can check it out here:
    Happy day to all — And if you’d like to try the HU, happy HUings too!!! This lIfe is worth living, isn’t it?!

  342. The tool I use most to help me grow and go is the Holy Bible. In my discovery of the power of praying Scripture, I continue to grow gratitude for the gift of life, and for the Giver… and find myself centered and able to be grateful for all things and people.

  343. I make this a practice:
    When I am in a situation with a person with whom I feel discomfort, discord, or any lack of total connection, I make the assumption that this exists simply because I haven’t found my connection to them yet. So, I make it my mission to find that place of connect, rather than avoiding them. Sometimes this is a stranger, sometimes a close associate. When I approach, rather than avoid, and spend the time to listen deeply, it always brings me to love, and a natural state of gratitude arises.

  344. When I wake up each day I say thank you to the Universe and hop out of bed. I put both feet on the ground and as I stand I raise my arms to the sky and say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    As I interact with people It has become a habit to thank them and or tell them how much I appreciate them. I have even gone as far as telling a complete stranger that I love them. They were being incredibly helpful and I just said, ” I Love you! Thank you!”

    The response from people is always beautiful and people have started to go way out of ther way to help and be of service to me.

    I drive for a living and rare times when people dart in front of me or aren’t so helpful when I need to get over. I say thank you to them because no matter what. It’s all perfect and I am in no hurry on my journey. I am having a blast and if you need to go before me.. please do. Bless you and thank you!

    When I go to sleep at night I start saying Thank you and or I think about all of the things that I am thankful for. I read somewhere that whatever mindset you go to sleep in you wake up in, but in an amplified state! It true!!!!

    Thank you Go Gratitude for Blessing us with the reminder of this simple and ever powerful gift! I love you and appreciate you! Thank you!

    “I’ve been swimming down a strong stream of gratitude and I have connected with the ocean of appreciation.” ~ Enjoli Rountree

  345. Whenever I feel low on gratitude, I take a look at the unsurmountable odds that some people (famous and not so famous) have overcome throughout the course of their life — how did they do it? Gratitude was always a common denominator! Then I thank them for allowing me the opportunity to see that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Biographies I recommend: Jane Goodall, Mother Theresa, Mattie (with the MDA), Ghandi, Horatio Alger, and the list goes on… It reminds me that we aren’t alone in our own journey, and I am thankful for that!

  346. When I turned 50, 9 years ago, I received a book Simple Abundance that gave the GRATITUDE JOURNAL as a tool to unleash abundance in our lives and I started doing it religeously for 2 years, it changed my life. From grumpy to happy, everything seemed to flow, the more I did it the better it got. Then life got in the way and I would stop for a while and things would start to rivert back and I would start again and it would get better. A year and a half ago I stopped, my 29 year old son who was suffering from cancer for the last 15 years went into terminal phase and he passed away December 8th 2008. I started again my gratitude journal and it helps me tremendously keep myself in a positive frame of mind and I am sure bring abundance into my life once more. The other tool I use is TaiChi to center myself and feel the energy within. Walking in nature also feeds me and makes me grateful for all the beauty of our world, the incredible diversity of all the living creatures that are part of our environment, how perfect everything is. Looking at a cat basking in a ray of sunshine also is a good example of how to enjoy the little things and be grateful.

    Thank you for this wave of gratitude I don’t feel so alone in my corner with this way of thinking anymore. I have found the gratitude journal so powerful and have given pretty notebooks to so many of my friends to help them go gratitude but to my knowledge none of them has made the effort to start (you can bring a horese to water but you can not make him drink) and recently one gave me back the notebook that is what started me again, I am gratefull for that. Beauty is all around we just have to see.

    Gratefully yours,

    Lise Pinet

  347. What helps me stay centered in gratitude…I look into the six individual eyes of my three children and I start to get a glimpse of Indra´s net. It is there I become so grateful for the chance to rear these three little people, in a sane way with enormous amounts of love. For the experience of all the journeys we have taken together and will take someday…that I can hardly stop tears of joyful gratitude.

  348. I brief - I begin with expressing my graditude for another beauitfule successful day also mentally noting the bounty that I have with graditude. I medictate expressing mt graditude then look at the picture of my life that I’m choosing to have (in the future) and identify the negative emotions and then the postive emotions around my choices coming then being gratefule for the success of achieving those goals I have choosen.

  349. I feel grateful when I listen to someone and they share with me what they’re feeling, when they’re honest with me. I realise then that I am not alone, that others feel suffering and joy and I feel privileged that they are able to share their deepest thoughts and feelings with me. I feel grateful that I am able to walk in the woods and by the sea, and that I can dance, and run, and be free.

  350. I remain in gratitude by silently thanking God for things, people and experiences throughout the day. I appreciate everything and everyone with whom I come in contact. It has become a habit, now, to spontaneously express my gratitude, and it feels great.

  351. My friends and I write a list of gratitude 5 or 10 and then send them to each other or reply all.Lots of gratitude shared.

  352. Thank you for this opportunity to share.
    I feel an immense depth of gratitude when I spend time with my horse Prowler who came into my life this past fall. Often when I go down and feed him in the morning I sit next to him and listen to him eat as the sound is truly soothing and ‘present’. I breathe and look around this amazing land here where I live and feel my heart brimming with joy, gratitude and love for my life and all the grace available to me (us) in every moment.

  353. Haven’t read all the above, however, how about a GRATITUDE WALK every morning…………?

  354. Whenever I start to feel bad, negative or off in some way, I visualize that my head is like a fluorescent bulb and light it up. The white light takes away the shadows in my mind and strengthens my connection to the source.

  355. I, of course think about the things that I have to be grateful for. But I also have a powerful tool that I am extremely grateful for!! It is here:

    There is also a tool that I think everyone should be aware of that is for the betterment of the entire world. It’s called “Project One World” and it uses the collective consciousness to promote feelings of peace. It’s free to all who wish to participate:

  356. My process for getting into gratitude is; just after I awake and before I become completely awake, I put all the thoughts starting to come in as to the day’s schedule, aside (after thanking them) into a sphere of white light until I’m finished. I then begin with the tiniest thing I can think of for which to be grateful … to be in such a comfortable warm bed, in a safe comfortable home with a secure roof to keep me dry in all this rain, the purring and soft fur of my kitty as he tries to get me up to feed him, of his decision to keep staying with me … of the fact that I have all 5 fingers and toes and that I can move them … and as I move through these beginning thoughts of greatFULLess the deluge begins and as I open my eyes, everything I see is a thing or process for which to be grateful, and this then colors my whole day and the people and processes and things in it! It’s then really hard to think of a reason not to be grateful and happy …

  357. HOW TO MAKE A GRATITUDE VISION BOARD….many of you may already have gratitude journals that you keep daily or write in weekly. Others that are followers of Oprah & Abraham-Hicks may have a creativity or gratitude box to keep quotes and other inspirational material in. BUT one of my clients’ favorite ways to develop an attitude of gratitude is by creating a Gratitude Vision Board. If you already have a vision board, you can pin or tape your updated (recommend at least weekly) gratitude list to your board. There is even greater power in creating Gratitude Vision Board for your life. To peek at 20 pages of THE VISION BOARD book free go to And to begin this weekend start with these suggestions for using your Vision Board to Express Gratitude: a) Morning gratitudes make them in front of your board, b) Coffee break gratitudes, try to get out of your office and see nature and thanks the Universe for welcoming you each day, c) Try saying grace to at lunchtime; breakfast may be too harried and dinner may be rushed but take time at lunch to say grace and many clients say this quiet moment of whispering grace to themselves or aloud(if alone in your office) may help you eat more mindfully. Count your blessings at the end of the day — see if you can get up to 10 reasons to be grateful for the day –even if it IS rainy outside. Walk your talk…while you’re doing your evening exercise walk, begin and end the experience with gratitude to yourself and your God or Universe so that you remind yourself that developing an attitude of gratitude starts with YOU. Think about this you are irreplaceable, which makes you priceless! Thank you for this opportunity. And as a bonus to see 15 more pages of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz for free go to http:/

  358. I stay in Gratitude by Being. I live my soulpurpose; I am serving all the new bornes on our planet and their parents by expending consiousness, reach out to them and meet them whenever possible to inspire them to live their Soulpurpose. I just love what I am doing for the Oneness.

    In gratitude,

  359. When I find that I can’t get to sleep (most nights!) I practice my reiki, incorporating the Go Gratitude symbol as part of the reiki symbols and I start to list all the things, starting with the smallest and most mundane,that I’m grateful for. I never get past the third item before sleep comes and takes me away!

  360. Thankyou!
    My heart feels light and grateful each time I think of my family and friends. I love you all. I am grateful for the clean air that I breathe, the clean water that I drink, the food I eat, that I have a roof over my head. I can see, I can feel, I can touch, I can hear the beauty and love around me. And, I thank God that I can live in peace, without war, in my country.

  361. Genuine Gratitude Transforms Attitude
    into . . .

    Purposeful Acceptance:

    of abrupt changes
    illness…set backs
    seemingly unpleasant circumstances
    the commonplace
    tough truths
    rough responsibilities
    repetitive lessons . . .


    reading, meditating, writing and drawing
    every day
    like I’ve never done before.

    Karem M. Tylutki
    March 28, 2009

  362. I wake up every morning grateful to have life flowing through my body. I give back to the creator of this gift by donating my energy in teaching fitness classes to adults with limited movement abilities. I am so grateful the abundance was available to film my “Breath Of Life Yoga” routine in order to reach more people. I received a letter that moved me to tears from a woman who said her husband with Alzheimers disease joins her in the workouts and she finds that it helps him focus. Another woman wrote that her asthma prevented her from traditional on-the-floor yoga poses and she was forever grateful to have a seated yoga routine. To have helped one person find joy in their body, is the greatest feeling. I have given so many DVD’s away and the blessings I have received in return made it all worth while. Gratitude returns in blessings. Susan Tuttle

  363. For me, the process and the tools are:
    -It is by Grace that I REMEMBER… that I have a choice! It is a moment of lucid SELF awareness.
    -In that moment, I have the opportunity to do something with my awareness. In that moment I have a choice. (Before that moment, I really did not have a choice because I was not aware.)
    -In that moment, I bring my awareness inward and I naturally become aware of my BREATHE. This is an expansion and grounding of my awareness.
    -With this new found awareness, I have multiple choices as my next step. I choose one of these at random:
    –I use the simplified techniques of Ho’Oponopono. The four statements are said with feeling: “I am sorry”; “Please forgive me”; “I love you”; “Thank You”. (
    –I use one of the Ishaya’s Ascension techniques that are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love.
    –I connect myself with Mother Earth and Father Sky. A personalized form of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Earh Sky meditation. (

    Gratitude is a nice side-effect of connecting within.

    Amen! Thank you for letting me share.

    Peace, Blessings and Grace
    Always and All Ways!

  364. I place Kobbi Stones (colorful river rock etched with special symbols) as decoration in my home and office. I use them as reminders to take a moment to be thankful for the many things that make my life abundant. In this moment, I am focused on the Kobbi Symbold for “Modern Times”. Without technology like the internet, I wouldn’t get to experience such a wonderful community like Go Gratitude. Thank you!

  365. Among many beautiful gratitude strategies, I do what I love best - sing. But also hum… consciously. And channel healing songs.

    In other words, I use the gifts I know myself to have. And I use them joyously!

    My daughter said that when I hum, my aura changes from blue and turquoise to a dance of rainbow colours.

    Sometimes I think there is no difference between gratitude and love - or that either one brings the other along for the ride. :)

    Love & Light,
    Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

  366. i wake up each morning
    grateful for my pillow
    grateful for my sheets
    grateful for my comforter
    grateful for my bed
    grateful for my dogs
    grateful for my home
    grateful for my friends
    grateful for my health
    i get up
    go to the bathroom
    go to the kitchen
    drink a glass of water
    light candles and incense on my altar
    sit down and meditate for forty minutes
    reminding myself to love myself
    i am perfect as i am right now
    everything is perfect as it is right now
    i inhale up my spine
    i exhale all negativity
    and feel my cells merging with the universe
    full of gratitude and love

  367. Celebrate every day with just a look at the Universal Peace Calendar and it´s symbols and little texts.

    Gratitude is mentioned twice in the circle of 20×13 days.

    Love from germany

    Wilfried Fink

  368. I share on a Women’s Gratitude List almost daily. It is a very important part of my day…it is an action that sets my mind in the proper positive state of mind; for everything I have, who it is I am, is the result of God’s GRACE and MERCY.
    I’m grateful for my dear friend, Barb, who introducted this site to me.
    Watch for continued blessings in this moment,


  370. Gratitude and blessing to all of you for sharing your lovely practices. One of my practices is the
    Water Blessing
    For the vast oceans that cover the planet
    For the water that falls from the heavens and bubbles up from the earth
    From the great lakes to the smallest pond and puddle
    From the roaring rapids and meandering rivers to the smallest brook and stream
    For the healing, nourishing, and cleansing properties that water generously provides
    For the water within my body, and the water in the bodies of us all
    I love you, I thank you, I respect you
    I love you, I thank you, I respect you
    I love you, I thank you, I respect you


  371. Maureen,
    That’s so wonderful. Would you mind sharing the site?

  372. I am greatFULL for kNOWing we are all making positive change (k)now with the intention, invocations, breaths of love and light.

    Learning and practicing everyday (k)new (to me) meditaions, invocations, exercises to help myself and others in healing mental, physical, spiritual patterns that are hindering our highest paths from being taken. For this I am grateful and to Supreme Science Qigong Foundation and mostly my Sifu Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson at International Institute of Qigong Medicine.

    I am grateful that in 2012 when 93 of us (k)new Dr.s of Qigong Medicine will spread the teachings of the lesser known pre-communism china–traditional chinese medicine practice of medical qigong and that will help reduce dangerous western medical practices and harmful drug prescription use.

  373. I follow the path of Avatar Enlighetened Planitary Consciousness.
    I do what we call “Feel its”
    It’s easy…

    Refelect on a person, object or idea and “FEEL” into it…
    Become what you are reflecting on… FEEL INTO IT…

    Then, let go…

    Move to another…

    repeat until the stillness and calm of Gratitude fill your being.

    If something comes up, know how to dis-create it.

    Want to know how to dis-create? Find out here:

  374. Breath from your Heart, put on a smile from the center of your eyebrows :-) let the golden lava of Divine Love flood your Being.. Enjoy… Thanks Thanks Thanks…

  375. Everyday I am grateful to God for sending His deloved Son, Jesus, to die for me so I have everlasting life. I am grateful that through His Blood, my Spirit is as pure as His. I am grateful for His Blessing in ALL things. I am grateful for all He has made known to me and that He loves me - dispite myself.

    with the brightest of Light and many Blessings

    Jan xxx

  376. Gratitude….Is it always easy to be grateful? To me, the honest answer it no, it is not. Back in the late 60s and early 70s we chanted, “Peace and Love”. We denounced material things and scorned those who felt the need for them. We said, “Love Everyone”. We were naive and we contradicted ourselves without seeing it. It was easy to feel Peace and rally against the war. We did not understand that the young people fighting that war needed our unconditional love. It was easy to say we loved everyone, but did we? When the police came around, we coined the word “pigs” - so it was alright if we didn’t love them; it was also alright if we didn’t love the wealthy people - they were the “establishment”. Yes, we denounced materialism, but we had to have the BEST sound systems.
    Gratitude…..Thank goodness I grew up and grew old! Even now it is alway not easy to feel gratitude, but it is pretty easy to recognize fear, anger, and other negative emotions. When these emotions enter I take the time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E. at least 3 full deep breaths. I close me eyes and think of my children. I think of my grandchildren. I picture tiny seeds pushing their way through winter hardened soil, then poking all the way out to find the sunlight, then reaching up to view the sun in all her glory, then standing on a spindly stem before showing her tiny leaves. How could one not be grateful for this miracle? How can one not be grateful for any miracle of birth. How can one not be grateful for the miracle of the entire life cycle?
    Of the things I am most grateful for it is the ability to read and write. I can’t imagine life if it weren’t for this humble knowledge.
    I try to journal my gratitude but don’t do it on a daily basis. At the end of the day I do take the time to give thanks to the god and goddess for all the blessings and relive each one that happened to me that day.

  377. Cut the defence spending by 50%!!!

    Start with the G20, then the rest of the world !!!

    [Pass on this message! Make this known to the world – Everybody!]

    Tan Kwank Liang . . .The MakeA DifferenceArtist!

    The Spring equinox ?21 March 2009

  378. When I come up against something that makes me want to react in a negative way–I just take a little breath and ask myself, “What else could this mean (what’s really going on here)? Instead of reacting I can then choose to respond. Most effectively, I don’t end up sleeping on the couch!!!

  379. I find it helps to remind myself that we ALL (including all life) have more in COMMON than we have DIFFERENCES. To find the connection between someone who is difficult, ask them about what THEY CARE ABOUT. Chances are, i can find something i can connect with them about, whether its their kids, their parents, their animals and we can share positives instead of building a wall.

  380. Gratitude is unconditional love for life, not just for things. Can you still feel gratitude when those things you wrote on your gratitude lists are gone from you? I don’t think there should be an effort to make “troubles” into blessings, a struggle to control. Our minds will focus on problems and tell us we’re having a bad day. We don’t pay attention to all the things that are fine like health, running water, electricity, freedom. The Japanese call it Naikan, not taking for granted what is working well for you. Do you have a headache right now? You will only notice when you do. I love the miracle of just being here.

  381. Exploring who is behind website has been very beneficial for me for the last 30 years.
    I hope someone takes a closer look.
    Best regards,

  382. This is lovely Peg thank you xxx

  383. I am greatful for “FAITH IN GOD”. FAITH - the belief or trust in things unseen.

  384. Gratitude for me comes in many forms but the 3 most important to me right now are: Intuition (knowing through feeling) and regularly gathering in circle with others who are willing to be real and grow (and of course my amazing girlfriend…who I will forever be grateful for)!
    Any group with this intension can create an amazing space in which you might find what I do, which is that when I feel like its only me with a problem the more universal it seems to be, the ‘problems’ are that which the gold in life comes from and simply that I am not alone in this human journey…. I am part of a mens group ( that meets regularly (as I do forget these things too easily) and I feel so grateful to have such a space/community to be part of and a sense of gratitude for simply being human wells in me every time!

    Intuition is 1 of the other big things in my life that I am grateful for and creates more gratitude in my life as it connects me with that which is greater than me (call it what you will, God, Love, etc). I ask my heart questions that are important to me every day and act on the guidance I get in the form of a physical sensation. You can try this simple technique by getting into a ‘quiet’ state and saying my name is______ (use a name that is not yours) and observe for bodily response, then say my name is_____ (use your real name) and again observe for bodily response.
    The truth usually resonates differently in your body, so once you are clear with your personal bodily response to the truth you can ask yourself anything in the form of a statement and see what answer you get (eg-this career path will serve me, or eating this sandwich will nourish my body, etc). You get the idea !?!(I learned this from an incredible woman, Maryanne Sea). I know whatever response I get will serve myself and others as it comes from the heart (the place where we are all connected). Hope it works as well for you as it has done for me!

  385. Sharing gratitude stories deepens my gratitude practice. Depression is lack of gratitude, period. When I raise my head and arms heavenwards and proclaim, “Thank you God!” …for anything, there is a shift. I meditate. I figure that anything that comes to me is a gift from God. For this I am grateful. The process of acceptance has led to gratitude. Gratitude leads to the ecstatic pure bliss of being and knowing oneself. I have felt this two times in my life. Once for three months. :) I know there is more to come and that it can be consistent every day state. I am grateful to be on this path. I teach Yoga on the beach and each time we arrive we acknowledge that we are the luckiest people on earth. This site is such an amazing blessing. Thank you Stacey. Sat nam Jill

  386. Thank you so much for this amazing visual practice. It is what I need to help so many others who are going through difficult and chaotic times at present.
    Each morning I write in a journal about the things I am grateful for and those things I desire to come as if they are already here. I am fortunate to be able to sit in the Arizona sunshine and feel the power of it’s healing rays. Now I can project that energy to others with this visual technique.
    Bless you.

  387. I look to nature and fill myself with a sense of peace and to cnter myself all through the day.I breathe in the sun’s warmth, the sweet smell of the trees and flowers, and listen for the animals and birds. Taking even a few minutes a day to be outside and connect with nature is essential for me.

  388. Anytime an unhappy, fearful thought or feeling lonely begin I immediately stop all thought. Release breathe & focus my eyes to nature… a cloud, tree, insect, star, tree. I breathe in connecting as I am that energy, the sun and ocaean waves are my favorites.

    Puberty brought depression into my life & menopause added anxiety, fear was controlling my life. My intention for was to eliminate the need for depression/anxiety medication. I learned fear was a major cause, meditation, music, affimations and practicing gratitude works !!

    F alse
    E motions
    A ppearing
    R eal

    Receiving Stacey’s 42 daily messages brought about a release of tears, different than ever before; these weren’t painful. Unknowningly heartspace was cleansed to receive love. (For 20 years my heart was shut down). I visualized a red beating heart, hugged trees grounding to Mother Earth, sending light energy through my body. My desire is to feel heartfelt love again.
    Vibrations Galore

  389. First, I desire to say thank you for this opportunity to share that which is dear to my heart. I am going to share two of the practices I use to live gratitude:

    #1 Two dear friends and I use the Silva Mastermind Method that is a powerful creation tool. We have done this for over two years with amazing miracles being a part of our lives on an ongoing basis. What makes it so powerful is how we focus on gratitude first. We spend the first part of our session sharing with each other our gratitude for the successes we have experienced in the last two weeks. The joy we feel in celebrating together is so palatable that we often cry for joy. Then to deepen the gratitude we spend 17 minutes in a guided gratitude meditation created by Kain Samiya who is an amazing Silva Method instructor. This sets the space for us to do the intention process. Gratitude is what sets the stage for conscious creation.

    #2 Gratitude is what nourishes relationships. It is part of my daily focus, just like so many have said in posts before me, when I go to sleep and as I awaken. I say and feel all the beautiful thinks I am grateful for about my sweetheart John and all who are in my life. Everyone is a gift in my life including my ex-husband. The gifts are not for me to judge for even unpleasant gifts bring so much for me to grow from. An important part of this practice is to express this gratitude to John in intimate detail of how precious he is to me and what I love about him. This is what nourishes our relationship and keeps it vibrantly alive.

  390. I focus my attention on the area of my heart and breathe deeply, slowly, quietly, and rhythmically, as though my breath is entering and leaving my heart area.

    Then I try to feel a positive emotion, or appreciation for something I’m grateful for.

    This produces an immediate centering and calm feeling of peace.

  391. I was offline while moving house when this email came through. I just now opened it 10 months later. Tomorrow is my birthday and I thank you for the birthday present. Here’s how I Go Gratitude.
    I sing. If I’m not feeling the Gratitude yet singing brings it….even singing the blues brings gratitude greens and heart happiness.
    I commune with and converse with and play with the plant people…most outdoor plant people. I garden and maintain landscape plantings and wait, walk or run in the forest.
    I do yoga. Attention to the breath brings gratitude.
    I write and edit for clarity and flow.
    I spend time with children and do my best to let them be in charge of our relationship for as long as I can mangage. They are soooooooo happy to be alive. It’s infectious.
    Thanks for reminding me to work on my job resume from a place of gratitude.

  392. Appreciate you so much for the beautiful work you do promoting Gratitude!! Grateful in this moment to inhale and ‘download’ all these heartfelt blessings in one beautiful wave of gratitude. What a gift this morning!!
    Each evening as the next day begins, my practice is to be grateful for the opportunities in the passing day and to offer this harvest to be used for the wellbeing of all- I specifically review things that passed in the day-good, bad or ugly. In the morning as my eyes open my heart feels gratitude for waking and living another wonder-ful day, I give thanks for what will unfold and present itself in this day and I am grateful to serve in whatever way I am called to. I am grateful to live in the flow of life energy and to offer tools to others to find peace and rest in their hearts. I am gratitude for all that is.
    One tool I offer is Core Dynamics coaching and Pure Awareness technology to ‘debug’ our conditioned responses, emotional energy that would have us be less than who we are.
    Appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this grateful community. Onward and upward!

  393. A day experinece of GRATITUTE - One day I woke up with bundles of gratitues. I started the day with giving thanks and praises for the graces, sucessess, life and all the good things of who-so-ever comes into my mind,it was wonderful. It was endless.

  394. My way of living in gratitude
    is to breath in deeply a smell right down to my belly button ………. as that is the most profound way to bond
    It happens to be the smell of my Mother who gave me life. and has been gone for over 20years
    This then gives me a reflection of color and movement and a vibrational sound
    I then let out my breath into the world so we might all have a life of sacred rebirthing
    across the universe.

  395. I found your website on google and read a number of your other posts. freezing added you to my best Google News Reader. Keep up the good work count on reading more from you later on.

  396. The theme I’ve been mulling over is sort of hard to put into words, but I guess it’s closest to “Victorian laboratory meets hobbit hole” with a splash of old-fashioned typography. Quirky antiques, moss, letterpress everything… slightly steampunk, perhaps, but lighter and softer.

  397. Stacey,
    Absolutely love your project and have been sharing it all over! I do have one question. Can you tell me about the sound in the movie? I really don’t want to say ANYthing negative about this endeavor because it’s awesome! However, the sound is very disturbing. Please do not post in comments as I was only trying to reach you. Phenomal dear Stacey! You’re changing the world! Sending love, Crystal

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