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* Artwork by Shawn Gallaway*

Just for today: expressing emotions as rhythmic time, wisdom as vibration, music is a universally connective way to Celebrate life, and joyful elation artfully translating what is often hidden within. Just as Gratitude is an ebb and a flow, so too does music move through our hearts - washing away the day’s weight, prompting us to lift our voices to sing, buoying our

feet to dance as we revel at the chance to heartfully BE …  To Muse-I-Call-Ye live and Love, in Gratitude.


Go Gratitude!



Just for today:
Celebrate by listening to this collection of Gratitude music, allowing the musical waves to dance and play, moving and grooving you into a trance-like state of Love and Gratitude!

hmmmm … Gratitude is a Master Key opening all doors of  possibility … who (k)new it is musical, too??!?!


“Music has, and also is, the key to unlock the  Heart-Door of the Supreme.”
- Sri Chinmoy.

Shawn Gallaway has heartfully prepared a powerfully upbeat, inspiring collection of music for our listening  pleasure, including one written just for us, titled ‘Go Gratitude’! He has generously gifted us with a free download of this song.  You can listen here, or simply click the download link directly under the player and add Go Gratitude! to your own groovin’ tunes collection! Thank you, Shawn!

MP3 File




Shawn’s new album, ‘Love Will Overcome‘, is preceded by an equally dazzling collection called ‘I Choose Love‘.  Truly a Musical genius, we say! 
Enjoy exploring both masterpieces -  you will be grateful you did!

On Shawn:

“Shawn Gallaway’s mission is clear: empowering people to take caring, positive action in their lives and in the world right now. He accomplishes this resoundingly through both his music and art. As a multi-talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist, Shawn weaves music, song, and painting into a richly textured experience that calls for enlightened activism.”

For more Gratitude music, consider these:

Mountain Meditation brings Sri Chimnoy’s art to life,  through this powerful album, “Gratitude-Flower-hearts.”   Enjoy!



Evie Piker’s
song Attitude of Gratitude, from the

Mother Earth, Father Sky CD.  You’ll find a sample of the song on her site, and from personal experience and the many, many emails we’ve received about her work, you may find even more there to be Great-full for!


Gratitude album, by Javier Ramon Brito. Posted in it’s entirety for your online enjoyment HERE, or at:

This music player comes as a pop-up, so be ready to unblock, as necessary.


What about you, what is your favorite song or artist that elicits a feeling of Gratitude?  Sharing is caring, so let’s dare to bare our muse-i-call souls and shine
some Light on what brings us joy and delight!
*** Share your favorites in the comment section below! ***
or the Forum in Today’s message Section:






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~ Aligning with the Heart’s calling and Embracing the

Great*full*ness of Life! ~


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