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Eagle 2nd World Lesson

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2nd World Lesson

The rugged mountains hold truth rare beneath Changing Mother’s time worn face. This truth runs gracefully through her soil like morning mist gently covering her shores. The time to find evolution’s truth in earth and in humanity is now. This precious truth is deep within and now we must seek.

Picture the arms of the love encircling ALL. For as sure as the Sacred Parents protecting love is around me, it is also around you. Now know that EACH and every move you make toward peace first found perfection in YOUR soul. Don’t judge others in their journey. We all will get there and everyone will perfect their real purpose for being here. Cherish the love that SEEMS to ebb and flow. It’s never gone. Only in the PRESENT can this be seen. Love, once given, is always a part of our identity. THIS MUST BE REMEMBERED.

Harsh words soon dissolve in this air, like foam on soapy water. The prattle of fear and ego is replaced with words of humble pride. We’re growing up. Don’t cling to illusions of negation that detain you from growth. ALL HUMANS are realizing the GREAT LOVE EACH RELATION POSSESSES, the ORIGINAL LOVE within each, removes the prior misunderstanding of sacred purpose for our being where we are.

Spin. Spin. Spin as a top. Love surrounds you like waves from thoughts sent near and far. Totality too great to grasp in this moment’s pause. Sacredness because it’s all of us and more. We are the source. Healing Winds of Change continue to blow, and soon we will reach our goal. Illusions once kept us away, our truth can now be found.

Spirits see what we are doing at all times. They know our every thought.

Many believe the Spiral Dance the continuance of life, the truth of many chances. With Changing Mother earth’s teachings and Spirit’s truth, we dance reality in the FOOTSTEPS OF OUR LIVING. WE experience totality. The prophecy of the 5th world reality continues to unfold.

~ Maria Yraceburu

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