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Eye AM Gratitude ~ An in-sight-full meditation for Self-Love

Stand in front of a mirror. Now relax, breathe deeply and remember a time when you felt the presence of Gratitude in your life. Allow this memory to flood through your body, re-connecting Now to this source force energy.

As you feel immersed in this flowing wave of Gratitude, focus on the image before YOU and reflect the essence of this experience to your present Self. As you project Gratitude to your reflection, imagine a beam streaming through your eyes, connecting your heart and the heart of the reflected image before you. Let this beam create a bridge, one that will carry your Love effortlessly between the inner you, and the one reflected by time.

As this bridge is now present, take a moment to look at your image. View what Gratitude looks like on you. Pay attention to how this feels – the arrangement of your facial muscles, your eyes, your breath, the peaceful countenance before you. Now give thanks to you for being YOU. As you feel Love and Gratitude infinitely reflected, close your eyes and re-create this image in your heart-mind. In vivid detail, allow your imagination to replicate the feeling, presentation, and essence of Love and Gratitude before you.

Slowly open your eyes, give thanks for NOW – and for the perfect being you are. Say to yourself: Eye AM Gratitude. As you step away from the mirror, remember this: You, too, are a mirror of Gratitude.

By consciously projecting Gratitude to others – by essence, physical messages, and intent -you will instantly discover Gratitude returning to you, reflected in the eyes of others mirroring your Love and Gratitude. Just as you created a bridge between your mirrored image and the true Self, you will also create a powerful connection between you and each being you encounter.

Imagine – you will be creating a world of waking Love and Gratitude by mirroring the Divine within YOU. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….

Sidenote: This meditation is best done EVERYDAY! Once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes first nature - simple, easy, and it feels great!

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