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Aleph, Mem, and Sheen … oh MA!

You might have noticed the blog backdrop, (or did you?!?!) wondering ‘What’s the connection? What is the meaning?’

For those of you preferring a bit of mystery or wish to retain your own translations - stop reading now. We’re getting ready to dive deep into a the realms of Inner Space.

Three of the four symbols you see on the blog backdrop are the Hebrew letters ALEPH, MEM, AND SHEEN. The other, well … that’s the symbol of Gratitude.

So, Why these? Is there a purpose or hidden meaning here? Absolutely, though hopefully not-so-hidden after this post.

ALEPH, MEM AND SHEEN are considered the Mother letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, and all to-gather, create INNER SPACE. How so? Let’s dive in …

  • ALEPH is maximum energy consciousness, All that IS, or the Cosmic breath of God. (Air)
  • MEM is minimum energy consciousness, non-resistance. (Water)
  • SHEEN is a wave, a carrier, the energy mediating between ALEPH AND MEM. (Fire)

With these three, we have the Above, Below and In-Between - creating Inner Space. It’s also interesting to note the Japanese word for negative space, or the space between, is MA. Mothers, also called ‘MA’ , have the ability to gift Life through their Inner Space, the uterus. (As well as an amazing ability to “read between the lines”!)

It’s delightfully unifying to see  the fundamental principals of one tradition mirror another!


For the backdrop, ALEPH, MEM, AND SHEEN are accompanied by the symbol of Gratitude. Is this because I AM spell-bent on connecting Gratitude with all things? Yes. It this the revelation of a missing Hebrew letter? Not exactly. It’s more like this: Look at the Gratitude symbol. In it’s flow, from the minimum to the maximum, a spiral mediates a connection between the two, creating in its’ wake - yes! - Inner Space.

Gratitude, as give and receive, is also connected to the breath (Air). Breath is drawn to feed the heart, and the Spark of Divinity within (Fire). The Heart flows nourishment to the body through the blood (Water).

Gratitude begins within as a feeling, an intention or as a catalyst for inspired action. Gratitude may manifest as a prayer, a gift, a gaze, words of appreciation or in an infinitely diverse number of ways - but it always begins within our Inner Space!

Speaking of which, have you embraced your Inner Space today?

Breathe into your heart and feel the great-full-ness of Life pass through you. Now, give yourself a big hug and remember how amazing you are!

Oh MA!  What an adventure this is!

Author’s edit:

After a fabulous conversation and interview with Eliana Gilad today, we began exploring this subject of the Mother letters, their meaning and how this understanding applies to our lives.  As we made our way past the fact that they are arranged here from left to right (the western way) as opposed to the Hebrew way (right to left), we discovered this set illustrates a profound message about the underlying truth present in every moment.

Eliana reflected this combination can be read/embodied as ‘Emesh’, a word
not commonly used in our times, though powerful in its own right.  Here is what I found on the word ‘Emesh’:

“There is also a lesser-known designation for God steeped with mystical mystery which might be suitable for use as a mantra: “Emesh”. According to Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, an incredible modern (but deceased) mystical orthodox scholar, in his commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah, this word is composed of the three “Mother” letters of Aleph, Mem and Shin, and represents all kinds of things, including a reference to the Ein/Ayin/Void underlying all of existence (similar to Brahman in the yoga tradition and shunyata in Buddhism), a reconciliation of opposites, the mystery to master fire, and is used in the Torah and other Jewish scripture, often translated as the dark gloom of night, suggestive of the time of deep dreamless sleep, of the deepest recesses of the unconscious.” * see source below

Hmmmm … the ‘deepest recesses of the unconscious’?  Sounds like Inner Space, and also the Source where all things exist, spring from and are present - right here, right now - whether we recognize them or soon will.

Here’s a video, The Meditation of Creation’ using the above mentioned Mother Letters ~ In-Joy!



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