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Creating Space for Sublime 2009!

Beauty Board

Appreciating what will soon be a vibrant, full-spectrum memory:

2008’s Beauty Board

For those curious cats out there, here’s peek at part of my inner sanctum, the Inner Space of Stace’s place (aka ~ the Home Office).

Here I post cards, calendars, questions, and intentions, as well as photos of my kiddos and a host of other items that connect each day to the ‘essentials’ … to those things that help keep me centered, on track and in Love with the Beauty of Life.

Each item carries a memory, a vibration, and a bit of wisdom:

There’s a Tibetan calligraphy spelling out the ‘Inner Space of the Heart’ … that came by way of a Hot Spring and a (forbidden) conversation in the silent pool; A piece of art birthed by my Mom and I — ‘Peg-legged Butterflies with bulging breasts.’ You had to be there;  Linear calendars reflecting circular energies and spiraling opportunities;  Lunar calendars to chart the changing of a Matron to a Crone;  Friends who have passed on, some that are passing thru, others who have been there thru and thru;

Stories whisper their wisdom in every corner of this board ~ stories that will break one’s heart wide open, healing the illusion of separation and loss; Tales of triumph and sorrow, challenge and chance;  Cues and guides to moving gracefully as Life’s joyful dance.

As the wheels of eternity move us ever onward, this reflection of Beauty will be held only in my heart.

You see, twice a year, I clean off the Beauty Board and begin again.  This time I will recycle some of the items to create a Dream board during an upcoming personal retreat. Others will be added to a ‘Gratitude book’,  a 3-ring binder filled with feel-good things that bring about a connection to the Great*Full*Ness of Life.  This is surely one of my most treasured collections, and allows the pack rat in me to be honored and  somewhat organized. ;-)

The Beauty Board (or whatever name feels good to you) is a simple, effective way to enhance one’s personal connection and Cooperation with the Divine.  It allows us to see the big picture … to change and rearrange our view at will.  It lets us chart time, to see where we have been, what growth has taken place, and what possibilities are before us.  The Beauty Board offers boundaries, and so creates Inner Space … a place to embrace the Great*Full*Ness of Life, and SEE it, as well.

As we enter Sublime 2009 - The Year of Cooperation - you are invited to consider a few questions:

What space have you dedicated to honoring the Beauty in your Life, and how often do you add to it/clear it/appreciate it?

In what ways has this practice impacted your days?

How have you benefited by allotting space for Beauty to BE and for Love to Breathe in your Life?

If you have yet created a similar space, Why?  What are you waiting for?

What action can you take today to honor and live the Beauty Way?

((Feel free to contemplate and consider, then post your comments here for others to ponder and enjoy, too!))

As Sublime 2009 begins to unwind,  revealing the mysteries of Life and time, I will be clearing the way by making space on the Beauty Board.  As it is here, there is little room for the NEW, for NOW.  It is truly a reflection of the Great*Full*Ness of Life … and is teaching me it is time to let go and grow ~ To live the Beauty Way by releasing “attachments” to the past, and appreciate what is here … what is new … what is NOW.

Thank you, Beauty Board, for a true messenger of Love and Gratitude.

Thank you, Beauty Board, for being YOU! ;-)

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About the Author: Stacey Robyn is an Ambassador of Gratitude, author, speaker, ardent tree lover, and Light Coach. She is currently stewarding the Go Gratitude Experiment, being raised by four children, and can often be found listening to the ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, her current hOMe.

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  1. Hi Stacey, I have Louise Hay’s wisdom cards on the toilet door so that everyone can be enlightened in some way everyday. I also have a laminator which is used to laminate inspirational photo’s, images, quotes, birthday cards, poems, anything I love really. Inspirational images and quotes are really important in one’s life, they help keep us focused.

    I love the name “Beauty Board”! I’m going to call my pic’s and stuff “My beautiful Reality” thank you for inspiring me Stacey.

    Sally xx

  2. Creating Space for Sublime 2009! : Inner Space …

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