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Eagle 2nd World Lesson

The rugged mountains hold truth rare beneath Changing Mother’s time worn face. This truth runs gracefully through her soil like morning mist gently covering her shores. The time to find evolution’s truth in earth and in humanity is now. This precious truth is deep within and now we must seek.

Eye AM Gratitude ~ An in-sight-full meditation for Self-Love

Stand in front of a mirror. Now relax, breathe deeply and remember a time when you felt the presence of Gratitude in your life. Allow this memory to flood through your body, re-connecting Now to this source force energy.
As you feel immersed in this flowing wave of Gratitude, focus on the image before YOU and [...]

Aleph, Mem, and Sheen … oh MA!

You might have noticed the blog backdrop, (or did you?!?!) wondering ‘What’s the connection? What is the meaning?’
For those of you preferring a bit of mystery or wish to retain your own translations - stop reading now. We’re getting ready to dive deep into a the realms of Inner Space.
Three of the [...]

** Eagle’s Gift **

“Prairie grass belongs to no one …”

The Cosmic Heart

“The ultimate purpose of awakening these specific energies inside the core of our Soul is to promote both inner and Universal Healing of Humanity and peace leading to Oneness and World Peace.