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Happy B’earthday to …

Every year, an event takes place that never ceases to amaze me — my b’earth day (You know … the day I came to earth day!)

When I was younger, it was all about what I was getting — you know, a Betsy Bean doll, Guess jeans, a new car (never happened!) or a later curfew.

In my twenties, it was all about letting go — letting go of what never happened, what I no longer was or, after three kids, attachment to an idea of what my body should be or do. Funny how Motherhood changes you.

In my thirties, I came to find the power of Gratitude — Gratitude for having a roof over my head and love in my heart, as well as the freedom (and choice!) to follow my bliss thru stewarding Go Gratitude.

So this year, to celebrate another turn around the sun, I made a list of all the things I’m grateful for — 37 to be exact — to match my age and euro shoe size.

Enjoy and feel free to share a few things you are great-full for, too!

Ok … here we grow:

  1. Being ALIVE!!!
  2. My Beloved Sweetheart, Soulmate, partner and playmate - Ken.  I love you, Ku’uipo.
  3. Our family, especially my four children, Alyssa, Kyl, Alexander, and Gabriel — for being the most amazing teachers and evolutionary partners.anastasia1
  4. Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars Series - WOW! These books have inspired us in countless ways and renewed our passion for gardening, love of the simple life and a renewed faith in a bright future for Mankind.
  5. Water - The first Spirit of Life
  6. The Freedom Tribe - music to open the heart and inspire the soul.
  7. Five Element Smoothie
  8. Joseph Campbell
  9. TED conferences
  10. Maria and Lynda Yraceburu - diiyin, storytellers, Sisters of the Heart
  11. Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Projectsunset
  12. The cool side of the pillow
  13. The magical moments of Sunrise and Sunset
  14. Digital cameras
  15. Rumi
  16. Victor and Carol Hansen Grey - activists, friends and visionary catalysts.
  17. Breitenbush Hot Springs — and ALL hot springs — that give us rest, rejuvenation and a space to let go.
  18. Miracle II  Soap and Miracle Gel
  19. Sunlight on Water
  20. Garlic stuffed Greek olives - yummmmm!
  21. The PEERS team and their Personal Growth Courses
  22. Rumi
  23. The Internet and Inner-Net
  24. Camping under the starstomato1
  25. Faber-Castell Pitt Indian ink art pens
  26. Power naps
  27. Cafe Gratitude founders Matthew and Terces Engelhart
  28. Homegrown tomatoes
  29. Guy Finley and ‘The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
  30. Pistis Sophia and Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak and the Academy of Future Sciences
  31. The smell of newborn babies.
  32. Crystal singing bowls
  33. MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplent - and Jim Humble for his gift of healing service to the world.tree-of-life
  34. Every tree that has taken root and spread it’s leaves to give shade, beauty and breath to our world.
  35. Vimala Rodgers and the elegant, life-enhancing Vimala Alphabet
  36. Bikram Yoga and the way it stretches Spirit through every cell of my body.
  37. For the gift of stewarding Go Gratitude, for having a container to pour my passion, energy and Life into and for the connections, blessings and dear hearts that have come to us by riding waves of Gratitude!Thank you, Thank you!
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About the Author: Stacey Robyn is an Ambassador of Gratitude, author, speaker, ardent tree lover, and Light Coach. She is currently stewarding the Go Gratitude Experiment, being raised by four children, and can often be found listening to the ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, her current hOMe.

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  1. Being alive is being free and having to ability to let go of all judgment. It then allows us see and feel the happening around us with beauty and wonder

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