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give too receive
receive too give
balancing Gratitude equally
in favor of collective
abundance .
giving presents an opportunity to be open to all
sources for offering a justly-tailored trade.
receiving allows us to gracefully conduct exchange
in order to accept what is presently offered
for mutual benefit.
Go Gratitude
blessed be to give and receive,
balancing Divine law of Reciprocity.
it’s all circular, my luv.
“There is not a common denominator here, although
I must say, there was a shift when I deliberately
began to feel love, joy and Gratitude for the
which included the love of self, family and friends,
a safe and nice home to live in where I set my energies
of peace and harmony, a good job I enjoy ( I work weekends only)
that is well paid and I have loving interaction with
everyone I meet…that enable(s) me to enjoy my perfect
health to continue my Spiritual work.
I have personally found that the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE
works a powerful magic energy and therefore I attract
what I am giving out. THANK YOU”
Love and light to you and yours,
Pam Lau
Keith Varnum, creator of The Dream workshops, shares this story on
the power of Gratitude as a manfestation tool:
The Physics of Gratitude
“I panic! My 5-year house mortgage has only three months to go.
I just get off the phone with my current mortgage holder.
They can’t simply give me another loan. Company policy stipulates
that I have to apply for a new mortgage. I don’t show nearly enough income
to get new loan for my house. And my credit has been ruined by a bad investment…
I resign myself to giving up my little piece of Heaven on Earth.
I let go of the memory of all the electric gatherings of like-spirited souls
that filled my spacious home. For the next three months, I say goodbye
to the views, the hues and the muse that this setting provided
for five exciting years. I thank God for the joy and love
that has filled this space each day. I open to possibility
that I can find another magical hacienda.
But wait! Hold on! Someone, something, hears me, feels me,
responds to my outpouring of appreciation! A few days before
my 5-year loan expires, I receive a brief form letter from
my mortgage company. The memo announces a new general
policy of extending current mortgages without income qualifying
or credit checks. I call. They say “Sure.” I get to keep
my little bit of paradise for as long as I want!
Wow, I flash on my daily activities for the previous three months.
Every day I fully enjoyed the divine gift of my home as if it were the last day
I would have it. I realize that my innocent outpouring of deep gratitude
each moment has attracted this extension of my experience.
Like vibration attracts like vibration. By the physics of gratitude,
the house couldn’t go anywhere. The experience had to stay.
My appreciation in each moment is the magnet, the creator, of my space.”
(Keith offers an ezine that absolutely rocks!  Packed with real world insight
and timely tools for living the life of your Dreams.  I’ve appreaciated receiving this gift
for a number of years - you may, too!)

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