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You may remember the Go Gratitude experiment began with a vision of creating a world wide wave of Gratitude, invisibly waking at the heart of humanity … no devastation, no destruction. Rather, a massive tidal wave of change, re-connecting our water bodies to Love, assisting with Re-membering Hue-manity as Divine.

How quickly we have evolved beyond the initial 42 days, extending our affinity range - gathering, connecting, co-creating and manifesting miracles - as Love, with Gratitude!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!

Now, you might wonder why 42?

Initially, this worked as such:

It takes 21 days to create a habit, so doubled to 42 we move through to Mastery of Gratitude.

Evolution of Spirit, one might say.

Guess what?!?!? 42 continues to be revealed as a Divinely inspired space of time.

Beyond being the angle light reflects off water to create a rainbow (42 degrees) and past the synchronicity of being the number of dots on a pair of dice (paradise) … are you ready?

It is also the numerical value of Gratitude, like this:

G   R    A    T     I     T     U    D    E
7+ 9 + 1 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 42


Go Gratitude!


So … perhaps evolution is Mastery-in-action, full spectrum living as the ability to view our world in a (k)new way … much like light, meeting watery time, co-operating to create rainbows gracing our lives sublime.

And a (k)new view on evolution?

Let’s read it backwards, then listen, listen again, listen deeply.

(k)NO(w) IT … U LOVE!


The number 42 stands for the TRINITY. It is the number of the inner purity of the soul of humanity; uniting the subconscious with the conscious mind. It represents the CREATIVITY OF HUMANITY or the united forces of male and female to create this number’s keyword. Are you ready to receive it? The word is LOVE!! The negative expression of this key is the IDEA of separateness. The #42 governs our sacred contracts, harmony, marriage and meditation. Another word for this number key is Co-Operation.
~ Jeanne L. Thompson


World Gratitude Gathering ~
~ Aligning with the Heart’s calling and Embracing the Great*full*ness of Life! ~ 



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  1. Call for Shattering of all destructive energy

    I call upon the mighty I AM prescience of all Humanity and the Ascended Masters to RELEASE their desires thru the unfed flame in every Human Heart: All those presently in embodiment upon the earth and all those waiting for embodiment: to bring forth a shattering and release of all DESTRUCTIVE human desire, emotion, and creation.
    I call upon the unfed flame to exert POWER upon the great constructive energy that is stored in the causal body to be released into those ones lives.
    Thru the unfed flame in the heart of every human being to exert a POWER
    On all the constructive energy that is sitting up in the causal body
    That releases itself thru the feeling side of life into every human life.
    From Radiant Rose Academy AKASHA
    Please Join us in this call if it feels right to you.
    Millions could be awakened quickly! if you are interested in the academy.

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